OLTL Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 29

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 29
Aired on OWN on 8/28/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jeffrey makes something in the blender and Matthew thinks it is nasty. Matthew asks where Dani went last night. Dani says she left after he ditched her. Matthew cannot believe that Dani was going to tell Matthew about Michelle. Dani cannot believe he is mad.

David wakes up to Dorian poor water on him. David is freaked out saying he will talk when he gets home. Dorian rips up papers and says that they will talk now.

Blair wakes up in Todd's room and is freaked out. Téa walks in saying that something happened to Blair. Todd says she is here and Blair says that she didn't do anything. Todd goes to put the body in the river. Téa tells him not to screw this up and leaves. Blair tells him that Téa does not trust them. Todd does not care.

Viki does not want to talk to Clint. Clint says that he is sick of being made out to be the villain. Viki tells her she is done with this relationship. Clint believes that he did nothing wrong. Clint does not want Viki suffering if he can help it. Viki believes that it was manipulation. Clint is sick of Viki's pride, because he knows that she does not want him. Clint wants to know why Viki will not let others love her. Clint does not think they belong together. Viki is mad that Clint is trying to make this her fault. Clint does not care if Viki thinks this is a crime; he is done.

Dani tells Jeffrey he is sick of cleaning up his messes. Jeffrey tells her she has to stay out of Matthew's messes. Dani tells Jeffrey she does not know what to do. Dani asks if Matthew is going to move in with Michelle. Matthew says that he is going to spend the day with her.

Téa goes to yoga with Natalie. Rama and Nikki go as well. Nikki does not know if she wants to do this and knows about Rama and David.

David tells Dorian that this is not all his fault. Dorian does not want to hear it. Dorian cannot believe that David is actually going to his meeting. David slams the door behind him when Dorian tells him that the show is bad.

Dani notices that Téa is at the yoga class. Jeffrey is shocked that there are not many guys here. Natalie goes to ask Rama if the guy Téa is talking to is a drug dealer. The class starts.

David goes to his interview. David does not go very well with the producer. David tries to sell the show. He tries to use Rama and Shelter to sell the show, but the producer does not think that it is interesting. David thanks him and leaves.

Niles goes to say goodbye to Viki. Viki thanks him and explains she will miss him. Viki tells Niles that she is going to have to move because of her life savings. Viki explains she will have to sell her home. Nigel asks if Clint can help. Viki tells him that they have broke up. He thinks that Clint is richer than god and can help. He believes that the Rich should be taking care of the less rich. He hopes that Viki and Clint can get past things and do the right things. Viki thanks him for the advice thinking it makes sense.

Téa explains that she cannot breathe and Dani tells someone to call 911. A person tells Téa to breathe. Téa does not know what happened and explains that this has never happened before. Téa does not want an ambulance but Dani makes her go.

David is mad that the producer fell asleep at his pitch. David thinks that Dorian got him off his game. David says that it was a stupid kiss. Dorian believes that David hurt him. David believes that he is mister Dorian Lord. David knows that Dorian would not even care if he left.

Viki goes to see Clint. Viki says that Clint was right about not being able to accept help. Viki is going to keep the money. Viki thanks him. Clint is happy that she is and tells Nigel he is getting a raise.

Michelle tells Matthew she will see him soon. Matthew opens the door of the hotel room and Michelle does not know what is going on. Matthew says he got the room for the night. The two kiss passionately.

Blair tells Todd to be careful, because she cannot deal with this. Todd tells him that he is sorry about the past. Blair hopes he does not get hurt. Blair kisses Todd and tells him she is counting on him.

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