OLTL Update Tuesday 4/30/13 Ep. 2

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/30/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Téa runs into the hospital and asks Todd where Dani is. Blair, Jack, Matthew, Destiny, and Jeffrey run behind Téa. Blair asks Téa what is going on. Téa explains they are working on her. Todd gives Jack a cold stare.

Dorian explains to Viki that she has no idea how Washington and the senate work. Viki asks why Dorian was on an intelligence committee. Dorian says she knows nothing once again.

Cutter tries to get people to stay at the club and not leave it begging someone who runs out.

Dani is in her hospital room and Victor walks out from nowhere. The nurse tells him that he cannot be in the room and continues to tell him even though he does not listen.

Viki does not want to laugh. Dorian thinks their is nothing funny about a liable law suit. Viki explains that she had evidence and that someone in the CIA told the Banner. Dorian asks what she really knows. Dorian tells Viki she has the entire situation under control.

Cutter tells everyone he will give them a good time. He tells his guard not to let them go. He rushes over and turns music on and then goes to the bar and Rama and him fill shot glasses. He the stands on top of the bar and tells them that Rama is giving free shots.

Dorian tells Viki that she did the right thing even if Viki does not want to believe it. She knows Viki wants to ruin her. Viki explains that Dorian can do that all on her own.

Matthew tells the doctor that Dani was taking oxycontin. Téa is shocked and upset that Matthew did not tell anyone. Matthew did not want to get anyone in trouble. Téa does not care. Todd asks where Téa was during all this to which she replies be quit.

Viki asks Dorian how she is supposed to believe this especially with mob politics that even Dorian herself would not get involved in. Dorian tells Viki that she will need a second source. Viki does not answer. Viki gets a call as Dorian leaves and Clint who walked down the stairs thinks Dorian is just the same. Viki gets off the phone and tells Clint they have to get to the hospital right away.

Téa wants to know why Todd is even in town and thought that he was living in Port Charles. Todd explains that he got a call from Dani. Jack blames Todd for everything and Téa agrees. Todd tells Téa that no mother would let her own child OD on drugs. Victor storms in and slams Todd against the wall. Todd and Victor get into a fight but a police officer stops it. Téa takes Victor into the hall and freaks out over seeing Victor. Victor explains that he is alive. Téa says she is a bad mother and that Dani collapsed. Victor says that things will be ok.

Rama tells Cutter that someone in the VIP lounge wants an entire bottle for free. Cutter tells Rama to do whatever because it wont matter tomorrow. Rama asks if he sold Dani drugs. Cutter tells her no. Rama says he has nothing to worry about then.

David looks over a video and Dorian storms in saying mean things about Viki. Dorian wants to know what David is looking at that he does not want Dorian to see. Dorian is afraid that it is a national newspaper. David explains it is the Banner and they have everything. Dorian wants to know why her people have not called so they can fix this. David tells Dorian to save herself first.

Viki and Clint show up and both are shocked to hear that Dani would do this to herself. Todd agrees. Todd explains that he had to do it though.

Jeffrey wonders what happened with the drugs. Matthew explains that he did not like it but did do it a few times. Matthew took the pills and Dani must have had more. Destiny wants to know who Jeffrey is. Jeffrey explains that he knows them from London. Destiny tells him to leave them alone. Matthew tells Clint he has nothing to do with the drugs. Clint says keep it that way.

Viki wonders if Téa is with Dani. Todd says that she is with Victor. Viki gives a shocked look.

Victor tells Téa that he will kill Todd if he goes back into the room. Téa explains that Todd is right and that she does not want to be a mother anymore. Victor wonders why. Téa says they have more to talk about later. Victor says he had a lot of time stolen from him. Téa tells him Jack is in the other room. A loud noise happens and Victor gets scared.

Blair hopes Dani is ok. Victor walks back into the room and looks at Jack. Jack hugs Victor and Todd gets angry. Todd walks out of the room.

Dorian gets off the phone with a senator and that the White House will be called. David wants to know why a lawyer will be involved. Dorian explains because of Viki. David thinks it's because of the other senator.

Viki asks Jeffrey if he has a second source and that he may have to get different information. Jeffrey goes to find out more information. Viki is worried.

Matthew asks Destiny where Drew is. Destiny says a baby sitter and that she is getting Bo's checks and Nora is babysitting. Matthew explains that he moved out. Matthew tells Destiny that he does care about Dani.

Victor knows that Jack has a lot of questions. Jack tells Victor happy birthday and that Dani remembered.

Blair hopes the coffee is Todd if drinking is decaf and that she knows he wants to kill Victor. Todd says he does. Blair explains they have a son and that they have a lot of stuff to deal with. Todd wonders how Shelter will do with the drugs. Blair does not feel it is that kind of place. Todd tells her that every place is that kind of place. Blair says that this is Llanview not Miami or New York. Todd wondered why Blair would open a night club. Blair says for the thrill and purpose. Blair does not want to deal with this and explains that he does not want Jack to get hurt. Todd tells Blair he is going to fight for his children because they are all he has. Blair understands but tells him to think before he hurts someone.

Rama gets felt up by some guy and Cutter breaks it up by turning off the music and telling people to leave. Rama explains that they have been busy and congratulates Cutter. They toast to a terrible night. Cutter thanks her for trying to cheer him up. Rama turns the music back on and the two start to dance.

David tells Dorian that he is proud of her for serving her country. Dorian knows that and explains that Sidney went to the president. Dorian knows that David is right and no one will want to be around her. Dorian blames this all on the pressure. Dorian knows the entire world will expose her. Dorian knows that Nixon never got over his scandal. Dorian wonders why some woman leaked documents. Dorian wanted to be trusted. David believes that Dorian trusted the wrong people. David proposes they take a walk, buy him something nice, and throw eggs at Viki's house. They open the curtains to find cameras everywhere. Dorian tells David to get the press off the lawn.

The doctor tells everyone that Dani is sedated but that she will live.

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