OLTL Update Thursday 5/2/13 Ep. 4

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/2/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Jeffrey storms into Viki's office and explains that he has more information on Dorian. Viki will not post it until she has more information.

Dorian asks about what bad thing was posted now about her. David explains they need a plan b and they can just disappear for a while. Dorian reads the article and it is explained that she is getting looked into by the government. Dorian is not going without a fight.

Rama runs into Vimal at the coffee shop and is shocked to see him.

Victor rubs Tea's body in a sexual manner and the two start to kiss passionately. Victor takes Tea's dress off and kisses her all over Téa gets on Victor's lap as the continue to make out passionately. Téa and Victor lay on the ground and Téa is happy that Victor is really home. Téa sees Victor's tattoo and asks about it. Victor does not say anything. Victor explains that she does not need to know. Victor wants to deal with this on his own and gets up.

Jeffrey believes that everyone will go crazy over this info. Viki believes that they need to get a confirmation. Jeffrey believes Viki is getting soft. Viki explains that what Dorian said is different than what that story says. Jeffrey explains that everyone can post anything now because of the internet. Viki understands that they cannot just ask Dorian for confirmation. Jeffrey tells Viki she needs to think about this and leaves.

Dorian asks David who they will give the first interview to. David does not think this is a good idea. Dorian will not go down for this and for a moment thinks that maybe Viki did a good thing in all of this. David believes Dorian is getting screwed by the other senators. Dorian screams that she did nothing wrong. David says she did the wrong thing by trusting them. David demands Dorian just resign. David answers the phone and explains that the press want to have a conference to which Dorian responds with a yes.

Todd finds some beers and takes them over to Jack. He hands one over to him and wants to hang out with him. Jack gives the beer to Blair and leaves.

Victor walks into the nursery and looks around at everything confused. Téa finds him. Victor asks what this is. Téa tells Victor that their is something she needs to tell him about their baby. Victor is shocked about this and wants to know where the baby is. Téa tells them that their baby died.

Cutter is told that the police officer is going to help them and that he is going to make sure no one gets in trouble. Cutter does not want any details.

Rama wants to know why Vimal would come back. Vimal explains that he really wants Rama and cannot get her out of his head. Rama says she can't either but is not ready to be married. Vimal does not understand why this will not work if they both love each other. Rama says that the two will end up cheating on each other in the future if they don't experiment now.

David preps Dorian for her press conference. Dorian practices what she will say. Dorian explains that she is telling the truth. Dorian starts the conference.

Viki, Clint, and Jeffrey watch the conference on a computer.

Blair explains that Todd is not a good person and should leave because Todd can't fix anything. Todd gives Blair a flower and she gets mopey-eyed.

Téa tells the story to Victor of how the baby died. Téa tells him that Todd delivered the baby and that the baby never made a sound and she knew something was wrong. Téa says that Todd left her to go to the hospital with Victor Jr. Téa says she was happy when she got to the hospital and saw that Todd was holding a baby but it was not their baby. Téa says that Todd switched the babies. Victor hugs Téa who is crying.

Bethany asks Dorian about what the senators were saying. Dorian explains she handed the documents over right away. Bethany explains that the Banner said that Dorian thinks that everyone in America can't read and are idiots.

Vimal tries to think of a way to make this work. Rama cannot think of one unless they tried an open marriage. Vimal explains that he would get to date other women and his parents would not need to know and they would always come home to each other. Vimal kisses Rama.

Viki is happy over the information presented. Clint opens some champagne to celebrate.

David tells Dorian that she stood up for herself even if she fell down really bad. David decides to just make some drinks. Dorian stabs a book and tells herself Viki will pay.

Todd hugs Blair and kisses her. Blair does not want to do this right now and tells him he needs to leave because he is useless at pretty much everything. Todd says it is all true.

Téa did not want to make Victor know all this and wants to get passed whatever they have to. Victor explains Todd is their past and not their future. Victor wants to go to the hospital to check out Dani. Téa agrees. Victor stays in the room for a minute. He walks around looking at everything. He goes over to a stuffed animal and rips its head off and walks out of the room. The entire thing was being filmed somewhere.

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