OLTL Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33
Aired on OWN on 9/5/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew and Michelle go to Shelter and Jeffrey shows up. Matthew wants to know Jeffrey is there and he explains that they are not the only ones he knows. They all look at Dani who with Arturo. Michelle says she knows that guy but can't remember from where.

Jack makes a phone call to Kate. Kate tells him that she can't do this. Jack tells her that he misses her so much. Kate does not want to get followed. Jack tells her that he is not getting followed. Kate says that when he is sure of it then they will talk. Kate hangs up the phone. David asks what is wrong. Jack says he is having girl troubles. David says he will talk about it if he wants. Jack says sure.

Clint who is drunk calls Viki to come talk to her. Viki says she is to busy working on the man of the year for him. Clint misses her. Viki knows that he is drunk. Viki hangs the phone up. Clint pours another class of scotch.

Todd asks if Téa knows. Blair says yes and knows how it will work. Todd explains that the body will wash up and Natalie will use his DNA. Things will work out.

Rama asks if they can get Matthew and company some drinks. Michelle remembers Arturo's name. Rama confirms his name but cannot tell them anything. Jeffrey asks if can't just say something. Rama explains the two had some drinks and then Dani followed him. Jeffrey thinks that there is always a story. Michelle tells them that the girl who died in the hotel was Arturo's sugar baby. Dani comes over and asks how they know Arturo. Michelle says she has heard things. Dani tells them that he cared about Brianna. Dani accepted a night out that is all there is to it. Dani goes away. Jeffrey spots Destiny and goes to dance. Michelle does not want to dance because of what Jeffrey said about her never even knowing the truth. Michelle knows that his friends don't trust or like her. Matthew tries to explain they do. Michelle knows they do.

Jack says his girlfriend is a secret because she is a little older. David says that he had to move out because Dorian thinks the reality show is more important to him. David wants to know what the issue is with Kate. Jack says that he wants to go over there and survive her. David knows he just wants to get laid. David asks if he wants to get a ride over there. Jack is shocked that he would do that. David explains he would do anything for him.

Viki goes to open the front door. It is Clint who is drunk out of his mind. Viki cannot believe how drunk he is. Clint demands for Viki to let him in. Viki says no. Clint tells her that he can force his way in. Viki can call the police. Clint wants to talk. Viki closes the door. Clint screams the relationship is not over and it cannot be. Clint loves her. Clint leaves.

Destiny spots Dani and asks who the old guy is. Arturo introduces himself to her. Jeffrey goes to introduce himself as well and says he is sorry for his loss. Arturo thanks him. He offers to have Jeffrey and Destiny have a drink with them. Destiny asks what is going on. Dani says he is a really good guy. Michelle asks where Dani got those ear rings. Dani explains Arturo got them. Matthew drags Dani off to the other side of the room. Matthew is worried. Dani tells him to mind his own business. Dani is mad at Matthew and walks off.

Kate sits on her bed grading papers and gets up after hearing noises. Jack climbs in through her window. Kate tells him he has to go home. Jack misses her and wants to hold and kiss her. Kate thinks they need to be rational. Kate notices the car out there. Jack says it is his uncle. Kate thinks this is insane and tells him to leave.

Jeffrey and everyone does shots. Matthew cannot believe that Dani left. Michelle explains that Brianna's room was full of designer clothes. Michelle thinks that it is possible Dani wants a sugar daddy. Michelle leaves. Destiny gets a phone call. Matthew wants to know why Jeffrey does not like Michelle. Destiny has to go to the Banner. Jeffrey offers to go with her.

Clint shows up at Shelter and security does not want to let him in. Clint explains he is going to get a drink. The guard says no. Clint tries to get in but they tell him no. Clint cannot believe he is getting talked to like this.

David and Jack go back to the coffee shop and David says he is sorry that his plans did not work out. David asks how long this has been going on. Jack says not that long. David asks if it has been hot. Jack explains that it is not just sex. David does not think that. David is just very done on love. Jack thinks that David should use this for his reality show. David explains that he is going to use his show to analyze a divorce. David tells Jack it will be on TV and that Kate will come around. Jack does not know how long he can go without seeing her again.

Jeffrey and Destiny go through the ads. Jeffrey is worried about Viki because she has not been to work in a few days. Destiny cannot believe that she is raising another Buchanan boy. Destiny finds the difference between the adds. Jeffrey looks at Destiny and kisses her.

Rama asks Cutter where Natalie is. Cutter says she went home. Rama wonders what is going on between the two of them. Cutter says they are just keeping it low.

Michelle asks if Matthew wants to go back to his place. Matthew says yes but kisses her first.

Clint asks if the guard knows who he is. He explains that he does not let drunks into the club. Clint punches the guy in the face and someone gets the whole thing on video.

Todd tells Blair that it is has been done. Todd sees a letter on the ground from the print. Blair asks what it says. Todd explains everything has changed.

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