OLTL Update Tuesday 5/7/13 Ep. 6

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/7/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Vimal tells Rama that she looks beautiful. Rama explains that she has to get ready and that she will of course be working late. Vimal wonders what men think about when they look at her. Rama tells him that she does not plan to just sleep with every man on earth.

Matthew chats with the girl on the internet. Jeffrey asks if he wants to order in. Matthew insists that they go out to Shelter.

Cutter has a band called Nerva play music. Cutter goes back and a man says that it has been a long time. Cutter tells him that he told Jamie that he would be working on it. Jamie says ok.

Destiny dances with a random boy. Cutter tells the guard to go out back. Rama asks if he is ok and tells him they got this.

Bo and Nora pull an all nighter and drink some read wine. Nora and Bo start to kiss passionately. Nora lays on Bo's shoulder.

Todd pours himself another drink. He looks at the drink and goes to his desk but does not actually drunk from it.

Matthew watches Dani dance with someone. Dani tells the guy who is older that she is not interested. The guy does not stop.

Nora says she has not had this feeling in a long time. Nora says the last time was in college when she had a late night radio show. Bo is shocked by this. Nora says that she could not keep her mouth shut. Nora would talk to them about anything they would ask. Bo asks if Nora made it all up. Nora says she did and laughs.

Jamie has two girls kiss each other. Cutter comes over and gives him an entire bottle of their best bottle of wine. Cutter asks if they are cool. Jamie says that he is close to what they owe. Jamie demands his money. Jamie says that time and money is precious. Cutter tells him to go back to Miami then.

Jeffrey tells Matthew he thinks Destiny looks hot. Dani and the older guy go off to the a private room. Matthew wonders what else goes on in the VIP section. Jeffrey tells Matthew to let Dani have some alone time. Dani goes into the room Matthew tries to go after them but the guard will not let him. Jeffrey walks over and shows his press pass and the two get in.

Matthew finds Dani and tells him that they need to go now. Dani does not want to go. The older guy tells Cutter to make them leave. Cutter has Dani leave along with them.

Dani storms over to Matthew and wants to know what is wrong with him. Dani does not want a hero and runs out. Destiny sees all this.

Bo is shocked that he never knew all this especially when he owned a radio station. Nora says it was a short time in her life. Bo says he knows that Nora was good. The two kiss again.

Rama gives some girls some shots. Jamie asks if he has ever met Rama before. Rama says no. Jamie would like to get his number. Rama tells him she is working. Jamie tells Rama to tell Cutter that their deal is over now.

Dani walks in to the house late at night. Téa demands to know where Dani was. Dani tells her that she was at Shelter. Dani tries to go to bed. Téa tells her that she cannot believe that she is getting high. Dani says she was not high. Victor does some tests and sees that Dani is not high. Téa tells Dani to go to bed. Téa says if she wants her trust that Dani will have to earn it. Téa tells Dani that she loves her. Dani storms off. Téa says that she sometimes hates her. Victor says it will be ok. Téa and Victor go of to their bedroom. Victor kisses Téa in the hallway.

Bo says that he has an idea. Nora wonders what he is doing. Bo gets his phone and calls Nora. Nora says hello and laughs. Bo pretends he is calling Nora on the radio and Nora goes along with it. Bo explains his life. Bo tells her that he heard this voice from a late night talk show and it turns him on. Nora wonders if Bo has told anyone yet. Nora tells Bo to tell her all his fantasies. Bo says he would love to be in his office or in a car. Nora is shocked by something that could be turn on Bo. Bo and Nora laugh and kiss each other.

Cutter tells Jamie he needs to leave. Jamie wonders if Cutter knows about Rama. Cutter says he knows and gives him a wad of cash and tells him to never come back.

Destiny asks if Matthew plans to sit all night and begs him to dance with her for old times sakes. The two dance and smile. Destiny gets very close and then pushes him away and leaves.

Bo and Nora make love on the floor.

Matthew walks back inside and gets back on the computer and talks to Michelle.

Rama gets back home and smiles when she sees Vimal. She takes off her clothes and gets into bed with Vimal. She hugs him while they sleep.

Téa gets out of bed and looks at Victor somewhat scared but then smiles at him.

Todd pours another drink and very tipsy and drinks it in one go round. He walks over to sit on the couch and passes out with the glass in his hand which he drops on the floor.

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