OLTL Update Thursday 6/20/13 Ep. 22

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/20/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Clint tells someone on the phone to tell Frank to call him. Clint tells Viki he will find Frank. Clint thinks he could possibly get the money out. Clint promises that he will fix all of this and that she can count on him. Viki does not even want to look at him after what he did to Natalie.

Natalie tells Destiny what happened. Destiny says she is here for her but she has to get to work. She thanks Natalie for watching Drew. Natalie thinks it feels impossible to get over this now.

Cutter is shocked to find out that a girl named Rihanna was the one dealing the drugs. Bo wonders why drugs were involved. Bo says that the girl is dead. Bo says that the club is going to be watched very closely now and if Cutter knows anything about this girl he is to call.

Todd tells Blair that he knew Téa would never help them. Blair tells them that this is up to them now. Téa comes in and says she was afraid to talk to Blair on the phone and tells Todd that she may know where Victor is.

Bo comes to see Matthew and Jeffrey and Dani are both there. Bo explains he has bad news about Rihanna. Bo asks Dani if she told the two of them that the pills could have killed her. Bo explains that Rihanna is dead.

Cutter tells someone that he needs to find out information. Rama asks Cutter if she knew Rihanna and Cutter explains no but cops screw up profits.

Frank tells Clint that he is going to figure this out and he wants Viki's money back.

Dorian asks Frank if there is any trouble. Frank says her tip destroyed people. Dorian asks if he is going to tell anyone. He says no but to never play him like that again. Dorian says she had no idea.

Jeffrey pours some coffee and walks over to Matthews phone and it is a call from Michelle. Jeffrey calls him and explains that this is the first guy she tried to play.

Natalie wonders what could have happened if Clint never did what he did. Natalie wishes that things were different. Natalie thinks that Clint hurt her so much. Destiny asks how long Natalie plans to wait for John.

Dusky tells Cutter she needs something to warm up her vocal chords. Nikki tells her that she is not going to give it to her.

Téa gets into a fight with Todd and decides to leave but Blair tells them both to work it out. Téa explains that Téa is in a hotel where criminals go when they are rejected. Todd wants to know the name of the hotel. Téa will only tell them if they tell the plan. Todd explains he has to kill him because that is what they want. Téa wants to know the plan. Todd explains that he does not want to have Victor dead because they need to know who is threatening them. Téa gives them the name.

Cutter thanks Nikki for giving Dusky a drink.

Dani asks Rama is she knew about Rihanna. Rama asks about the old guy that was all over. Matthew wonders who else she was around. Dani says she knew her from school.

Cutter announces Dusky who starts singing a song.

Blair and Todd get ready to go. Jack and Sam come down stairs and explain that they are going to the mall. Blair tells them not to go to the mall. Blair has Dorian watch them. Jack says he is going. Todd tells him no and Dorian tells him to go into the other room. Dorian tells the two that revenge is great.

Clint says he is doing everything to minimize the damage done. Viki does not care about that she cares about Natalie. Clint thinks he saved Natalie from John cheating. Clint says he loves Natalie and she will come around. Clint says she will be around when they start planning the wedding. Viki cannot believe that Clint would be ok with this and tells him to leave. Viki sits at her desk and breaths.

Natalie tells Destiny not to worry about her. Natalie explains she is not ready for anything right now. Natalie tells Destiny about kissing Cutter. Destiny asks if she asked him out. Natalie says she did but she had to cancel. Natalie does not think it would be a good idea for her to go on a regular date right now and wants to double date right now. Destiny says she has to get to work and she thanks Natalie.

Dusky keeps singing at the club and people dance.

Dani thinks this was a mistake to come here, because she did not know the girl at all. Matthew does not think they know anyone and brings up Michelle. Dani still thinks she is a nut case. The two go dance. Dusky stops singing.

Blair asks if things are safe in his hotel room. Todd says that things are just fine. Blair does not think that the boys are going to be ok being held up at Dorian. Todd does not think they will be gone for long. Todd says he would like to have dinner sometimes. He gets back to work and calls someone with the information he has.

Dorian asks David how much he spent on some pictures. David says don't worry. Dorian is worried about Jack and Sam because they have not said anything. David says if she is so worried he will look outside. David opens the door and finds Shawn holding Sam and Jack explaining the two of them were climbing out the window.

Todd explains that his guy will find Victor and if he does not then they will keep looking. Todd explains he is not trying to kill Victor. Blair knows. Todd asks Blair about dinner. Blair starts to walk out. Todd promises he won't let anything happen.

Jeffrey wants some answers. Michelle believes that it is just between Matthew and her. Matthew walks in and is mad that Jeffrey is talking to her. Jeffrey explains that Michelle is in Llanview because of a car alarm he heard.

Blair is worried about what could happen. Blair explains she would go nuts. Blair leaves. Todd makes a phone call and tells the person to call him before they kill Victor.

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