OLTL Update Wednesday 5/1/13 Ep. 3

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/1/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Viki finds Todd sleeping in the waiting room and he wakes up wondering about Dani. Todd says he better go see her. Viki explains that someone else needs to see her first.

Dorian believes she is getting hung out to dry. She cannot believes that they are letting her take the blame. Blair asks if she is doing ok. Dorian says she will be fine. David gives her a drink.

Téa gets Dani to wake up and gives her some water to drink because her stomach is weak. Téa tells Dani that she is not stupid but what she did was stupid. Téa explains she has someone who needs to see her who is not a doctor. Victor comes in and starts having a panic attack and starts screaming. Téa tries to calm down Dani. Victor gives Dani a hug and she knows that it is him and hugs him back and is happy and smiling.

Viki explains that Dani finding out about Victor will be a shock to her and she will need time but that she will need both him and Victor. Todd does not know if he will be able to do that. Todd tries to bring up Dorian getting screwed over. Viki says that what happened had nothing to do with a personal vendetta. Viki explains that the Sun is not a serious paper. Viki wants to know all about Port Charles. Todd explains that there was a woman (Carly) who was more high maintenance than Blair. Jeffrey and Matthew walk in and Jeffrey is introduced to Todd. Jeffrey tells Viki that everyone is talking about Dorian because of them.

David asks if Dorian ever thought she was getting screwed. Dorian says no. David thinks that she is to trusting. Sam walks in and asks if Dorian wants to play with her. Dorian tells him not to eat in the living room. Dorian knows about Todd and tells Blair.

Viki is shocked that everyone in the world knows about this. Todd tries to go see Dani but Viki stops him. Matthew and Jeffrey go to the coffee shop. Viki begs to let Victor have some time alone.

Dorian is shocked that Victor showed up. Sam shows David how to text properly. Dorian does not think that Blair needs history to repeat itself. Blair explains it will not. Blair tells Sam to go do his homework. Dorian asks David and Blair for their help and she knows what she has to do. Blair and David look scared.

Viki thinks Todd is thinking about Dani and no one else. Viki believes that Victor needs time. Todd will not allow it and goes after him.

Dani want to know what happened. Téa says that Todd rushed her to the hospital. Dani is shocked to hear it was Todd. Todd bursts in saying that he would like to see his daughter. Téa and Victor demand that Todd leave the room and the three fight. Dani tells them all to stop.

Nora runs into Matthew and Jeffrey goes so she can talk to Matthew. Nora tells Matthew she is sorry about not believing him and him being treated like a child. Nora knows that he is scared because of Drew and will know it soon enough. Matthew says he is looking for an apartment. Nora says she can help. Matthew does not want it but then changes his mind. Nora does not want Matthew to get hurt at all and is scared after all that happened. Nora says that no matter what Matthew is baby. Matthew says that he will bring her some laundry.

Dorian calls her office and demands to talk to a man named Bernard. Dorian says that she needs local people over to talk as well as every talk show she can get including Barbra before she retires. David suggests Anderson Cooper. Dorian agrees that she loves Anderson Cooper and tells Bernard to get her on Anderson Cooper.

Todd asks Téa just for a few minutes. Téa and Victor say no. Dani says it is ok and Téa and Victor leave the room. Todd asks what Dani was thinking. Todd explains that Dani called for help. Dani says she called to punch Todd but she was to high to go to Port Charles. Todd wants to know why she is doing drugs. Todd says he is not leaving until he gets his answers. Dani tries to leave. Todd tells her that she can't leave for 72 hours because of her trying to kill herself. She says she was not trying to kill herself.

Victor talks to Viki who understands that Allison Perkins had him all this time. Victor says it was more than just Allison. Viki wonders how he got away. He explains that he out smarted her. Viki is happy that Dani has her back and wishes she could stay but she has to leave. Victor says it is ok.

Téa finds Matthew and Jeffrey at the coffee shop. Téa hopes that Matthew can do the right thing. Jeffrey introduces himself. Téa says that Matthew will regret if Dani does drugs again.

Dani explains she is miserable and that is why she is doing drugs. Todd wonders what that means. Dani says that Téa left her to go find Tomas and that she has been depressed over her dead baby. Dani can't believes that Todd wants to come back in her life.

Blair opens the door and find Viki. Viki asks to see Dorian. Blair takes her into the other room and David says he is happy to see her but Dorian won't be. Dorian comes into the room and says how dare Viki show her face. Viki says she is sorry but people needed to know. Dorian thinks that Viki's readers are not that interested. Viki says she came to ask for the rights to tell everyone that Dorian is leaving office. Dorian says never. Viki decides to go and says sorry.

Téa cannot find Victor.

Nora comes home and sees Bo working on the couch. Nora is happy to see him. Bo thinks Matthew will be back soon. Nora is afraid to not have Matthew around after what happened to Dani. Nora wants to hear Mather around the house because it is to quite. Nora starts to kiss Bo and asks what the best part of having no kids. Bo starts to kiss Nora.

Todd says that he was really scared when he heard her voice. Victor comes in and tells Todd to leave. Téa says the same. Victor tells Todd never to come near his family again and closes the door.

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