OLTL Update Tuesday 6/4/13 Ep. 17

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/4/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Clint likes the redesign of the online edition of the paper. Viki is glad. Jeffrey runs in explaining they have the next big story.

Dorian comes in and sees David who explains her first blog is nasty and he loves it. David tells Dorian he has to go edit his show. Dorian explains that she wants to change her hair. Dorian shows David a bunch of wigs. Dorian decides to go to a public spa.

Cutter does not think that the black out was an accident. Todd tells Blair that he is telling the truth. Cutter thinks it could possibly mob related. Cutter promises no one at this club is selling drugs to Dani. Blair wants to call the police but Cutter says he can handle it.

Matthew is on the phone with a client and then Clint asks where is coffee is through text. Destiny walks in but then leaves. Matthew runs after her and she explains that she is pissed at him and he needs to leave.

Téa gets an IM from Victor explaining he is on the move. Téa asks Victor to go to the police because he will be protected. Victor does not respond. Téa puts down the laptop.

Jeffrey explains that the FCC is shutting down a large investment fund. Viki is shocked that her investment is on the list.

Todd calls Dani and tells her he needs to talk to him. Dani explains that she is going somewhere. Todd says he needs to get her and that he will take her and get her what ever she wants.

Destiny tells Matthew that Drew needs a lid for his drink. Drew drops it all over the place. Destiny is upset because Matthew can't do anything for his son and tells him off.

Bo calls someone to look into the Internet. Téa wants to know how long it will take. A person comes in and takes the laptop. Bo asks if the stuffed animal being ripped off is something that she is sure is Victor. Téa explains she is positive and he mentioned it in his IM so it has to be him. Bo says they will look into it.

Dani and Todd go to get there nails done. Dani explains that this takes forever to be a girl. Dani wants to know what he wants to talk about. Todd explains he does not think that she was actually over dosed. Dani says she thinks so if Matthew. Dorian runs into Todd. Dorian is shocked to see that Todd is getting his nails done and makes a sarcastic remark. Dani asks Dorian what color she should get and Dorian explains a French tip is the way to go. Dorian asks what color Todd is getting. Dani says that he is getting green. Todd does not want his nails painted. Dani explains that this is supposed to be her day so he has to.

Viki asks who is Jeffrey's source. Viki explains that if he is reliable because this could destroy a bunch of people. Viki asks Clint what they should do. Clint tells Viki to call her stock broker and take the money out. Viki does not know if that is the smart idea. Clint explains she will loose everything. Viki calls her broker.

Destiny does not want Matthew involved with Drew. Matthew begs Destiny to stay and let them chat. Destiny says fine. Nora comes in and sees that Destiny and Matthew are together and walks back out. Matthew is ready to talk. Destiny asks how Jeffrey is.

Bo explains that someone could be keeping Victor held hostage. Téa believes that Victor would have found a way to tell him. Bo wants to know what the stuffed animal is. Téa explains that it was destroyed by Victor. The computer guy comes in and explains that it was untraceable. Bo knew this could happen. Bo tells Téa he has tons of resources. Téa says next time she will get him to say something. Bo begs Téa to let them handle this. Téa says she can do it and runs off with the computer.

Destiny sits back down and Matthew asks why she is asking about Jeffrey. Destiny explains they are just friends like him and Dani. Matthew says he does not have a problem. Destiny offers to have Matthew over for dinner sometime. Matthew does not think that it is a good idea because he has work. Matthew gets another text from Clint explaining he has to go. Destiny tells him not to work to hard.

Todd calls Bo while he dries his nails and asks where the drugs that Matthew had are. Bo says he threw them away.

Dani asks if Todd likes his nails. Todd thought she was going with pink. Dorian wonders if there is a father in the room. Dani tells her to not say that. Dorian explains that she is sorry and agrees with Todd.

Matthew opens the door to find Snoop. Jeffrey is shocked to see him and wants to do a story on him. Snoop explains he was never there. Dani runs in saying she saw someone in town who looked just like Snoop Dogg...

Téa types another note to Victor hoping that he responds.

Drew wakes up Destiny who has fallen asleep.

Viki throws the paper on the couch and Clint comforts Viki.

Todd opens up his hotel room door and looks around the room. He sits on the couch and sees the letter from the mysterious company in the fireplace.

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