OLTL Update Thursday 6/6/13 Ep. 18

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/6/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jack edits David's video and they talk about Rama and how David plans to make her a star. Dorian walks in and asks what they are looking at. Dorian sees a clip of Rama and is jealous. Dorian wants to know what her name is and Sam explains he does not know but will just call her hot stuff.

Vimal tells Rama he is not trying to ignore her. Rama walks into the room wearing an Indian-style outfit and had Vimal eat something and Vimal loves it. Vimal tells Rama not to tempt him because he has a date. Rama wants to be alone with him but he wants to go on the date.

Nora is mad because Bo put up a sign with her picture on it.

Dani is star struck when Snoop comes over and Snoop signs a poster of his new movie. Dani and Jeffery argue about where the poster is going to go. Snoop and Matthew talk in private about Matthew being a father. Snoop lights some pot and Matthew explains he is a dad. Snoop jokes about giving Matthew some pot but then tells him that Nora would have a fit if he smoked. Snoop wants to help Matthew make a choice about his life. Snoop explains that he sees lots of young guys get pregnant with girls and then nothing happens. Snoop tells Matthew that a real man does not reject his blood.

Nora is shocked that Bo would have the poster put up. Nora says she will do one show but that is it. Nora believes that this should be a show where no one knows it is her. Bo explains that if he wants callers then they need to know they exist. Nora asks if Bo is trying to get Nora fired. Bo says yes because he wants Nora to be happy. Nora thanks Bo but believes that this is just to public. Nora does not feel she can give advice as herself. Bo shows the disclaimer that she cannot give legal advice and all advice is an opinion. Nora knows she could never do it as the DA. Nora agrees to do one show then they will evaluate. Bo agrees.

Rama sits on the bed and Vimal tells her that he is going on his first date when Rama has been on two just last week. Rama understands but explains that she did this all for him tonight. Vimal asks Rama what he should wear at night. Rama wants to prove that she is in love with Vimal and that he is in love with her.

Jack explains to Dorian that it is from the show. Dorian asks why Sam is still up. Sam says he has to work on his math. Dorian tells David that Jack should be given a summer job. Dorian wants to spend time with David during the summer. David says he wants to but the show is getting pretty crazy. Dorian understands and wants to help him by adding her as his new leading lady.

Snoop says that he has seen this sort of thing first hand and the regret he sees is held on for the rest of some lives. Snoop thinks Matthew needs to think about his life. Matthew can't believe that Snoop is making sense and understands. Snoop believes he still has time.

Rama does not think that Vimal remembers that the outfit she is wearing is her wedding dress. Vimal asks why she would go to the trouble of putting it back on. Vimal is impressed and goes on his date. Vimal comes back into the room and kisses Rama passionately.

Dorian believes that every project needs a big name in order for it to succeed. David says that this is a bit different from being in politics. Dorian thinks other wise. Dorian believes she will be happy with the show. Dorian makes Sam go to bed. Jack goes to put him in bed. Dorian tells David to think about this because everyone loves a phoenix rising from the ashes story. David feels that the problem is that people would have trouble with her being in the show. Dorian thinks this will be fun.

Bo tells someone that there have been no mentions of the tattoo. Nora comes back in and explains that she is ready to do this. Nora explains when she was in college she was a little crazy. Bo is happy because she can be crazy again. Bo thinks that Nora is perfect for this because she is funny and smart and people will love what she has to say. The two kiss.

Vimal breaks off the date. Rama asks how she took it. Vimal explains ok after he made up a crazy lie. Rama and Vimal start to kiss again.

Snoop tells Matthew he knows that he will do the right thing. Matthew thanks him. Snoop dances outside the apartment and Matthew sits down on the couch. Dani and Jeffery come back out and want to know what happened to Snoop. Matthew explains the poster is going in the living room.

Rama and Vimal are now naked under sheets in beds. Vimal explains how his mother did not think that Rama had good birthing hips.

Todd takes the envelope out of the fire place and opening it. It says in type in a list format "Dani, Jack, Starr, Sam, Blair, Viki, Tea, Natalie".

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