OLTL Update Thursday 5/30/13 Ep. 16

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/30/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Rama and Nikki talk about the couple that have been kissing all night. Blair sees them and finds it strange.

Bo and Nora joke while playing poker. She convinces him to give her some money, since she is broke. Clint and Bo tell Leo to stop talking. David insists that Nora ante up. They each take turns picking a card game. Nora asks what Clint wants for his wedding. Clint doesn't know. David says he can marry them. Nora says they don't want that -- he has already officiated at too many Buchanan weddings.

Cutter explains to Nikki that Natalie deserves a strong drink for looking pretty. Cutter explains that he is doing well now and wants to prove it to her.

At his apartment, Jeffrey insists he has sent his articles to Viki three times, but she complains that she cannot get on the Internet. Jeffrey thinks he can fix her computer problems and offers to bring his article over for her.

Dani is disappointed that Jeffrey cannot go to Shelter with her, since he has to go help Viki. Matthew also cannot go because he has a date. Dani is shocked that he is finally meeting Michelle. Matthew explains they are having a long-distance date while watching the movie "Casablanca" online. Dani and Jeffrey think it is crazy and call him a jerk. Matthew gets mad and storms off into his room. Dani apologizes and tries to tell Matthew not to be mad and that he is not a jerk most of the time. Matthew comes back out and tells Dani that he really does like this girl and that she gets him like no one else ever has. Dani thinks that is special but she sounds sarcastic. Matthew tells Dani to leave him alone. Dani says fine.

Cutter and one of his friends talk about how impressive the turn-out is.

Two DJs get into a fight about who is opening for whom. When Cutter tries to apologize, one of them leaves, vowing never to return.

Todd gets a glass from Nikki and Blair sits next to him at the bar.

Dani walks out in the living room while Matthew is on the phone. She is wearing nothing but a towel. Matthew tells her to be quiet when she insists on commenting on what he's saying. Dani thinks this is still crazy, that he's addicted.

Jeffrey explains that Viki's computer is broken and they have to get a new router. Jeffrey notices Viki's investment and says he is sure it is a great investment.

Nora keeps winning and Nora wonders where Viki is. Clint explains that she is working like always. David asks about his brother, Matthew. Nora says he is on a date. Clint wants to know why Matthew is not taking care of his child and Destiny. Clint says he will talk sense in Matthew if no one else will. Bo tells Clint that this is not up to him and Clint should stay out of it. Clint thinks this is typical of their parenting. Bo is insulted.

Nora tells Bo they need to talk about this. Bo says he does not want to. Snoop Lion shows up and tells him that Bo should talk about it. Snoop asks what the problem is. Bo wonders when he should make a move and not make a move. Snoop says it depends on the situation. Bo says that it involves Clint saying he is a bad father. Snoop thinks that is rough. Bo says that this bothers him, but he knows that he is right.

Dani is at Shelter and dances with Briana who asks if she wants to get high. Dani says she has a final tomorrow and declines the drugs. The girl goes off with Jason, the older man she had been kissing earlier.

Todd tells Blair he wants to dance with Dani. Blair tells him that is not a good idea. Nikki pours him another drink.

Cutter tells Natalie he will be right back. Natalie does not want to dance alone. Cutter has his security officer, Bruce, dance with her. They know each other from work.

When the power goes out at Shelter, Cutter tries to make sure everyone's okay.

Snoop tells Bo that he is a good father. Snoop explains that Bo cares about Matthew and that he should be able to understand this. Bo wants to know what Snoop means. Snoop explains that Matthew is a father now. Snoop tells him that he is the father and should be in charge. Snoop tells Bo that he is going to pay Matthew a visit. Bo thanks him. Snoops says that he should thank Nora for calling him. Nora comes over and the two kiss and hug.

Cutter hands out flashlights to everyone and announces that the power will be back on soon.

Todd finds Dani and tells her that she is to stay sitting until the lights come back on. Todd checks on Blair. She is worried that she will have to give everyone refunds, which she can't afford. Todd suggests that she sing to entertain the crowd. After Todd introduces her, Blair sings a song about having no regrets. Todd feels as though she's talking directly to him.

Matthew asks if Michelle really has to go because he really likes the sound of her voice.

Blair continues to sing in the club. People start to slow dance to her song. Cutter finds Natalie and starts to kiss her passionately. Todd watches Blair sing. Everyone starts to clap and cheer. Todd runs off and goes to the power box to discover the wires were cut.

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