OLTL Update Tuesday 5/21/13 Ep. 13

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/21/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Clint walks in assuming that Paris is out of the question. Viki explains that things are not good right now because her family is falling apart and she wants this done right.

Dorian talks to a woman named Lisa and she is happy that things are going the way she wished for them to go. Dorian is happy that justice has been served. Jack comes in and Dorian wants to take Jack out to dinner. Jack says no. Blair and David walk in and Jack tells them no again and storms out.

Natalie and Destiny show up at Shelter and are ready to party. Natalie does not know if she wants to do this. They walk over to the bar and Cutter asks what they want.

Matthew and Jeffery sit on the couch as Dani tries to make dinner. She ends up drinking.

Bo wants to ask some questions to Todd. Bo explains that they are no where near proof of what Victor did. Bo said that his scotch bottle did have poison in it. Bo thinks that Todd could have possibly done this. Todd thinks that sounds crazy. Tea walks in and tells Todd to leave.

David says to his camera guy he needs a side kick. David walks over to Rama. Rama is star struck with David. Rama says she has seen his movie seventeen times. Rama explains that the commentary was amazing. Rama thinks he has dedication.

Viki says she needs to call people. Clint finds the list of peope she needs to fire. Viki says she is not going to do it. Clint looks at it and says she may have to.

Rama insists on getting David a drink. Rama asks him if he looks at all the different chimunks. Rama is very impressed at all David has to say. David tries to explain why he wanted to be a chipmunk. Rama wants to know more. David asks what the first thing Rama thinks about when she hears the word chipmunk. Rama is so intriegued. David offers Rama a part in his reality show.

Viki says she cannot do this to people. Viki thinks that half the people doing twice the amount of work would be a bad thing. Clint tries to look at things from a position instead of person. Viki knows all these people to well to fire them. Clint explains that if the Banner shuts down that no one will have a job. Clint offers to have Buchannon Enterprises invest in the company. Clint tells her to accept it or close down.

Dani gives Jeffery a drink and Jeffery says it is interesting. Matthew tells them both that he was told to call them back. Matthew tells them that Michelle told him a lot of stuff. Jeffery thinks Michelle is probably a crazy woman living somewhere.

Destiny and Natalie get another drink and Cutter flirts with Natalie. Rama tells Cutter someone needs him in the VIP room. Destiny thinks that Natalie has Cutter. Rama tells Natalie to be careful. Natalie explains she knows how to handle herself.

Bo tells Todd to leave. Tea tells Bo that Victor did try to kill him and shows Bo her browsing histroy. Bo says they cannot prove that Victor did this. Todd listens at the door. Bo makes sure that no one else had used Tea's computer. Tea says no and does not want this to be true. Tea wonders what happened. Bo says the guy in the river happened. Tea explains that Victor would not tell her anything and she assumes that Victor was tortured because loud noices scared him. Bo says if they can find him they will and have him arrested. Tea says she wants him arrested.

Jeffery says that the only verified fact about Michelle is she is canadian. Dani offers them cocktail weeners. Matthew believes that they are solemates. Dani asks if she knows more about her. Jeffery makes Matthew prove this is real.

Cutter mentions that he saw her talking to Rama. Natalie explains that she ignored her. Natalie says she has to get back to Liam. Cutter says he has the night off sometimes. Natalie says she cooks if he wants to come over. They make a date for Thursday.

Viki says this is a buisness loan. Viki wants this done officailly. Todd walks in asking what is so important. Viki wants to know what Todd told Jack. Todd explains that he told the truth. Viki tells him that Jack wants a father that he can believe in. Viki says that Jack needs a reason to trust him.

Viki tells Clint that she worries about Todd and Jack. Clint says like father like son. Viki says no. Viki believes that this will work out. Clint thinks that Todd and Victor are terrible father figures. Viki says that Clint needs to help. Clint says he is busy with Matthew.

Dani thinks her food is burning. Jeffery wonders if Matthew likes Dani. Matthew says they are just hest friends. Dani trips over and drops the food. Michelle picks up her phone.

David and Rama start filming. David tells his viewers all about Rama. Rama says it is hard to make small talk. Rama says he is wise and truthful. Rama asks what the best part of his job is. David says it is meeting his fans. Rama thinks this is great. David tells her that, that was good. David says they are going to go over that scene again.

The person looks at the cameras again and sees everyone.

Todd finds the letter he got with the tattoo print on it. The letter says Victor is alive and that Todd needs to finish the job or else.

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