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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/8/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian looks at her interview that she made to resign with. Dorian tells herself that she is Dorian Lord and she does not approve the message. Dorian takes off a wig and is mad.

Dani says she is still mad at Matthew but walks in anyways. She is shocked to see that their are three bedrooms and decides she is moving in.

Natalie bumps into Destiny at the coffee shop. The two discuss the sizes of their children. Destiny wishes she could share her baby with another half. Natalie agrees.

Viki is being filmed. Viki explains that the newspaper is still suffering. Viki tells Clint that she is for the first time really worried.

Dorian gets the door for a delivery man who drops off a box. David walks down stairs and explains that he is going to do something special for her. Dorian says she is fine. Dorian signs for the boxes and asks if David has a tip for the guy. David does not. Dorian closes the door and the two start opening boxes.

Victor opens the door to find Todd. Todd wants to come in but Victor says no. Todd says he has to say something. Victor says fine.

Todd tells Victor that this is just as uncomfortable for him as it is for himself. Todd wants to try to stop fighting with Victor. Victor mentions that he tried to kill him so it could be hard. Todd says they could try. Todd says he is worried about Jack.

Blair asks Jack where he is going. Jack tells her school. Blair tells him that he does not have school today and he has not gone in the last three days. Jack says he was hanging out and that school has been bugging him. Blair tells Jack that he can trust her to tell the truth. Jack says he does not like having to see Todd around. Blair says that he is going to have to come to terms.

Victor wonders what about Jack. Todd says that Jack will not talk to him and that he does nothing but play video games. Todd gets very light headed while he talks about how they need to keep care of Jack.

Clint looks at how much more money it is going to cost now. Viki blames herself for all the stuff that has happened with money. Viki wonders how she could even save money. Clint says cut staff.

Jeffrey says that Dani does not have a job. Matthew wonders what is the reason. Dani says she feels crowded. Jeffrey says ok. Dani is super excited and runs off to get her stuff.

Sam tells Jack how to play her video games. Dorian walks in and Blair sees her with a box and wonders what she is up to. Dorian tells her that she has some stuff to throw out that she has to go through on her own.

Natalie tells Destiny that Clint wants her to move back in but that she is not interested. Clint and Matthew walk into the coffee shop.

Todd tells Victor that he has been back for as long has he has been and that Jack has been really screwed up. He wants Jack to be better and tells him that they need to work together. They shake hands and Victor tells Todd to go home and sleep.

Clint tells Matthew that the baby is very handsome and asks if Matthew wants to hold him. Natalie tells Clint she is going home. Clint tells Destiny it was nice to see her and walks Natalie to the door.

Victor comes over to see Jack and Sam and comes into the living room and the two say nothing to him.

Viki calls Jeffrey to explain he cannot have him in a full time staff position and knows that it is her loss if he chooses to leave. Jeffrey tells her he will think of a full time job and hangs up.

Jeffrey asks what he should do about his job to Dani.

Clint yells at Matthew about why he is not taking care of his child and nothing should be complicated about it. Clint wonders if Matthew feels anything. Matthew says yes. Clint tells him to do it then because he will never get certain moments back and he needs to be a Buchanan. Clint walks always. Matthew watches Destiny through the window.

Todd comes to see Blair and explains that he wanted to help get Jack to be fixed and Victor agreed. Blair tells him that he cannot force anything. Todd walks in and sees Victor. Victor gives him a look to say hey. Todd runs out. Blair asks if the three of them want lunch. Victor mentions that Jack wants to be a filmmaker. Blair mentions school. Victor tells Jack he has to go to school. Blair and Victor talk in the other room and Victor explains that they need to work on Jack. Blair thanks him and Victor leaves.

Dorian goes through the files and finds one she finds interesting.

Clint asks an accountant what they have to do. He explains that they will have to find something or the Banner could end up closing down. Viki thanks him and walks him out. Viki starts to cry and says that was hard to do. Clint tells her that he is going to help her out. Viki says no. Viki gets another call from Jeffrey and says he is not going to leave the Banner because he owes her. Viki says thank you and that she is touched. Jeffrey says bye. Viki tells Clint that if it is the last thing she does she will get out of this mess.

Jeffrey and Matthew discuss the bench they cannot get finished. Dani walks in and explains it is a little tight but she will make it work and she will move into tomorrow. Matthew gets an IM and explains he is only talking to Michelle because Jeffrey was not interested.

Todd looks at the bottle but does not drink. Victor knocks at the door but walks away. Todd takes another drink. Todd walks outside on the balcony but goes back inside. Todd takes another sip.

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