OLTL Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 28

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 28
Aired on OWN on 8/27/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie and Destiny set up for dinner and Natalie thinks that it looks too formal. Destiny tells her that it looks nice and they should have a nice night. The two admit to each other that they like Cutter and Jeffrey.

Blair walks into Todd's hotel room and explains that this is crazy and wants to know how Jack will be kept safe. Todd explains that Jack is at a coffee shop with a woman.

Jack talks with Kate at the coffee shop and Shawn shows up. Kate asks if he knows Shawn. Jack explains he was hired to follow him.

Viki thanks Jeffrey for coming over so fast. Clint tells Jeffrey not to let her work him too hard. Viki closes the doors to the library. Viki wants Jeffrey to get a list of the investors for the fund. Jeffrey says that he is sorry for what happened. Viki explains that her money did not go in because of Clint. Viki says the broker screwed up but she needs to know the truth. Jeffrey says he can find out right away. Viki tells him to keep it between them.

David tells Dorian that he has a meeting with a network to pitch his show. David wants to go dancing with Dorian at Shelter and Dorian does not want to go. Dorian explains she has important things to do and David goes anyway. Dorian gets a hold of Frank and asks how much Clint is paying him for his silence. Dorian promises him twice as much money for the truth. Frank says that it is impossible to get there money out. Dorian wonders why Viki is saying otherwise and thanks Frank.

Rama and David flirt with each other and Rama congratulates David.

Dani tells Matthew that she went to help clean the room that Brianna was staying at. Matthew asks why she did it. Dani explains that she was just trying to help out. Michelle shows up and explains she lied to him. Michelle tells him she has to tell the truth.

Kate tells Jack not to come over later because of Shawn.

Viki asks if Jeffrey got the list. Viki thanks him and tells him to have a nice meeting.

Blair calls Jack and asks who the woman he was with. Jack is upset that he is being followed. Blair tells Todd to stop it. Todd wont.

Jeffrey shows up and makes sure that he is here before Cutter. Natalie hears the door again and this time it is Cutter. Cutter walks in and notices that other people are here and looks a bit stunned.

Clint finds Viki's ring and asks why it was off. Viki says she takes it off sometimes when she is typing. Viki asks Clint if he is keeping something from her. Clint tells her again that he is not. Dorian shows up and Viki says that it is not a good time. Dorian knows that it never is. Viki knows all about the FCC and does not want to hear it. Dorian tells Viki that Clint is lying and Viki has not even noticed. Clint tells Dorian to leave. Viki does not care what she is after. Dorian explains she will go straight to the media with this. Clint tells Dorian they need to be alone. Dorian tells him it was lovely seeing them both. Clint explains he covered the money. Viki knows because the losers were made public. Viki does not want the money and does not know what she is going to do right now. Viki feels betrayed by Clint.

David asks if Rama is going to get in trouble. Rama says no because she is in charge tonight. David and Rama dance together and get close to kissing but she is taken away to handle a problem.

Matthew asks if Dani knew about this. Michelle tells him that she was begged not to tell him. Matthew says he is impressed after all they have been through. Matthew says that he likes her no matter what. Matthew and Michelle go to dance and Dani pretends to throw up.

Cutter tells everyone about the crazy things about Shelter. Cutter tells them not to tell anyone about the problems with Shelter. Rama calls Cutter explain that there is a problem at the club. Cutter says he will call Natalie. Destiny is upset that romance is over. Jeffrey says he is still there. Natalie feels like a third wheel at her own party.

Todd asks if Blair has ate. Blair says she is not hungry. Blair asks if Todd remembers when they brought Starr home from the hospital and they were always scared something would go wrong. Blair says that she has been scared that she would not be able to take care of there children. Blair knows that Jack hates them. Todd does not care who he hates. Blair says that this is the first time she has seen Todd like this in a long time. Blair thinks that she is driving Todd crazy. Todd stops her from leaving.

Rama tells Cutter the ice maker broke. Cutter is upset that this the reason he called him to leave his date. Rama explains she never did that and explains she just needed the repair mans name and number. Cutter is upset even though it is his fault. Rama says she could have done that and this is his fault for hanging up before she could tell him what the problem is. Cutter says he is sorry and Cutter walks away. David watches Rama and walks over to her. The two dance again really close. Dorian shows up at the club as David and Rama kiss passionately. Dorian sees it and tells Rama to back up and pushes her away. She starts crying. David tries to explain. Dorian does not want to here it. Dorian explains she came here to tell him good news. Dorian is mad and thinks that she loves David more than Dorian loves him. David explains he does love her the same.

Natalie gets a phone call from Cutter and explains he is sorry for ditching out on dinner. Cutter asks for a rain check and no one else next time but them. Natalie says sure.

Viki tells Clint he begged him not to lie. Clint did not want to hurt her. Viki knows. Clint says he did nothing against the law and neither did Frank. Clint says he transferred some of his money over to her. Viki wants to know why Clint gets to control her. Clint was not controlling her because he wanted to help. Viki thinks that Clint keeps wanting to fix everything. Viki does not think this is love and things are worst. Viki thinks that this has made her loose the most important thing of all. Viki gives Clint the ring back.

Todd and Blair have dinner together.

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