OLTL Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 27

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 27
Aired on OWN on 8/26/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian sends Frank a message to call him again. Blair asks if Dorian has seen Jack. Dorian explains no but she heard him early in the morning. Dorian tells Blair to call him. Blair decides to and Jack picks up the phone. Jack explains that he got caught up on in what he was doing. He is lying next to Kate in bed.

Matthew talks with Michelle on the phone asking how her flight was. While Dani and Jeffrey are getting ready for the day. Matthew is being loud. Dani and Jeffrey are annoyed by this. Jeffrey is happy that this is real now. Dani wonders if she is though. Matthew tells them that Michelle says hi. Dani says she is going to throw up. Dani gets a phone call from the sugar daddy, Arturo.

Bo explains that he is shocked at Nora for being concerned over Dorian. Nora explains that Dorian was talking about the fund that Viki had invested in. Nora tells Bo that Dorian told her what Viki did may not have been ok. Nora does not know what is going on and thinks Viki could have done something really bad.

Viki is shocked that Clint was able to get through with Natalie. Clint wonders if Viki will forgive him now.

Arturo explains he has had better days. Dani thinks that is not good. She wonders if he has to clean out Brianna's room so soon. He explains yes and asks if Dani will help him. Dani says she will be right there. Matthew asks who that was. Dani claims it was a friend. Matthew wonders if Dani still does not believe Michelle. Dani says what ever makes him happy.

Bo brings up the overdose but cannot talk about it with Nora. Nora feels like something just does not add up. Nora thinks that Viki may have done something very bad. Bo tells her to stay out of it. Nora asks Bo to ask Clint about it. Nora decides to go to Dorian's house and confront her.

Blair asks where David is. Dorian explains he is probably in his man cave that he built with her money. Dorian is upset that Rama is flirting with David. Blair explains that Rama flirts with everyone. Dorian does not care because she has more important things to do involving people who break the law. She has Blair leave the room.

Clint tells Viki that he needs her because he makes him better everyday. Viki thinks it is exhausting. Viki is upset. Viki does not think things are good between them.

Nora comes over to Dorian's and Dorian thinks it is good to see her. Nora wonders why Dorian had her come over. Dorian explains that she wanted some privacy. Dorian makes Nora sit. Nora wants to know what Dorian wants. Dorian explains that she wants to know how Viki was able to pull the money out a few days before only to be frozen days later. Dorian wants to open an investigation because if she does not it will make trouble for Nora. Nora thinks that is crazy. Dorian says that Nora better choose sides because it will get ugly.

Clint wants to know if Bo is crazy. Bo explains that some people would see what he did as strange behavior. A man named Jason comes to see Bo. Bo wants to know about Brianna. Jason explains they met at a bar called Shelter. Jason alludes to it being a hook up or call girl. Bo asks if he saw her do any drugs. Jason says he does not like drugs. Jason explains that he did not walk up to her room with her. Bo notes that Jason did not have sex with Brianna. Jason does not like what Bo is saying. Bo says that he is the last person to see the girl alive. Jason tells him he did not kill the girl.

Dani thinks that Brianna had some nice things. She sees a scarf that she likes and Arturo thinks it looked great on Brianna. He offers the scarf to Dani and to take anything else she wants. Dani does not want it. She explains she can take the clothes to Goodwill though. He thanks her and tries to give her money, but she does not want it. He thanks her and he leaves. Dani tells herself in a mirror that she is a beautiful girl, and she deserves nice things. Housekeeping shows up and Dani opens the door and it is Michelle. Michelle asks what Dani is doing here. Dani wants to know why she is here. Michelle thinks this is humiliating. Dani thinks that this is a big deal that she is lying. Dani does not want to lie to Matthew. Michelle begs her not to tell him. Dani says yes. Michelle leaves. Dani is shocked.

Matthew hands Jeffrey a letter and he opens it. Jeffrey is shocked that his friend is coming in a few days because he is super rich and has money. This is the guy who sent him to school in London.

Viki thinks that Dorian has a dart bored with her face on it and it has a bunch of darts on it. Viki thanks Nora for telling her this. Nora asks if Viki trusts Clint. Viki does not know if she does. Clint walks down stairs as Nora goes away. Viki explains that Dorian is trying to open up an investigation. Viki explains that she is not comfortable with the explanation given. Clint promises that he is not lying. Viki says ok because if he was she would not marry him.

Bo explains that what Jason did was illegal. Jason says that he is not doing anything bad. Jason says he is going home. Bo has an officer escort Jason out. Jason has a tattoo on his arm like Victor's.

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