OLTL Update Thursday 5/16/13 Ep. 12

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/16/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dani walks into the nursery and asks if this is a good idea for her. Téa explains that she is ready because she was able to mourn the baby with the father. Dani asks if she is ok that Victor is gone. Téa explains that she is the one who should be worrying not Dani.

David tries to interview Vimal.

Clint tries to get Viki on a plane to Paris for a honeymoon because he wants to be married already. Viki explains that she does not want a wedding like that. Clint tries to convince her. Clint asks why they are waiting to get married.

Matthew closes the peanut butter jar and finds Dani's bra but throws it down. He gets on his laptop wanting to talk to Michelle.

Todd goes to see Jack but Jack does not want to talk. Todd explains he just wants to thank him for saving his life.

Téa gets a phone call from Bo. Bo asks to have Téa come down to the office because Todd might be telling the truth. Dani is shocked to hear it might be true. Téa explains that she is just doing it to do it. Dani thinks Victor is hiding something. Téa explains that Victor would never do anything to upset them.

Matthew and Michelle talk on the phone and Matthew is nervous. Matthew explains that he thinks they have a connection.

Destiny hopes that Nora will be ok with Drew for a couple of hours. Nora says she will be fine. Nora gives Destiny gifts. Destiny explains that she does not like feeling a like a charity case.

Viki explains that everyone wants to be a part of this day. Clint says they can when they get back. Clint wants to look at this in a different way. Clint wants to think of why they can get married not why they can't. Clint explains he has everything under control. Clint even has a personal shopper lined up when they get to Paris. Viki is excited and says yes she will marry him. The two kiss.

Todd asks where everyone is. Todd asks why he is here alone. Jack says yes. Todd is shocked that Jack found him. Jack says he was not going to just leave him there. Jack explains he does not know what he thinks about him. Todd explains that he tried to make things up with Victor. Todd tells Jack to get used him.

Natalie explains that the drowning they had last night was a homicide. Téa comes in telling them that Victor is innocent. Téa sees a picture of the tattoo that Natalie discovered and asks why they have a picture of Victor's arm.

Jack does not believe that Victor would try to kill him. Todd says he did not do that to himself. Jack explains Victor is coming back. Todd says he hopes so. Jack explains that he destroyed the computer he bought him. Todd tells him he did not let him die so it counts for something.

Destiny thanks her but explains she has to stay on her own two feet. Nora tells her that she wants to make sure she is ok. Destiny just wants to do things for herself. Nora tells her she is doing a great job.

Dani thinks Matthew is getting close with this girl. Matthew asks what is wrong with Dani. Dani says nothing. Matthew wonders what happened with her mom. Dani says that Victor and Todd might be trying to kill each other.

Vimal tells David about his open marriage and Cutter comes over and finds out. Vimal explains that he has only been with one woman. David tells him that the only way to get her back is to make her jealous.

Téa says that this is the tattoo that Victor has on his arm. Téa wonders why they have it. Bo explains that is from a body they got out of the river. Bo wonders about the people who held him. Bo thinks a connection might be made between the two. Natalie wants to make a sample. Téa gives her a cloth.

Clint says they have 30 minutes to get a license. Viki says she loves Paris in Spring time. Jack walks in asking if he can talk to her. Jack explains that it is about his dad. Clint says they can do it tomorrow. Viki asks if they want to sit. Jack tells her that Victor tried to strangle Todd. Viki says she does not know. Jack wonders if it is in his DNA. Viki says that people decide what they want to have in their life. Viki tells him that Victor and Todd were trying to work things out. Viki tells Jack that Todd loves him very much.

Nora finds Matthew's favorite outfits he used to wear when he was a child. Destiny wants to mess with him about it. Nora says no he can't. They both laugh. Destiny finds a bear. Nora says he slept with it every day for five years. Destiny can't believe this will be her looking through a box one day. Nora hopes she is not coming on to strong. Destiny says no she just has to get a hold of it.

Dani tells Matthew that Victor was acting really weird the entire time he was back. Matthew says that the two of them have both done stupid things. Dani wonders if Victor did what he did on purpose. Matthew says sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and they just do and don't think. Matthew tells her that he ended up hurting people he never wanted to hurt. Dani goes into her room but looks at Matthew briefly.

Natalie comes to Tea's house and explains that it is a match and he killed the guy. Téa believes that it was done in self-defense. Natalie explains this makes Todd's story really believable. Téa says it was self defense. Natalie understands but it makes Todd sound more truthful.

Téa goes on her computer's search history and find the list of ways to kill.

A person goes into a room and looks at all the security cameras that are filming the town.

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