OLTL Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 31

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 31
Aired on OWN on 9/3/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian throws all of David's things down the stairs and calls him to tell him to come pick up his things.

Matthew wishes that Michelle did not have to leave. Michelle says she does too but she has to get back to work. Matthew wants to have sex one more time.

Jack goes to study outside and Shawn is short distance away. He runs into Kate and wants to talk to her but she sees Shawn and says they will talk in class.

Todd pours some water and Blair tells him that it was a mistake last night. Todd says sure. Todd knows he is terrible for her. Blair agrees. Blair says she is afraid that something will happen again. Blair kisses Todd passionatly as they both take off there clothes.

Michelle thanks Matthew for making her first time perfect. Matthew says it was perfect for him too. Michelle takes the towels and is freaked that her cart could be missing. Matthew says that he would love to have her over later. The two start to kiss again.

Dani comes to see Tea. Dani wonders if she is doing fine. Tea explains she is fine. Tea asks if Dani wants something to eat. Dani is shocked that Tea does not want to talk about this. Tea explains that she is fine. Dani wants to know how she could be doing this well. Dani thinks that Tea could lean on her.

The sugar daddy goes to see Bo. Bo explains that he cannot talk about the case with him but he has more questions to ask. Bo wants to know if he paid for sex. He explains they were involved and it was not illegal. Bo explains he knows this and just wants to get to the bottom of this. He explains how he met Brianna. A flash back to when he met Brianna is shown. Bo wonders if she could have been setting him up. He thinks it is impossible.

Jack asks how long this is going to go on for. Shawn says he will have to ask Todd. Jack says he will.

Matthew goes to see Clint and asks if he is doing ok. Matthew makes him drink coffee and take a shower. Clint explains that Viki and him are through. Clint tells him that he secretly covered Viki's losses and Viki thought it was an evil idea. Matthew says he is sorry. Clint looks for his scotch. Matthew tells him to get dressed. Clint tells him to cancel everything.

Dorian comes to see Viki. The two had a meeting for a fund raiser. Dorian notices that Viki is not wearing her ring.

Todd and Blair lay down. Todd promises he will not do anything. Todd asks what he has to do to prove it to her. Blair wants to know what happens when it is all back to normal. Todd says nothing will change. The two kiss passionatly.

Tea and Dani have breakfast. Dani thinks the bootcamp was a good idea. Dani thinks that Tea needs a way to be melowed out. Tea cannot just meditate her problems away. Dani wants to help and will talk to her any day of the week. Tea notices Dani's scarf and thinks that she is seeing someone. Dani tells him she is not. Tea wants to know. Dani explains that Brianna's family gave her the scarf. Tea says she is sorry. Tea tells her she loves her and that she will be ok. Dani says bye.

Bo wonders how the money situation went. He tries to explain that he was just buying something. Octavio explains further about the night they met. Bo wonders how they went from one drink to everything else. Bo does not believe that she was in love when she was with multiple men. Octavio is heart broken to know there were other men but will help him any way he can with finding her killer.

Matthew tells Clint that he needs to get cleaned up for the picture. Clint does not want to take the picture. Matthew says he does not have a choice. Clint explains that lots of woman would love to be married to the CEO of BE. Matthew knows this and tells him he needs to do this.

Dorian does not want to pry. Viki tells her not too and tells her she is in charge of the program. Dorian thinks that man of the year is such an honor. Viki tells Dorian to stop talking about Clint. Dorian knows about broken hearts. Dorian tells Viki that she is thrown David out. Dorian believes they are in the same way only she is not broke. Viki says neither is she.

Jack comes to see Todd and then sees Blair and is mad. Jack does not want to hear it and storms off.

Matthew tells Clint to get out of the bathroom. Clint walks out dressed up and cleaned up as well. The photographer tells Clint how to pose. Matthew tells him to give a million dollar smile.

Dorian wants to know why Viki is not broke. Viki says she just is and she has enough money to sue her. Dorian wants to know why. Viki says that she knows all about Dorian but has no idea how she did it. Viki says they will finish the program and then get rid of the rest of the tickets.

Blair goes to see Jack and tells him they need to talk. Jack does not want to look at Blair. Jack does not think they should get back together. Jack cannot believe this. Blair explains that Todd is getting back together with her. Blair has grown to forgive him and Blair tells Jack that he will respect him. Jack refuses to except this and storms off.

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