OLTL Update Monday 5/13/13 Ep. 9

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/13/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Blair walks down stairs to hear everyone talking. Blair walks into the living room asking what is going on. Blair sees them with a large box.

Dani asks Matthew to get the door. Matthew gets it even though Dani was closer. It is Destiny and baby Drew.

Todd and Viki talk about Todd's latest transformation. Viki heard about what Todd did with Victor. Viki thinks it is a good idea for the two of them to work this out. She asks if this is for real or if it is just the old Todd pretending to be the new Todd.

Téa tells Victor that Dani will not call her back and she knows that she disowned her last year on accident because of the baby. She does not blame her. Victor explains that he has some news that Téa is not going to like. Victor tells her he has to get of town. Téa asks what changed. Victor says nothing he can tell her and the less she knows the better. Téa pushes Victor and he grabs her back. Téa cries and asks who did this to him begging. Todd explains people he needs to keep away from her and the kids as long as possible and it is not safe. Téa asks if these people are in Llanview. Victor says he does not know and don't get the police involved.

Destiny says she is dropping off their son. Matthew tells her no way he is going to watch him because he has plans. Destiny says that Dani is the one who is going to be watching Drew. Jeffrey walks out and tells Destiny that she looks pretty good.

Blair asks what the box is. David explains it is the coolest computer in the world. Jack says it is going in his room. Blair asks where it came from. David looks at the bill and says it is more than his first car. Jack explains he got the game from Todd. Blair tells him to pack it up and send it back.

Viki asks why he is doing this. Todd explains his kids hate him but he wants to be with them. Todd decides to offer his peace so maybe he can get back in their lives.

Victor asks for a promise of what is going on. Téa tells him no because it will not be a good thing to know. Téa explains he dies in his arms and now he is back. Téa says he lost him and their son and now he is going to leave her again. The two hug each other. Victor says he is sorry. Victor says he should have taken care of this along time ago and he did not plan to see the kids but then Victor saw her at the hospital and he snapped. Téa asks when he comes back it will be for good. Victor says if he does yes it will be and to trust him. Téa throws something against the wall. Téa tells Victor he can go as long as he says good bye to the kids. Victor does not want to. Téa says this will upset them. Téa says if they didn't get a good bye this could damage them.

Dani gets a call from Téa and decides to answer it. Jeffrey offers to let Drew sleep in his bed and get him to sleep. Destiny is grateful at the offer. Destiny tells Matthew that he is good with kids. Dani explains that she has to go right away. Destiny tells her to go. Jeffrey offers to take care of the baby. Matthew says he can take care of his own son.

Blair explains that they can't keep something like that and think it will buy his affection. Jack explains he can't buy him but he can buy him things. Blair thinks this is terrible. Jack tells them that he owes him. Jack tells Blair that Sam and him need to go and talk to Victor.

Viki knows that the two of them have a problem with forgiveness. Todd asks how the fund is going. Viki says don't ask. Todd considers himself warned. David tells Todd that Jack likes the computer. David says that Blair does not like it but Jack seemed thrilled.

Jack asks what is going on. Victor tells them he has to leave and he does not know when he is coming back. Jack explains he is leaving them again. Victor says he is but he loves them. Victor tells them he would not be doing this if he didn't have to. Victor does not want to put them through this again. Dani hugs Victor and everyone walks off. Victor tells Jack to give Todd a chance. Jack says never. Victor gives Sam a hug good buy and leaves.

Destiny tells them he is a sleep. Matthew tells him to stop worrying. Destiny thinks he is joking about how this is going. Matthew tells her that she should have thought about getting an abortion. Destiny cries and smacks him across the face. Destiny tells him that he better not judge her. Matthew explains to Jeffrey that Bo is paying for her. Jeffrey tells Matthew that he is a spoiled rich kid. The baby starts crying and Jeffrey leaves.

Todd walks into Blair's and asks if he got the gift. Blair says yes. Todd explains that he is trying to work things out with everyone. Blair says that Jack does not know how to judge money right now. Todd explains that Blair does not know how to make things right. Blair says that Jack will never listen to him. Blair explains that Jack is just like Todd.

Téa explains that being with Victor again brought her back to life. She tells him to never regret coming back. Téa tells her to come back to him. He promises and explains he will always come back. Victor walks out but kisses Téa first. Victor leaves. Téa throws everything off a table upset.

Todd pours himself a drink and sits down.

Jack looks at the computer and smashes it on the ground and then sits down.

Matthew attempts to take care of the baby. Dani comes in sad. Matthew and Dani hug each other.

Victor knocks on Todd's door and Todd opens the door.

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