OLTL Update Thursday 5/9/13 Ep. 8

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/9/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian asks what Jack is looking at. Jack explains that he is looking at a video game system that is apparently the best. A blonde girl comes over to tell Dorian that she did the right thing by coming home. Dorian says thank you. Dorian takes a picture with the girl. Dorian and Jack give each other high fives as the girl leaves.

Dani tells Téa that she is moving out because she cannot deal with Téa. She explains she is moving in with Matthew and Jeffrey who will make sure she is fine.

Dorian asks all about the computer. Jack explains that it costs way to much money. Another lady comes up to Dorian however this time tells her that she should be ashamed of herself for keeping information. Jack tells her to back off as Todd walks in. The woman storms off. Todd notices that this is one of the many fans of Dorian. Dorian decides to leave but Jack decides to stay.

Matthew still flirts with Michelle, and Jeffrey jokes around with him.

Todd asks what Jack is looking at. Jack tells him about the computer. Todd looks at it and thinks it looks interesting. Todd asks how much money it costs. Jack says 35,000 and Todd gets his credit card out. Jack takes his phone and tells Todd it is not worth it anymore.

Dorian asks a woman on the phone how much longer it will take to go through the investigation. Dorian explains she has not been away that long and forgot how long it takes a long time for the government to move. Dorian explains that if anyone else invested in the scam it would be a tragedy. Dorian stabs a copy of the Banner pushing it to the ground.

Téa asks why Todd is at her house. Todd tells her that she wants to see Dani. Dani comes in telling her that it is to crowded and keeps packing. Téa tells Todd that Dani is moving in with Matthew and Jeffrey and that it is not a good idea. Todd asks if Dani needs any help or wants a ride over she says no to both. Todd asks why she is moving in. Dani says they just got the place. Todd tells Dani that he can buy some furniture and that Dani asks for a leather couch and a large bed. Todd says yes to both. Dani asks if everything will fit in his car that she has with her. Todd says it will. Todd and Dani leave as Victor walks out.

Dorian explains that she will be moving her profits and playing things safely with a man named Frank. Dorian asks about a place and wonders if anything is up with it. Dorian tells him that this is killing her and she thinks it is just tempting. Frank explains that he can try to work around it to see if it is possible. Dorian says that she will call her lawyer and then tells him not to tell anyone because she knows he can trust her. Dorian hangs up.

Dani tells everyone she will go get some more stuff. Victor asks what is going on. Téa says Dani is moving in with Matthew. Dani and Todd leave. Téa thinks this is crazy.

Matthew explains that Dani is getting the small room. Dani tells Todd that the couch should go in one corner of the room. Todd mentions the idea of a TV. Matthew says they can watch TV on there laptops. Todd tells them that he can get an LED TV. Todd explains that he can get a 3D TV and that it will be a cool pad if they get it. Dani says no parents but she makes an exception for Todd.

Téa is upset that Todd is just buying Dani off. Victor says that is just how he is going to play. Téa asks again about the tattoo. Victor says do not talk about it. Téa goes to work and says she loves him. Victor says he loves her too.

Viki gets a visit from Dorian who she is not happy to see. Dorian walks in and says good afternoon. Dorian thanks Viki. Viki asks what for. Dorian explains that Viki has nothing to do with what happened and she was gullible. Dorian tells Viki she hopes that she has not ruined her relationship with Viki. Viki says ok... Viki tells Dorian she is busy and leaves.

Victor sneaks back into Todd's hotel room.

Nora tells Bo she does not have time for games.. Bo explains that the two of them are going to be lunching in Bora-Bora because they were going to honey moon their. Bo gives them drinks with umbrellas on it. Nora sits down says she is crazy. Bo pours claw fish on the table and the two dig in. Bo says he has a proposition.

Clint gets a message from Frank that the company that Dorian talked about with her is giving him some type of hint to get in with the company. Clint says he will think about it.

Victor tells the housekeeper to go away.

Nora tells him that she does not want to. Bo asks what she is afraid of. Nora explains she does not want the people to know that the DA is giving advice on a radio show. Bo explains that no one will know. Nora tells Bo she will have to do the show as a woman who has had a rich and full life.

Victor goes and pours the liquor our of the bottle and pours in another substance in its place. He wipes down the area and walks out.

Todd walks into Viki's office. Clint wonders what he wants. Todd says he is waiting for Viki. Clint wonders about the guy that he was talking on the phone with Frank with. Todd explains that he does and the guy stole a lot of money. Viki walks in. Todd and Clint explain to Viki that they are going to invest in.

Nora walks back into Clint's office and Bo tells Nora that he set up her blog radio show. Nora said that was easy. Bo asks when she wants to start. Nora does not know. Bo explains that she can start next week. Nora is freaked out at the idea of starting next week. Bo convinces her.

Dani tells them no parents. Jeffrey says that she has to hook them up with her girlfriends. Dani explains that they have to actually put the toilet paper on the roll for it to count and the moisturizer in the bathroom is not for self love.

Clint tells Viki he has to get back to Buchanan Enterprises. Viki asks how Todd is doing. He claims ok. Viki says that this is their legacy. Viki says that she does love that Todd has chosen a career in news. Viki asks if the investment could work out because she needs the money. Todd explains that Viki is an inspiration. Viki says she loves him a lot.

Victor walks into the coffee shop and sees the tattoo he has and notices a gun. He walks out.

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