OLTL Update Thursday 5/23/13 Ep. 14

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/23/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dani burns toast after having a sexual fantasy about Matthew.

Bo asks why Nora is not having Matthew take care of Drew. Nora explains that she likes doing it. Bo understands he understands but wants to know why Matthew is not involved.

Viki and Destiny go over Destiny's job. Viki is shocked when she finds out that Destiny is working the night shift with a baby at home. Viki wants to give Destiny a better scheadual to work off of. Destiny thanks her but explains it works out fine because she has a woman who helps out and then Bo and Nora. Viki wonders about Matthew.

Cutter tells the cop that he needs more security for a suprise event. The cop says he can do it. Cutter explains this is a big deal. Natalie walks in and jokes about this being bad luck seeing they are going to be going on a date. Natalie wonders if Cutter is getting cold feet. Cutter remembers he has a work thing that just came up. Natalie says it is fine because she just remembered. Cutter and Natalie try to find a new time and decide on Sunday. Natalie asks Cutter to buy her a drink at the coffee shop.

Blair tells Todd not to wake up Jack or anyone else. Todd says that he came to talk to Jack about what happened with Victor. Blair wants to know what Todd is going to say. Todd explains that it is between father and son and then walks into the living room.

Jack tells Todd not to touch him. Todd explains that Victor strangled him and that he is Jack's father not Victor. Jack tells him that he does not care and does not want to talk to him. Jack tells Todd he has become a vegan because meat is murder. Todd is annoyed.

Bo tells Nora that Drew needs to be a father to Drew. Nora explains that Matthew has told everyone since the start he wants nothing to do with the baby and they need to work to get Matthew back in line. Nora thinks if they make him and Destiny friends again things could help. Nora decides to start thinking about and idea when Destiny shows up. Bo plays with Drew.

Dani sees Matthew working out and says that coffee is ready. Jeffery tells them he is going to be writing his story in private. Matthew looks to his computer and it is the electric bill. Dani jokes that Michelle has dumped Matthew.

Viki and Clint discuss how to fix the company. Viki says she will try considering some of the ideas but it is her comapny. Clint understands and leaves. Clint tries to bring up something and Viki tells him not to talk about it. Clint says he cannot help if he wants to help. Viki says that everyone wants a good story. Clint tells her to get agressive.

Matthew walks in wearing nothing but a towel and asks if it is ok if he takes a shower first. Dani says it is fine. Dani looks at Matthews conversations with Michelle and finds them crazy.

Todd is mad that Blair was listening. Todd is also mad that Blair accused him of abbanonment and would like help.

Bo asks when Destiny is sleeping. Destiny explains that she takes naps. Bo offers more money so she can get some help. Bo offers to give Destiny a meal. Destiny agrees.

Clint and Jeffery discuss how Viki loves Jeffery. Clint is happy that this is happening and they talk about the future of the paper. Jeffery wonders what Clint has for ideas. Jeffery shows him what they are doing around the world with news.

Blair explains to Jack that Todd went to Victor the week before to try to make a fresh start with Victor. Todd says that Victor tried to kill him. Jack does not care and breaks glass and demands Todd to leave. Blair is sad at this.

Viki tells Jeffery that she loves his ideas but that they don't have the money. Jeffery says they will save money and make money. Clint walks in and Jeffery says he is right about the how Clint has good ideas. Viki asks for a moment alone with Clint. Viki closes the door. Viki is upset that Clint is taking private meetings with her people. She tells Clint that this is her buisness. Viki thinks this was a bad idea with the loan.

Dani runs back to her seat when Matthew walks in. Dani wants to go for a run with Matthew. Matthew does not want to go. Dani does not want to go alone. Matthew says he will go.

Nora brings out some breakfast. Bo and Nora tell her that she is family. Destiny says they are not family but complicated. She explains that Matthew does not love her and she has to do this on her own.

Blair says as screwed up as Todd is he is at least trying. Blair tells Jack it will be ok. Jack put his head phones on. Blair says she is sorry and starts to cry and walks off.

Natalie gets a call from Viki. Viki says that she is calling to invite Natalie over for dinner on Thursday. Natalie says she can't because she has a date. Natalie remembers she canceled the date for another night. Viki tells her to go for it. Natalie leaves the coffee shop happy. Natalie's phone starts ringing and she sees that it is John but she missed the call.

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