OLTL Update Tuesday 5/28/13 Ep. 15

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/28/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Matthew walks in excited to find pizza. Dani tells him to put it down because they are running. Matthew says she can go but he is going to eat. Dani advises Matthew to go running, so when he finally meets his woman he can impress her. Jeffrey agrees. Matthew decides to go.

Téa thanks Blair for asking her to come out for the night. Blair explains she needs her help. Rama comes over and explains that she had to come in early to help Cutter. Blair has Rama take over some glasses. Rama recognizes the girl and thinks that the man at the table is really old.

Destiny explains to Jeffrey she is here to drop off Drew. Jeffrey says that he could watch him while they wait for Matthew to come back. Destiny drops some mail and Jeffrey finds an envelope.

Rama explains that the amorous couple wants more brandy.

Cutter tells the boys at his table that the singer will be back tonight, and he can introduce them but they have to behave themselves. The police officer explains that he is an officer of the law. The singer walks in. Cutter says hello to Dusky, and he shows her around.

The girl at the table Rama was waiting takes a pill with her brandy.

Natalie comes to visit Viki and explains to her that she got a call from John.

Téa tells Blair she will do anything for the kids. Blair explains that Jack is not taking to well to the news of Victor. Téa says that Dani seems to be fine but she needs to be looked after. Blair explains that Dani is at the club until 2 in the morning. Blair and Téa talk about Todd buying off the children. Téa talks about Victor being withdrawn and wants to try to help John.

Viki is shocked to hear that John called. Clint over hears and tells Natalie that John will never hurt her or his grandson.

Bo in his office gets a surprise visit from Nora and Snoop Dogg.

Dani and Matthew who are very sweaty make bets to who will win the race. Matthew decides to just let Dani win. Dani says she is hungry. Matthew offers sandwiches. Dani jokes that they will have a real meal at some time. Dani hopes Matthew has nothing else to do tonight. Matthew says he is free.

Jeffrey calls Matthew and finds out that his phone is at the apartment. Destiny asks who the letter is from. Jeffrey says that the guy is a person who paid for his college and believed in him. Destiny explains she gets uncomfortable when others offer her money. Jeffrey does not want Destiny not getting help because she is waiting for Matthew. Destiny is unsure. Jeffrey explains that Matthew will not learn right away.

Blair has Dusky sign the contract. Cutter explains that she is going to have a big fan base. The boys come over to talk to Dusky to introduce themselves. Dusky knows this is going to be the best job she has ever had.

Blair tells Rama to stop staring at the couple who are all over each other.

Clint wonders if Natalie will stay for dinner. Clint leaves. Natalie does not think she can talk about John in front of Clint. Viki thinks it is a sore subject. Natalie explains that John demands to see Liam or he will get his lawyer involved. Viki and Natalie do not know what he is talking about. Natalie explains she is still in love with John. Natalie cannot believe this is happening. Viki tells Natalie she has the confidence to get through this. Viki tells Natalie to fight for John if she wants him. Viki tells Natalie to call John tonight. Viki does not think that she will sleep if she does not. Viki tells Natalie to go before Clint comes back to change her mind.

Bo is shocked to hear that Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion. Snoop Lion explains that he wants them to see his new movies. Nora explains that they can't go because it is family poker night. Bo says he is sorry. Snoop Lyon understands. Bo tells him to come over later if he wants. Snoopy Lion says he will be there. Snoop Lion leaves.

Rama introduces herself to Dusky and explains that she was doing her job the other night. Rama tells Dusky to stay away from Cutter because he will break her heart. Dusky explains she came to Llanview to forget her past.

Jeffrey wants to make sure that Destiny does not want to just leave Drew at the apartment, because it is Matthew's job, not Jeffrey or Dani's. Destiny tells Jeffrey to tell Matthew that he once again has proven he is a bad father. Matthew and Dani walk in as she says this.

Natalie calls John but ends up taking a shot instead and decides to go out.

David comes in with his cinematographer at Bo's house ready to play poker. At first, Bo doesn't want to let the young man stay but later relents. Nora is ready to play, too, but the guys don't want her to. She threatens to make them all leave if she can't play.

Natalie shows up at Shelter asking if she is too early. Cutter lets her in.

Téa goes to talk to Jack. She explains that she missed him -- he returns the sentiment. Téa explains she needs to tell the truth about what happened with Victor. Jack wants to know where he is. Téa says she does not know where he is or when he is coming back. Téa says he is in danger and he is a damaged man. Jack says he gets it and tries to leave. Téa explains he does not know, but that Victor does love him. The two of them hug, and Téa cries.

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