OLTL Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 25

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 25
Aired on OWN on 8/21/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Viki thanks Nora for going to dinner with her. The two talk about their select problems. Viki is upset about Clint. Nora jokes about putting on a show about marrying a Buchanan man. Viki says she is sorry that she missed the first episode. Nora explains that it can still be heard. Viki is happy to hear that and thinks it is strange that everything can be saved in the digital age. Viki finds it fascinating. The two joke about how you can Google anything. Viki wants advice for how she should handle her life right now. Nora explains that things will work out. Dorian and David spot them and Dorian wants to know why Viki is so happy.

Natalie tells Destiny they cannot talk about their kids or men for an hour and it is just about them. Destiny agrees.

Michelle wants to come over and Matthew says yes, but Jeffrey does not look thrilled.

Jack is to obsessed with Kate's body to pay attention. Kate asks Jack a question about his favorite song. Jack explains he does not know the lyrics. Kate looks up the lyrics and she thinks they are pretty. Jack is nervous.

Blair and Todd try to make a way to make it look like Victor is dead. Téa asks if Blair thinks this is funny. Blair tells her no. Téa thinks they screwed everything is up. Todd explains that this is the only way to do it and Victor screwed up. Téa is not pleased.

Kate gives Jack and his class homework and Jack tries to rush out but Kate asks him to stay. Kate closes the door and locks it. Kate thinks this is quite a coincidence. Jack thinks he should transfer classes. Kate kisses Jack.

Michelle shows up with a tin foil wrapped plate and explains she wanted to make a piece offering. Jeffrey walks out of the room. Michelle explains she has to get going. Matthew says he knows this is weird but would love to get her a beer. Matthew wants to start from the beginning.

Natalie wants to try to do something new once a week. Destiny finds out where Natalie is getting these ideas from a magazine. The two are clearly very drunk. Destiny explains she would love a tattoo. Destiny shows a picture of a butterfly that she wants as a tramp stamp. Natalie decides they need to make new habits.

Rama runs into David and Dorian and Rama says she is so excited to be the side kick on David's show. Rama says she loves everything and she thinks they have a great chemistry. David is awkward and embarrassed. Rama goes away. David thinks she may be insane. Dorian thinks that she thinks she will want more than that. David does not think that Dorian should be on the show because she is high class. Dorian hears laughing and goes to talk to Nora and Viki. Dorian explains she is sorry to hear about her loss. Viki does not know what she is talking about. Dorian says she heard all about the money being lost. Viki asks how she heard that. Dorian says she still has friends in Washington. Dorian says she almost invested but did not. Viki explains she did not lose any money. Dorian claims to be happy to hear this. Nora tells Dorian that David looks handsome tonight as he talks to Rama. Dorian walks back over. Dorian explains she is thrilled that David found someone that appreciates his genius. Dorian does not to get in the way of David's next master piece.

Bo runs into everyone at Shelter and then walks over to Cutter to ask for the receipts. Cutter gives him the receipt for a Jason Murray.

Todd explains that they all know Victor the best. Téa tells them that the two of them know nothing and she does. Blair tells Téa to think about this and that if they can make it safe for him. Téa wishes that Todd did not try to kill him in the first place. Blair tells Téa that this is the way it has to be and they can protect him. Téa says they are going to do this right. They need a body and proof that it is Victor's body. Blair wants to know how. Téa says DNA. Todd says he has the same DNA. Blair asks if they plan to kill him instead. Téa says that is not the same idea. Todd calls his car and tells him to come around. Blair and Téa follow wondering what they are doing.

Natalie and Destiny go to a tattoo parlor to get them done and the guy know she wants a butterfly done. Destiny gets it done and says that it is Natalie's turn. The guy gets a phone call from Todd and he has to kick out both of them for Todd. He tells Natalie he can come back. Todd sends a picture of the tattoo for him to do.

Matthew hears the alarm going of and Michelle explains she likes it because that is how they met. Matthew wants to go to Shelter. Michelle explains she is a bad dancer. Matthew is ok with that.

Destiny finds Jeffrey in Viki's office. Jeffrey asks if Destiny is ok. Destiny says yes both explain they are dropping things off for Viki. Destiny asks Jeffrey out on a double date.

Blair and Téa think this is a crazy idea but that this is the only way. Blair asks if the last time she saw Victor if Téa felt it was actually the last time. Téa says no. Blair thinks that Téa has gone through a lot of bad things and can get through this. Blair tells Téa that the oxy was not an accident and who ever they are killed her. Blair hopes this works.

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