OLTL Update Tuesday 6/25/13 Ep. 23

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/25/13 Ep. 23


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Téa walks into her living room and finds Dani sleeping on the couch. When she wakes up, Dani says she forgot where she was for a second. Dani explains that she did not feel like going back to the apartment. Téa asks why she did not wake her. Dani says she did not want to bother her. Dani explains that this girl died and her name was Briana and it freaked her out. Téa and Dani sit down and Dani explains she knew her from school and she thinks it was an overdose. Téa asks why she thinks this. Dani explains that she sold the drugs to her. She explains what Bo told her.

Natalie gives Bo the report on Briana and Bo explains that she went to school with Dani. Bo asks if this could possibly be the same pills that Dani had. Natalie says she is having them tested.

Jeffrey and Matthew discuss how they will find the girl. Matthew does not think that he wants to find the girl because she is a liar. Jeffrey thinks it is a cool idea and that Matthew would want to meet her in person. Matthew explains that this a is a lesson learned and he wants to move on. Jeffrey makes a phone call telling Michelle that Matthew deserves better and to call him back.

Blair asks why Jack is getting an early start. Jack explains that he want to go get coffee. Blair tells him that he needs to be careful. Jack asks if something is going on between Blair and Todd. Blair tells Jack they have a complicated history. Jack makes Blair promise that she will not get back together with Todd. Blair tells him not to worry and just worry about strangers and she means it.

Todd gets a phone call and the person explains that he found Victor. Todd says he is on his way. Todd tells the guy not to let him go.

Dani explains that this normal girl took a pill to have fun and now she is dead. Téa tells her that drugs are very dangerous. Dani feels stupid for what she did. Téa thinks that Dani will be ok and that she will grow up and learn from her mistakes. Téa thinks Dani is too smart to ever do this again. Dani asks if Téa can make her pancakes like she used to. Téa would love too. Dani smiles.

Arturo goes to see Bo about Briana. He explains he did not bring his lawyer with him. Bo says he just has a few questions. Bo asks why he was paying Briana's bills. The man explains that they loved each other and did not think about the age difference very much. He starts to get emotional and explains that she was so full of life and it was so sudden. Bo asks if he knows what drugs she was taking. Arturo does not think she was doing drugs and it was out of character. Bo shows him the report about her OD'ing.

Jeffrey tells Michelle he knows she is in Llanview. Jeffrey says he does not know why she is lying but it has to stop. Jeffrey wants her to meet him and Matthew at the coffee shop. Michelle agrees.

Jack gets some coffee and notices a pretty blonde at another table. He casually looks at her, then he looks away, and when he looks back at her table, she's gone.

Todd calls Blair from the helicopter and says he found Victor at Willow Lake. Todd tells her she cannot come with him, but he will keep her up with everything. Todd hangs up before Blair can wish him good luck.

Dani stuffs her face on pancakes. Téa thinks this is nice. Dani explains she is not moving back in. Téa asks of life with the boys are. Dani says it is all great with the exception of a few small things. Téa gets a phone call from Blair and that Todd is going to get him right now. Dani asks what is up with Téa. Téa lies and claims it was for work. Dani knows she is lying. Téa says that it was to do with a gun fire at the club. Dani does not think that is a big deal. Téa tells her it is a huge deal and that she should. Dani says she better get going.

Arturo explains he never saw Briana do drugs. Bo says it is true and she was also selling drugs. The guy has no idea why she would be doing that because he was paying for everything. Bo asks if anyone would want her dead. Arturo cannot imagine anyone.

Matthew gets back to the house and Jeffrey wants to know what he is doing him. Jeffrey asks he can come to the coffee shop at 11. Matthew asks why. Jeffrey says that Michelle agreed to show up.

Destiny and Shawn talk about giving Destiny some money. Destiny does not want it and that Matthew might be getting a little better. Shawn tells her that when things do change she does not need to accept the money but until then to take the money. Destiny explains she may have a guy but it is to soon to tell.

The girl that Jack looked at stands in front of him and closes his laptop. She takes his laptop and walks out. He follows after her to a room.

Blair goes to see Bo. Bo explains this is about Briana and Blair explains that she saw her with an older guy who rented out the club for a memorial today. Natalie comes in explaining the pills were altered in the same way as the ones that Dani OD'd on which were 4 times the normal strength of oxycodone.

The girl takes Jack's shirt of and they kiss passionately. Jack takes her dress of and she takes his pants off.

Todd walks into the motel room and finds a dead man on the ground and screams out the open window Victor's name. He takes a jacket with him.

Jeffrey and Matthew show up at the coffee shop. Matthew told him that she was not going to show up. Matthew says he's glad they are done forever. Just as they're leaving, a redhead walks in.

Téa gets a text message from Victor asking her to "call off the dogs" that she sent after him.

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