OLTL Update Wednesday 5/15/13 Ep. 11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/15/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

David tells his camera man how he wants to do things for his opening of his reality show. David asks if the guy is ready. He says he is. David knocks on the door he has major news from the DA's office. Nora opens the front door in a bathrobe and a face mask with curlers asking what he is doing their. David cuts the camera. Matthew takes pictures of himself without a shirt on. He poses and flexes. Dani walks in asking what he is doing. Dani thinks this is to cute. Dani explains she will help so he does not get embarrassed with this girl.

Viki tells Todd to sit down because he nearly suffocated last night. Todd explains that no one believes that Victor did this to him.

Bo asks if they have found anything. Bo explains that they will not find anything because he thinks Todd is a liar.

A nurse tells Todd where to sign. Todd says ok and is ready to leave. Viki explains that Todd can be impatient.

Nora tells David to go away. David walks in alone. David explains he made an appointment weeks ago. Nora says she is not doing this today. David explains that this is perfect for his show. Nora begs him to leave. David explains that he wants to have woman who act like woman. David tells her that woman will identify with her because she is an average woman trying to look good.

Dani gives Matthew some fake tan. Matthew asks about her dad. Dani says that their is no way that Victor tried to kill him like he says. Matthew tells Dani to hurry up. Dani begs Matthew to stop tickling her.

Jeffrey runs into Destiny as the coffee shop. Destiny offers to have him sit down. Destiny explains it is not easy taking care of a child on her own. The two find out they both work for the Banner. Destiny says that they can hang out later but that she has to go give him a nap.

Todd tries to get in his hotel room but Bo explains that they have a crime scene. Todd is mad because Bo thinks it is not a real crime. Viki wonders why Todd would try to strangle himself. Todd demands that Victor did this to him. Bo tells him that he knows what to do and thinks that Todd could have staged this all and killed Victor. Todd tells them that Victor put poison in his drink. Bo puts his bottle in an evidence bottle.

Dani takes pictures of Matthew. Dani says it looks really good. Matthew poses all around the room. Matthew gives her sexy. Dani thinks that is crazy.

Clint is shocked that Viki put all her money in an account. Viki says that if this works out that this should work. Viki and Clint run into Jeffrey and Destiny in the coffee shop. Clint finds out Matthew is working at home. Clint thinks Matthew is sleeping. Destiny and Jeffrey go outside and Jeffrey offers to have them over. Jeffrey tells Destiny that he can make Matthew be around his child.

Blair thinks that the money spending is going crazy. Blair explains that Niki could be trouble for business. Cutter explains that she is going to be good for business. Blair tells him to have her work every night then. Blair demands he get to work.

Natalie gives Bo the findings for the bottle in Todd's room and explains she can't do anything shady for him. Natalie and Bo joke about a bet involving if Todd is lying or not. Natalie says no. Natalie asks if Todd is telling the truth.

Dani tells Matthew to eat peanut butter sexy and shows him how to do it. Matthew says he has an idea. Matthew comes back out in a towel and a bit wet. Dani appears to like what she sees.

David does the video work again. Nora lets him in but tells him to take the camera off because her mask is hurting. David offers to make this up to her. David rubs Nora's back. Nora enjoys the massage but it turns out she is lying to get him to leave. Nora tells David to leave. David gets everything on camera.

Natalie says that their is no poison in the bottle. Bo thinks he should arrest Todd for some reason or another. Natalie does not think he should even if she doe snot like him. Bo kisses Natalie on the head saying he wishes things went differently. Natalie looks back at the stuff.

Todd goes to see Blair. Blair tells him that she is shocked to see him. Todd explains that he is telling the truth and that Victor had been poisoning him. Blair asks if he told Bo. Todd says that Bo does not believe him. Todd jokes with her and Todd pours himself a drink. Blair asks him to leave and Todd leaves.

Dani sitting on top of Matthew keeps taking pictures. Dani says they have enough pictures. Destiny and Jeffrey walk in and the two try to explain themselves but Destiny leaves before hand.

Natalie calls Bo. Natalie asks if he sitting down. Natalie explains that their is poison. Bo cannot believe it. Natalie tells him that Todd was telling the truth that someone was poisoning him.

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