OLTL Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 26

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 26


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

David tells Rama that Dorian left. Rama thinks that David is in trouble. Nikki offers David a drink. David says yes.

Natalie sits in her apartment and Clint knocks on the door. Natalie does not say anything. Natalie does not want to talk to him but Clint begs her. Natalie opens the door. Clint explains he was wrong and wants to be forgiven.

Destiny explains that he wants to go on a double date with six people. Involving Natalie and Cutter and the children. Jeffrey agrees.

Todd explains that they plan to put a tattoo on a John Doe body and then put the body in the river. Then when they find the body, have Natalie use Todd's DNA so it looks like Victor. Téa thinks this is a bad idea but Blair wants to know what she has in mind as well as what Victor is doing to protect all of them when they could be in more harm than Victor. Téa explains she does not know. Todd tells them to just get along.

Cutter wants a shot of bourbon. Nikki thinks that something is wrong and that it involves the dead hooker as she puts it. Nikki wants to know the truth. Cutter explains he does not know. Nikki knows that Cutter was sleeping with Brianna. Cutter denies this however Nikki says she can't help him if he lies. Nikki threatens to tell Natalie that he was sleeping with Brianna.

Jeffrey wants to be explained what is going on with Natalie and Cutter. Destiny makes no sense of what she says. Destiny explains that the double date is for them all to make it easy on Natalie and Cutter. Jeffrey agrees. Destiny asks if this would be awkward because of everything. Jeffrey says no.

Clint cannot live with Natalie not forgiving him. Natalie wants to know why Clint wants to be manipulated back into Natalie's life. Clint begs for her to not talk to him badly. Natalie cannot believe what he did and cannot believe she manipulated her. Natalie demands that Clint leave.

Dani runs into Matthew and Michelle and won't leave them alone. She keeps saying things that make her look bad. Michelle explains she owes Dani an apology. Dani explains she was just kidding. Michelle says she is sorry. Dani explains that this is a good thing and she is happy they are working things out. Matthew and Michelle go to the dance floor. This upsets Dani so she gets a drink.

Nikki asks if something is wrong. David explains he ordered the same old thing wanting something new. Nikki makes him a new drink. David thinks it tastes really good. Rama tells Nikki to go make a girl at the other end of the bar a drink. Rama asks David if Dorian is upset about something. David says yes. Rama hopes it is not about her. David says no.

Dani sees the two dancing and walks off upset. Dani runs into the sugar daddy and offers to hang out with her.

Dani talks to the sugar daddy. He explains the girl Matthew is with is pretty but he is uncertain. Dani does not believe it. He explains that it is all in the eyes.

David explains that he just found his new drink. Rama thinks he could do better. David says so could she. David knows about the open marriage. Rama says it is not that exciting. David and Rama get really close and David says he would love to be one of those dates. Rama asks if David and Dorian have an open marriage.

Nora does her talk show and she has a woman crying on the other line. The woman says she left her husband and her kids and does not know what to do.

Clint explains that he does things before he thinks. He believed he was protecting her. Natalie closes the door. Natalie tells Clint to stop acting like he knows better. Clint wishes he could have been there when she was younger to help her grow up. Clint knows he does not deserve her trust because he was not there to earn it. Natalie and Clint hug and Clint explains he loves her. Natalie says she knows.

Jeffrey walks back into Viki's office and Destiny is still there. Jeffrey offers to get her some ice cream. Jeffrey says he will meet her in an hour.

Matthew and Michelle dance together. They kiss and smile at each other. Matthew offers to walk Michelle home and they hold hands.

Dani says she is sorry for asking all these questions. The sugar daddy tells Dani all about Brianna. He says he loved her and he knew a lot about her. He decides this is not a good idea. Dani explains he has to tell him something. Dani says the night she died Brianna was with another man at shelter. The sugar daddy is upset. Dani says she did not actually see them together. He says this is upsetting and walks out.

Destiny and Jeffrey listen to Nora's talk show. Michelle and Matthew walk over and they join them.

Nora asks if the woman is still there. Nora wants to listen to the start of the story. She explains she has a bunch of jobs along with her husband and she just could not handle it. Nora understands.

Destiny explains she has been there before.

Nora asks if she loves the man. She explains she does but they did not plan to have a family but they did. Nora says she just did what every mother thinks about doing she just did. Nora tells her to go back home and go to bed and talk to him in the morning. The woman thanks her.

Jeffrey thinks that Nora is a rock star. Destiny agrees.

Nora and Bo talk about how this is what Nora needs to keep doing. Bo and Nora kiss each other.

Destiny says she has to get back to work. Jeffrey says he has to get going as well.

Téa explains she will play the grieving widow but will not put Dani through this again. Todd says they cannot tell anyone. Téa thinks this is a way to get the kids all to himself. Téa hates him and leaves. Todd thanks Blair for backing him up. Blair tells him not to make her regret it.

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