OLTL Update Monday 5/6/13 Ep. 5

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/6/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Victor has voices go through his head and goes on to the computer. He types in ways to kill someone and finds arsenic as one of the options.

Matthew sees a girl on Jeffrey's computer and Matthew explains that she is hot and tries to flirt with her.

Nora finds Natalie sleeping at her desk. Natalie wakes up and Natalie says she is sorry.

David talks to Todd at Shelter about how he is doing. David wants to talk to Todd about his ex wives for his reality show.

Dani tells Victor it feels good to be home from the hospital and tells Téa and Victor she is going out for coffee. Dani does not want to take it easy or have Téa make her coffee. Téa thinks that it is way to soon. Dani says what she did was an accident and that she thinks that it is a bad thing. Dani tells her that it was easier when Téa forgot about her. Dani tries to leave but Téa says things will change. Dani starts to yell but Victor tells her not to. Dani says she is 21 and leaves. Téa tries to go after her but Victor stops her.

Nora wonders if Natalie misses John. Natalie says that she wonders if their is something wrong with her. Nora says that nothing is wrong with her. Natalie wishes she could have a do over. Nora says that if she wants one she can have one. Natalie does not think it is that simple. Nora tells her otherwise. Nora is happy that Natalie agrees to some girl time with her.

Dani finds Jeffrey and Matthew and Jeffrey goes to buy her more coffee. Matthew tells her that he plans to keep her off drugs. Matthew does not want Dani to get hurt. Dani says that this actually did scare her but not to tell Téa. Dani says she promises she won't hurt herself again. Dani wonders if she could have a family again. Matthew thinks that family is a good thing sometimes. Jeffrey brings Dani coffee and the two decide to go build furniture. Dani wonders where this place is at that they found but the two leave.

Téa and Victor drink coffee. Victor decides that he wants fresh air alone. Téa says ok and Victor leaves.

David thinks that Todd would make a great reality show character. Todd does not know. David asks him questions but Todd answers no comment. David asks Todd one more question about how Blair is doing. Todd explains that all he can do is break her heart. David says that Blair did a good job for this place. Todd agrees. David and Todd toast to a joking matter. Blair shows up and puts drinks away.

Victor walks around the hallway of a hotel and sees a maid cleaning a room. He walks away very soon after.

Clint yells at someone on the phone in his office. Matthew walks in and Clint offers him a job as an assistant. Matthew thanks him because he needs a job and thinks Clint is always their for him. Clint tells Matthew to start right away and never let him regret this. Matthew promises.

Blair gives Todd a bill and tells him he is done. David runs away from the bill. Blair will not serve him anymore. Blair tells him to leave. Todd wants to be civil. Blair says only around the children. Blair knows that Todd did not kill victor but he has not changed. Blair cannot get over the fact that he lied to her. Todd tells her that it was the truth. Blair believes she is a fool for listening to him. Blair tells him nothing will work on him.

Matthew explains that he got a job. Jeffrey thanks him and explains that he stole Wi-Fi. Matthew asks if he is still talking to that girl. Jeffrey says he needs to take a picture of the two of them. The two take a picture and then open a box.

Téa tells Dani that Jack is on his way.. Téa asks why Victor is not dressed. Victor does not want to go to dinner. Téa is upset. Victor explains that he just needs sometime along. Téa agrees. Téa says they will do it another time then. Dani and Téa leave as Victor pretends to sleep. Victor quickly gets up and looks through his wallet and puts his jacket back on.

Matthew and Jeffrey attempt to put a table together but quickly decide against it. Jeffrey decides to go work on a story he is writing and Matthew says he will work on it later. Matthew gets a friend request from Michelle. Mathew starts to talk to her.

Clint comes to see Natalie. Clint wonders if Natalie is working to much. Clint explains that she looks stressed. Natalie says that she just has a lot to do. Natalie explains to Clint that she is not moving back in. Clint explains she would not be alone. Natalie does not want to live at the house and says thank you anyways. Clint tells Natalie that if she needs anything to just ask.

Todd explains that he deserves some credit because he is trying hard with the kids. Blair sarcastically says good. Todd walks away and sees Jack who tells him to get out of his way. Todd asks Blair why he is here. Blair says that he will not be alone. Téa and Dani walk over to his table and Todd walks past in silence. Todd is being viewed from a camera.

Victor walks into Todd's hotel room and goes right for the alcohol. He puts a few drops of poison in it and then Todd walks in but Victor escapes before he is seen. Todd walks over to pour himself a drink which he drinks.

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