OLTL Update Thursday 6/27/13 Ep. 24

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/27/13 Ep. 24


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Téa tells Blair about the text message and that Todd made her tell where Victor might be. Todd calls up and tells her to meet him at the hotel room. Blair and Téa run to the car.

Jack is so amazed at what just happened. He is sorry that he did not last longer. The girl says that is fine, but he needs lots and lots of practice, so they go at it again.

Cutter tells Rama to give the guests anything they want because the guy paying has more than enough money. Cutter talks to his boys and tells them to keep drugs away. Bo shows up.

Bo sits at the bar and Nikki gives him a drink, but Bo explains he is working and that he needs to put a stop to what is going on.

Rama asks if Dani and some other girls would like some wine. Dani thinks this is strange. Rama explains it is a celebration of Briana's life.

Matthew walks out on Michelle but Jeffrey runs after him.

Clint walks back in the room and Viki is still mad and he explains he has important news. Viki does not want to hear it. Clint says he found a way to get her money back from the Pellegrino fund, and she will be happy with him again. Viki doubts this. Clint asks if she wants to bet.

Jack and the girl sit in bed under a blanket and Jack tells her she is beautiful. The girl tells him her name is Kate. Jack asks if she does that a lot -- pick up strange guys for sex. Kate tells him no this is the first time. Jack says it's the first time for him as well. Kate is glad he followed her.

Tara and Claire explain to Dani that Briana had a sugar daddy who was paying for everything. Rama chimes in explaining she saw them together the night Briana died. Rama sees the guy and explains to Dani that is not the same guy she saw.

Michelle explains to Matthew that she saw him and Jeffrey once at a movie and thought that both of them were cute. Michelle says she lives across the street and thinks that it was sort of fate. Jeffrey asks about lies she told. Michelle wanted to meet Matthew, but she is shy and it was easier and she did not think that Matthew would like her. Michelle did not want Matthew hating her. Matthew does not hate her.

Viki does not think that anyone is getting their money back. Clint tells Viki he got the money back, and Frank pulled some strings. Clint asks when was the last time she looked at the account. Viki asks about all five million dollars. Clint says it is all there. Viki says she will believe it when she sees it and goes over to her computer.

Téa and Blair go to the hotel room where Blair tells Téa to relax. Téa cannot believe she was so stupid. Téa does not think this is Victor's fault. Blair explains that they do not know that. Todd walks in.

Jack says that he has to go or his mother will kill him. Jack asks if he could have Kate's number. Kate puts her number in Jack's phone.

Matthew does not want to talk to Michelle. Jeffrey wants to get more out of her, but Matthew wants him to leave. Michelle offers to leave but Jeffrey decides to let the two "lovebirds" talk it out. Matthew tells her that they could possibly start over. Matthew asks what she is doing tomorrow. Michelle explains she is going back to Canada.

Arturo, Briana's lover, gives a speech and asks if anyone wants to say anything. Dani offers to when no one else will. She explains that she did not know her very well but from what she did know, she took law school seriously and worked hard and she admired her.

Téa demands to know where is Victor. Todd explains that Victor left and killed his man, Robert, who was clutching Victor's jacket. Blair wonders if he really thinks Victor killed the guy. Todd is not sure. Téa bursts out screaming again that Todd killed Victor and this is all Todd's fault. Téa gets another text from Victor and is happy.

Viki looks at her bank account and asks how this is possible. Clint explains he has the power. Clint wants his thank you. Viki thinks she is going to be in trouble now, because the money was taken out before the account was frozen. Viki does not think this is right. Viki asks how this could even happen if the fund was frozen by the government. Viki knows this is a Ponzi scheme. Clint explains that the money never actually went into the account, because her business manager, Frank, was too late in making the deposit. Viki does not think any of this makes sense. Clint tells Viki to trust him. Viki says she does not trust him. Clint tells her that the money never went anywhere and she can rest easy. Clint goes home.

A grinning Jack goes to summer school and he notices the teacher, and the teacher notices him. He stops smiling when he realizes that it's Kate.

Michelle says that she is only going to Toronto for a couple of days and she will be back. Michelle promises she will return and hopes that Matthew calls her. Michelle goes over to Jeffrey and thanks him. Jeffrey tells Michelle to stop playing with Matthew. Michelle promises. Jeffrey says he is not convinced.

Arturo talks to Dani who explains that Briana had a life that he did not know about. Arturo explains he did not know about anything until today. Dani tells him that Briana was not really a dealer and that maybe she just wanted some of her own money. Dani tries to make things sound better than they really are. Dani says that she had to have taken the drugs otherwise how would she have OD'd.

Rama tells Bo that Briana must have had two different sugar daddies. Bo wants to see the receipts from the night. Rama can't without Blair's consent, but she doesn't know where her boss is.

Téa believes that this is all Todd's fault. Blair thinks this is good news because it means that Victor is alive. Todd thinks that Téa is right because she was the only connection to Victor. Blair does not want to give up, because their children's lives are at stake. Téa she's glad that Victor got away, because otherwise he would be killed. Todd thinks they could possibly fake Victor's death to give his kidnappers what they want.

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