OLTL Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 30

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 30
Aired on OWN on 8/29/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Bo tells Nora that he is home and Nora tells him to sit down and tell her all about it. Nora asks if he is hungry. Bo says he wants nothing but her.

Natalie opens the door to find Cutter closes it saying she is a mess.

Dani cannot find the salt and then Jeffrey finds it. Dani is angry over Téa being the hospital. Dani decides she will just drink tequila. Destiny comes over to help Jeffrey deal with Dani.

Matthew and Michelle drink and Michelle thinks that this was all done just so Matthew can get in her pants.

David tells Dorian he is leaving. Dorian said that she will let him stay if he says sorry. David asks if she is willing to forgive. Dorian says she could possibly if David says sorry. David gets a call asking for him to meet a producer in a half hour. Dorian wants to know what David plans to do to save their marriage. David says he will just have to get back to her.

Natalie tells Cutter she will be right there. She wishes that he had called her. Natalie opens the door and Cutter says that she looks great. Natalie has him come in.

Nora puts on some music and Nora says it will be part of her Woodstock show. Nora decides to name him the night owl. Nora jokes that she was a child at Woodstock and her parents were hippies. Bo explains that they were both in the same picture at Woodstock and. Bo asks if he can be in the show. Nora says no.

Dani is mad that the tequila is all gone. Jeffrey mentions that there is going to be a Woodstock tribute on Nora's show. Dani is mad that Matthew is dating Michelle. Destiny asks if Dani has slept with Matthew.

Matthew explains that he wanted some alone time. Michelle though they could have gone for a walk in the park. Michelle explains that this is her first time. She explains she is a virgin. Matthew understands. Michelle says she does not want Matthew to be freaked out. Matthew say that they do not have to do anything that they are not ready for. They can get to know each other. Michelle thanks him. The two start to kiss passionately but Matthew says to take it slow. Michelle says to go faster. The two end up on the bed.

Nora asks her viewers if anyone actually went to Woodstock. Someone calls in and it is Bo. Nora says yes and they will listen to a song before they go on the interview. Nora screams at him and Bo locks himself in a room.

Cutter thinks that the pizza is kind of nasty. Natalie will ask him next time what he likes on the pizza. Cutter hopes that there will be a next time. Natalie and Cutter start to kiss.

Destiny cannot believe that Dani slept with Matthew. Destiny knows that Matthew could never resist Dani. Dani said she does not care. She explains she is so lonely that she could kill herself. Dani goes to get a drink. Destiny tells her not to drink. Destiny tells her to calm down. The two hug and they say they are sorry. Dani tells Destiny to believe her about Matthew. Destiny assures her that she does.

Matthew says that was incredible. Michelle says it was good. Matthew asks what is the mater. Michelle cannot believe that she finally found him.

David goes to the club. Rama is shocked to see him. David says the meeting went bad. Rama says she is sorry that the TV show went bad. David says it is over. A woman named Jo comes to talk to David. Jo says that she wants to work with David and Rama. Jo is willing to work on the show. David thanks her.

David comes home to find his suit case. David tells Dorian he will come back to get the rest of his things. Dorian knew this would happen. David does not think this has anything to do with Rama. David believes they need some time apart. Dorian thinks they need to stay together. David tells her he will be focusing his time on his show. Dorian hopes that it is everything that he wanted. David leaves.

Bo and Nora look at the rain. The two decide to turn in for the night. Bo tells her to play one more song. Nora puts on her favorite. The two start to dance.

Michelle looks at Matthew and smiles while he sleeps.

Natalie and Cutter start to have sex on the ground.

Todd tells Blair things went well. Todd gets a drink and says he is fine. Blair tries to clean him up. She takes off his shirt. and he kisses her. Todd takes off Blair's shirt and the two end up on the couch kissing passionately.

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