OLTL Update Tuesday 6/18/13 Ep. 21

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/18/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Destiny is asleep in Viki's office and Jeffrey walks in wanting to talk to Viki, but Destiny wakes up and explains that he has news that will ruin Viki.

Clint thinks that Viki looks exhausted. Viki explains she was up all night talking to Natalie and she does not blame her because someone sent her a fake dear John letter. Viki prays to god that Clint had nothing to do with this. Natalie walks in asking what she prays who had nothing to do with what.

Matthew shows up at a large house with flowers and looks in a mirror to make sure he looks ok. He practices what he is going to say to Michelle and does not know if that is what he wants to say, Matthew walks back up to the door and does not think he can do this. Matthew decides to jut say he got her flowers. Matthew rings the door bell and someone opens the door and it shocks Matthew.

Bo wants to know what happened at the scene of the crime. Two bullets were fired. Bo asks Cutter what happened last night. Cutter explains that two bullets were fired and it is not helping the customers.

Blair comes to see Téa and says thank you for talking to Jack. She has Téa sit down and shows Téa the letters. Téa wants to know where Blair found those. Blair explains she did not find them Todd did. Blair asks Téa to read them. Téa asks what this means.

Destiny thinks that Jeffrey is being a bit dramatic. Jeffrey explains Viki invested money in a found and he suspects a lot and the fund will be going down in a big way. Destiny wonders if this is going to go bad. Destiny says poor Viki. Jeffrey says he wants to write the story before everyone else has it but he would have to tell Viki first. Destiny says she wishes she could help but she has to get going. Jeffrey asks if Destiny would have coffee with him.

Jack finds Dani and explains that he had to get out of the house because this Todd thing is weird. Jack asks if Dani thinks this is weird. Dani says yes but makes Jack promise not to do drugs.

Matthew explains to a woman that he would like to see a Michelle. The woman explains that their is no Michelle, and she hopes he finds what he is looking for. Matthew gives her the flowers and he leaves.

Natalie explains that John is on an undercover mission and cannot have any notice with anyone. Clint does not find this shocking. Natalie wants to know who would do something like file a restraining order because she can only think of one person.

Bo asks Cutter's cop if he saw anything. He explains no. Bo thinks that this is not the first time something like this happened. Bo asks if the black out could have been intentional. Cutter explains that he just wants to get things back and running. Bo says he does too. Bo gets a phone call and it turns out the drugs that Dani had were extremely strong she would have died if she had not gone to the hospital right away.

Téa wonders who gave these to Todd. Blair explains that they just showed up and that only Todd and her know about it. Téa thinks this looks like a hit list. Blair explains no one on the list is safe. Blair tells her that she was shot at and they did not call the police because they do not know what to do yet and they do not know who is going to be next.

Jack gives Dani a cup of coffee and she thanks him. Dani explains she is writing a paper. Jack explains that he has to go to summer school because he failed English. Dani is shocked. Jack asks about Dani's love life. Dani explains that she is not sleeping with anyone. Jack starts screaming Dani likes Matthew. Jack says he will not tell anyone.

Matthew calls Michelle and tells her that she played him and cannot figure out why. Matthew leans against his car.

Jeffrey is glad he is not rich because all that money is gone. Destiny is worried she could loose her job. Jeffrey thinks that he has to do this in person. Destiny does not think that he should have to say anything. Jeffrey feels that he is loyal to Viki. Destiny thinks that is a good quality. Destiny does not want Jeffrey to loose his job for telling the truth.

Clint wonders if Natalie is accusing him of doing this to John. Natalie cannot believe that Clint would even think of doing this to her after all that she has been to. Natalie cannot believe that this is all because of Clint. Natalie asks if Viki had anything to do with this. Viki says no. Natalie makes Clint tell the truth.

Blair asks if Téa trusts her. Téa says she trusts her but she does not trust Todd. Blair asks her to help them Victor Todd so they can bring the bad guys down.

Dani calls Matthew and asks what happened. Matthew says that Michelle is fake and was not even there. Matthew explains it was all a lie. Dani says she is sorry. Matthew cannot believe he let this happen. Dani explains he should hurry back.

Bo comes to see Dani and Bo explains that the pills were tampered with and someone may have wanted to have Dani OD. Dani explains she got the pills from this girl and she has no reason for her to do this to her. Bo needs a name. Dani gives him a name but does not want her to be involved. Bo says se will not.

Téa explains she does not know anything about Victor and that she knows he was paranoid. Blair asks if Victor had contacted her at all. Téa says he left a few messages but that he never said where he was.

Clint explains he was trying to protect her. Viki is shocked. Natalie explains she could have gotten past this but now she will never forgive Clint. Viki tries to run after her but does not. Viki does not like this at all. Jeffrey comes in and Viki says this is not a good time. Jeffrey explains that her investment fell through and he is sorry. Viki says it is ok and she sits down. Jeffrey explains he knew she should have known as soon as possible. Viki says he did the right thing and he better go write the story because it could be the last.

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