OLTL Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 34

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 34
Aired on OWN on 9/9/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Clint and the guard keep trying to fight. The guard is bleeding and Matthew and Cutter come out. Matthew calls Nora and tells him that Bo needs to get here fast because Clint just assaulted the door man.

Jeffrey hopes that it is ok that he kissed Destiny. Destiny decides that it is not ok, because they are in Viki's office. Jeffrey agrees. Destiny asks if Jeffrey can give her a ride.

Dorian wants to talk to Jack saying it is important.

Dani brings Arturo to her house. He is shocked she is rich.

Blair reads the note and it says that they have Victor and if Todd does not go away now that everyone on the list will get hurt. Blair starts to cry. Todd says nothing.

Matthew tries to get Clint to stop. Bo shows up and Matthew and Bo take Clint who is screaming to Nora's. Cutter calls Natalie and tells her she needs to talk to him. Nikki thinks that Cutter is playing with Natalie.

Dorian explains that she has been let astray by ones own hart. Jack knows about Dorian and David breaking up. Jack asks why they broke up. Dorian explains that it is difficult. Jack loves Dorian more than David and will always be there for her.

Arturo is sorry to hear that Todd is not trying to get Dani's forgiveness. The two have some wine. Arturo is happy that Dani is being provided for. Arturo loves people who like nice things. Arturo knows what true beauty is. Dani does not think that she is a beautiful woman. He does not think that. Arturo thinks that she looks beautiful and deserves beautiful things. Dani wants to thank him properly. Dani wants to kiss him but he does not want things to end. Matthew and Michelle show up and Matthew looks heart broken. Matthew sarcastically says he is sorry to interrupt. Arturo says he has to go. Dani is looking forward to the gala. Matthew asks what gala. Dani explains that it is the vets Gala. Matthew is shocked, and Michelle thinks it is a big deal because the tickets are a lot of money. Dani tells both of them to stay out of it. Matthew explains that the guy pays girls for sex. Dani does not think he knows what he is talking about. Dani storms out as Jeffrey walks in. Michelle says Dani is stressed out. Jeffrey wants to know what happened but Matthew does not want to talk about it. Jeffrey wants to talk about him and Destiny.

Dorian wants to know about the girl Jack is seeing. Dorian wants to know where they met. Dorian thinks that he will look back at this one day and laugh. Jack wonders about her and David. Jack thinks they can help each other out. Jack wants to take Dorian to workout but Dorian explains she does not own work out clothing.

Nora gives Clint some coffee. Bo has Nora go into the other room. Clint asks if this is tuff love. Bo cannot believe that Clint did all this. Nora goes to open the door and Viki shows up. Viki cannot believe this. Viki thanks Nora for telling her. She cannot believe he went to Shelter. Viki thinks that Clint should be a better man than this. Clint wants Viki again. Clint wants to be around her and hold her hand. Clint falls asleep. Bo thinks he is selfish by getting drunk just to get Viki over. Viki says it worked but she is not taking him back.

Natalie asks Cutter what happened. He explains that Clint punched a guy. Natalie wants to go see Clint, but Cutter tells her she has to let him sleep this off. Cutter knows what it is like to make a bad move for a woman. Natalie thanks Cutter for looking out for her. The two kiss.

Blair thinks that there has to be something they can do. Blair cries. Todd goes outside and Blair follows hugging Todd and continuing to cry.

Matthew is shocked to hear this from Jeffrey. Jeffrey explains that it was not planned. Matthew asks if he likes her. Jeffrey explains yes. Matthew asks if Destiny likes him. Jeffrey hopes. Michelle over hears them talking. Jeffrey goes to get some sleep.

Rama tells the doorman to go to the ER. Nikki tells him she can get him something right now. She shows him some cocaine.

Cutter explains that he has to act the way he does and he enjoys it but it gets hectic. Natalie thinks it is all nuts. Natalie likes his life. Cutter loves being with a beautiful girl and kisses Natalie.

Viki tells Bo and Nora she still loves him and it is not easy to see him. Nora wonders if he actually went to Shelter to see the venue. Bo knows he did not. Clint wakes up and wants to go back to his office. Bo explains that his car is at Shelter. Clint wants to go back now. Nora tells him not to leave. Bo arrests him so he does not do any harm.

Blair and Todd go to sit on the couch and hug each other. Todd tries to wipe Blair's tears and Todd kisses her on the forehead. He continues to wipe her tears. and the two hug as Blair continues to cry.

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