OLTL Update Tuesday 5/14/13 Ep. 10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/14/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Cutter looks around at Shelter and Natalie walks down the stairs and Cutter walks over to her when he spots her. Cutter offers to buy Natalie a drink. Natalie thinks that everyone must get free drinks. Cutter goes to introduce her to the bar tender.

Matthew explains that Drew is sleeping. He sits down next to Jeffrey and says he is sorry. Jeffrey says he is sorry too. Jeffrey asks Dani about Victor and Todd. Dani pours everyone shots. Jeffrey wonders why Victor is gone. Jeffrey wonders about Dani's other father. Dani says yes Ross... Jeffrey decides that when ever someone says father they have to take a shot. Dani adds when ever someone says biological father they have to take two shots. Dani takes two shots. Matthew tells her to slow down. The three toast to dads and have another drink.

 Todd offers Victor to come in. Victor says he wants to make a truth. Todd thought they already did that.

Cutter gets to the bar and introduces Natalie to Nicky. Nicky explains how she makes the drink. Natalie says it tastes awful. Cutter tells Rama to treat Natalie well. Rama makes a joke about Cutter in bed. Natalie says his reputations persuades him. Cutter tells her that he leaves the ladies leaving more. Natalie opens a tab. Cutter excuses himself because he does not feel the love. Natalie wonders about bad boys.

Matthew and Jeffrey continue to drink. Jeffrey notices that Dani is falling asleep. Dani decides to play truth or day. Matthew makes it strip truth or dare.

Tea stares into space and has a flash back to having sex with Victor the other day. Tea gets emotional and rubs the wall where they had sex up against and cries. Tea continues to have a flash back and smiles but then falls to the ground and cries even more.

Todd offers Victor a drink. Victor laughs and says sure. Todd is shocked to see him. Victor decides that they need to be settle for the sake of the kids. Victor toasts to brothers. Victor explains that their is more to why he came. The two sit down. Victor explains that Todd needs to take care of their children including Sam. Todd wonders why he wants this. Victor says he is leaving town. Todd thinks this is unbelievable. Victor explains he has to leave. Todd says he should have killed him when he had the chance. Todd explains he will look after his children.

Rama gives Natalie more to drink as she dances with a random man.

Blair tells Cutter that things are doing well and to keep doing his job.

Dani says she is bad at this game. Jeffrey reads the dare and Dani has to take off his shirt. Dani tells them that Matthew has had to have seen breasts before because he is a dad. Dani reads the next card and Matthew has to take his pants off. Matthew tells Jeffrey he has to lose his shirt. Dani jokes that he has a nice body. Jeffrey asks how far they will take this. Matthew says all the way.

Todd tells Victor to get out. Todd tells Victor that he lied and that he never wants to be anything to him. Todd tells him to just leave. Victor punches Todd in the throat.

Blair asks Niki how things are going. Natalie runs into Blair and asks how things are going. Blair says good. Blair and Natalie talk about their children. Rama comes over to give Blair a check for a thousand dollar champagne that was bought.

Victor explains to Todd that he has been poisoning Todd. Victor starts choking Todd.

A girl begs Blair to buy her a drink. Natalie asks how she usually gets her drinks. She explains she has a fake ID that she lost. Blair and Natalie joke with each other. The girl explains that she is a singer. Blair tells her that she owns the club. Blair says that the girl will not be drinking until she is 21.

Tea goes into the nursery still crying. She looks at one of the stuffed animals.

Matthew wants to keep playing. Jeffrey explains that Matthew should be raising his child. Matthew says it is not his job. Matthew picks another card saying kiss and he kisses Dani. The two decide that the game is over and Dani says they are never going to kiss in the house again.

Tea takes a blanket off of the stuffed animal that Victor ripped and is shocked.

Victor chokes Todd until he passes out. Victor tells him that he hopes he burns in hell. Victor leaves.

Cutter is mad that Niki is not giving his singer anything to drink. Niki says she is not going to sex with him and play games with him.

The singer sings a song. Blair, Natalie, and Rama appear to like what they see. Blair tells Cutter that she is hired.

Jack finds Todd on the ground and tells someone to call 911.

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