OLTL Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 32

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 32
Aired on OWN on 9/4/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

David looks around the a telivision set. David asks Leo what this is. He says a TV studio. David says this is a church and this is where he is at home. Leo says he is going to get a cup of coffee. David sees what he calls an acting chair and pretends to be an actor on the phone. The producer that wants to work with David comes to talk to him. David loves that he could be working here. She explains that they would not be shooting on a sound stage.

Natalie and Viki talk about what Clint did. Natalie thinks that this was an act of kindness. Viki does not and compairs this to Clint getting the restraining order on John. Natalie understands.

Dani walks out of her room and Jeffery asks if she has a date. Dani says no. Michelle thinks that it is a date.

Rama sits the sugar daddy.

Blair talks on the phone with Todd telling him to call the moment that everything is done. She hangs up. Dorian goes to speak to Blair. Rama tries to talk to her but Dorian screams at her and tells her not to. Blair asks why she is here. Dorian tells her that she never wants to see Rama again. Blair does not know what she is talking about. Dorian tells Blair to fire Rama.

The producer tells David that he has a very interesting life. She explains they have a specific edge of 18-49. David tells her about his camera guy. She loves that he is a narsisist. Jo says she is fasinated by her home life. She explains she is obsessed with Dorian and there crazy life. David does not want the she to just be about her because they just had a ruff patch and are seperated.

Viki has learned her lesson. Natalie explains she is sorry. Viki is sorry too but she cannot trust him. Natalie asks where she is going to go. Viki says no where because she kept Clint's money. Natalie asks about the veterians gala. Viki tells her they can work together just not work together. Natalie says she is meeting someone for drinks and she likes him and the distraction. Viki hopes it turns into more than a distraction. Natalie says she really needs to get out. The two hug each other and say they love each other.

Jeffery and Matthew talk about resteruants that they liked in England. Michelle is being completly ignored. Matthew tells Jeffery to stop talking. Michelle is sick of talking about there adventures. Jeffery explains that he is sick of her not getting her stories straight. Jeffery does not care. Matthew says he is sorry and asks Michelle to go out with him right now. Jeffery and Michelle exchange a few more insults.

Rama runs over to Cutter and explains that Dorian is there. Cutter says he will take care of it. Cutter goes to talk to Dorian. Cutter asks what is wrong with Rama. Dorian says she wants her fired. Dorian tells him that she knows everyone in this town. Cutter explains she may have but that was before the scandal. Cutter tells her that he is not going to be told how to run his buisness. Dorian will agree but only if she stays away from Dorian.

Dani and the sugar daddy talk over dinner but Tea shows up. Dani tries to hide.

Dorian and Blair talk but Tea comes over. Tea tells them both they look very wonderful. Dorian decides to leave. Blair explains that they plan is under go. Blair says that until they hear from Todd they are going to have to wait.

Dani explains to him that they cannot have the wrong idea with Tea. Dani walks out and he says he will meet her.

Jo asks if they will get back together. David explains they may get divorced. Jo wants to explain an idea.

Dani tells him that Tea had a panic attack and is freaked out over her life. Dani explains that he is old. The two joke.

Jo wants to do a show about a couple actually going through a divorce. David loves the idea.

Tea introduces Dorian and Blair to Dean. Tea explains that Dean is her lawyer. Dorian likes Dean. Blair jokes around. Dean likes the way Tea acts. Dorian tells Dean about David. Tea asks if he is going to the veterians gala. Dorian explains that she will get him a ticket.

Natalie tells Cutter that she was raised by Roxy in a trailer park in Atlantic City. Cutter thinks that the two of them are not so different. Natalie hopes that Cutter is not cheating.

Dani and the guy go to the coffee shop. Arturo sit down and he invites her to the the event. Arturo says he will get her a few things. Arturo gives Dani a pair of diamond earings. Dani does not want to accept them but he tells her that it is fine. He hopes that the two of them are happy. Dani says ok. She looks at them and smiles.

Blair calls Todd and Todd explains that Victor dies tonight.

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