OLTL Update Thursday 6/13/13 Ep. 20

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/13/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian thanks David for taking her out after the dinner they had with Bo and Nora because she was starving. Dorian then explains to David that the whole dinner was just a game to get Matthew and Destiny back together again. David is shocked about this. Dorian knows her plans did not work. David thinks Matthew is trying as a father. Dorian does not think this. David thinks a kid connects a person for life.

Matthew looks up directions to Michelle's house with Jeffery and Dani. The house is really nice when they look it up. Matthew explains he may never come back. Dani asks what his plans are. Matthew has an entire repertoire of things to do. Jeffery thinks this sound lame. Jeffery turns on Nora's talk show.

Nora freaks out and asks Bo what she should say. The two write things out. Nora tells the viewers nothing is off limits.

Todd asks if Blair is ok and if she is hurt. Blair explains that Todd is on her knee and she cannot breath. Blair asks what happened. Todd said that they were shot at. Blair is mad when she notices that the shot damaged the wall a little bit. She wants to call the police but Todd urges her not to even though she runs off.

David notices that Dorian has been quite. Dorian explains she was thinking about Destiny and Matthew sharing a child together and how they will never be able to share that. David explains they have material possessions. Dorian thinks that men leave woman for younger girls because they want children. David explains he will never leaver her to get a child.

Blair does not care what Todd says she goes to tell Cutter ripping him away from customers. Cutter tells his cop that they were shot at. He asks if they are ok. Blair says she is fine. Cutter does not think they have to worry. Blair thinks the opposite.

Nora gives advice to her first caller and is nervous. Nora finally responds. The person asks for her to kick out her house guests and that it is her husbands cousin and she will not leave because her husband loves guests. Nora explains that families are like pets and need to be trained. Nora suggests that she take the cousin out to lunch and tell her how it is nicely. The woman thanks Nora for her good advice. Nora feels good about herself.

Blair wants to close the club. Cutter does not want to do that. Blair wants to call the police. Cutter refuses to do this either. Blair does not care and forces Cutter to close down. Todd explains that there are things that Blair does not understand and Dani's overdose and the shooting were about them and not accidental or unplanned. Todd has Blair come with him somewhere.

Matthew and company continue to listen to Nora.

Nora gives someone else a reality check. Matthew calls in. Nora knows that it is him but Nora still wants to do it.

Matthew explains that he feels like he is attached to puppet strings. Nora explains that they just love him a lot. Matthew feels like they won't let him make mistakes. Matthew keeps giving her reasons to why they are doing the wrong thing. Nora has to work around all this. Matthew explains he loves his parents but they are to much. Nora thinks that is a shame and to tell them to leave him alone. Nora explains they have to be on his terms or not at all. Matthew thanks her and hopes they get the message because he would hate to loose them. Matthew says her kids are lucky to have them as a mom. Matthew hangs up and gets Téary eyed.

Todd shows her a secret room. Blair wants to know why they just cannot call the police. Todd explains that the police could be involved and Victor was involved with some dangerous stuff. Todd turns on the TV and the entire town is being filmed Blair is shocked that he is spying on them. Todd does not think of it as spying but protecting. Blair thinks he is sick. Todd tells her to listen because it is all on mute. Blair wonders how many laws he is breaking. Todd will break as many as he has to. Todd shows the letters that have the names listed and Blair is shocked to see Jack and Starr's names.

Nora thanks her viewers and says she will be back next week. Bo is so happy and thinks that things went well after it all started. Nora cannot believe she told that to Matthew. Nora does not know what she was thinking. Nora explains she had to say what she truly believed. Nora explains it hit her. Bo explains that this show will work because she can react in the moment. Nora agrees. Nora thinks this is Bo's fault and the two joke around and kiss. Bo says he is proud of her. The two kiss again more passionately.

Dani is shocked that Matthew acted like an adult. Jeffery recorded the podcast so he can play it for Michelle. Jeffery thinks that he should go to Michelle by driving because it would be romantic. Dani thinks otherwise. Jeffery thinks it would be.

Cutter does not know if the mob is behind this. Cutter tells the cop to investigate this. Cutter sits down and a cop comes over to him. He asks if there have been any reports of shots and if he knows anything about it.

Todd explains that the drugs that Dani had fit the list. Blair wonders if the bullets were not aimed at him. Todd shows her the first letter. Blair asks why they want Victor dead. Todd does not know. Todd explains he had no time to do what he planned. Blair asks what he planned to do. Todd explains he is killing him because everyone will die otherwise. Blair asks how they will work this out. Todd explains Téa is the key. Blair says she will handle it.

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