OLTL Update Tuesday 6/11/13 Ep. 19

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/11/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Nora asks if Matthew's laundry is all his. Matthew says that he is taking her up on her offer. Bo is shocked to see Matthew. Matthew goes to put the laundry away. Nora opens the door and Destiny walks in. Nora asks where Drew is. Destiny explains she left him with the sitter. Matthew thought that this was just going to be a family dinner. Destiny thought the same thing.

Blair shows Viki and Clint to a table at Shelter. Blair tries to sell them on the menu. Viki asks for a glass of sparkling water. Viki asks Clint if her money is for sure safe. Clint explains that it is frozen for three days.

Natalie walks out of the coffee shop and she gets legal papers. Natalie sits down and is shocked.

Viki asks Clint if there is away to convince Frank to get the money out. Clint tells Viki until they know what's going on for certain they need to not worry.

Cutter asks to use Blair's office later to do some interviews. Blair tells him that this is not his personal playground. Cutter explains that this is going to work out. Blair goes over to the bar and Todd tells her that he needs to talk to her. Blair explains that she cannot talk right now. Todd wants to talk about the mob. Blair wonders if Todd is the one who cut the cables.

Matthew asks if it was a good idea to leave Drew at home if she was sick. Destiny tells him that the baby is fine and she knows what she is doing.

Blair asks if he is behind this.

Jeffrey tells Viki he has really big news.

Matthew calls up David and tells him to get over to Bo and Nora's right now and explains that they forgot to call him up. David does not know. Matthew begs him. David says he cannot because he has some new moves for Dorian. Matthew convinces him. David asks Dorian if she wants to go to Bo and Nora's. Dorian does not know. David convinces hers and Dorian hopes that Viki shows up.

Natalie panics. Tea shows up and Natalie starts breathing heavy and crying. Tea looks at the letter. Tea asks when she got this. Natalie explains she just got it. Tea thinks this is unlike John to sue for custody. Tea explains that John is suing because Natalie did not let him see Liam. Natalie does not know why John would say this because John left her. Tea tells her that she is going to get to the bottom of this. Natalie hugs Tea.

Nora tells Destiny she cannot get over how big Drew has gotten. Bo explains that he knows whose DNA that is from. Bo and Nora joke about Matthew. David shows up and knocks on the door. David and Dorian walk in and David explains that something smells good. Dorian brought something from France. David explains Matthew called and they were both happy to come. Bo is mad.

Viki wants to know who this Ezra guy is. Jeffrey explains that this guy is a blogger. Clint looks him up and says that this guy is not exactly the target audience. Clint tells Viki that he is one the most powerful people in Washington. Jeffrey asks if he can get his blog up on the Banner. Viki says yes. Jeffrey says he will get it up.

Matthew and Destiny joke about the past. Bo and Nora spot the two of them and smile.

Blair does not know what Todd has to do with this and why Victor is involved. Todd explains that if Blair ever trusted him that she needs to trust him now.

Bo tells Dorian to think of the burned part as a good thing. Dorian does not know. Matthew looks at his phone because he has two missed phone calls from Michelle. Matthew leaves.

Viki thinks this is crazy that John has never tried to contact Natalie. Tea calls Natalie explaining that John got a restraining order from Natalie and a harshly written letter telling him to stay away. Viki goes over to see what happened. Natalie explains what Tea said. Natalie does not understand what happened.

Bo thinks that was fun. Nora thinks she needs to get drunk to get on the air. Bo tells her she is going to be fine. Nora has a fear. Bo knows when they hear her sexy voice. Nora tells him she is giving advice not happy endings. Nora asks how many people she could attract. Bo explains a couple hundred thousand. Nora does not know what to say. Bo turns on the mic.

Viki and Clint leave and Natalie calls John. Natalie explains she needs to talk to him and for him to call her. Natalie sits at the bar and Cutter tells the bar tender to give her free drinks. Cutter asks if Natalie is ok. Natalie says yes but she is distracted. Cutter tells Natalie to call if she gets undistracted. Natalie waits for the call.

Todd and Blair go outside. Blair says she has to go get her purse. Todd pushes her to the ground as a gun goes off.

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