OLTL Update Monday 4/29/13 Ep. 1

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/29/13


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Viki picks up her copy of the Banner and closes the door. She puts down her glasses and Clint touches her hand. Viki mentions that her ring is so beautiful. Clint explains that after all these years he knows what she likes. Clint wonders how Viki is doing today. Viki explains that she could not be doing any better. Viki holds up a copy of the banner which has a story on a scandal caused by Dorian.

David discusses how to go about filming his reality show with his camera man. David restarts the filming and explains that this is his life. He goes on to explain that his fans need a new platform to find him and thinks this is it. Dorian comes in exclaiming that she is back. David wonders why she is back from Washington. Dorian sets down her picture and explains she is doing damage control, big-time damage control. She holds up the news article.

Natalie looks through her closet and picks out an outfit. Liam walks in and explains that he cannot sleep. Natalie tells him that she will sing him his favorite song, and he will be asleep before his babysitter ever gets there. Liam asks where Natalie is going. Natalie tells him she is going to a party.

Téa walks into her nursery and winds up the toys and listens to the music. She folds a baby blanket. Dani walks in asking for her. Téa tells her not now. Dani asks how she looks for the club opening. Téa says great not even looking. Dani walks out the door half crying. Téa sits down in a rocking chair holding a teddy bear like a baby and singing it a song in Spanish.

Bo screams at Mathew because he is leaving for a party. Mathew tells him he is going out and says good bye to Nora. Nora wonders what is going on. Bo shows Nora a small bag of Oxycontin and tells Nora that it is Mathew's.

A man with a strange tattoo whose face cannot be seen runs off out of a fire escape.

Nigel opens Viki's door to find Jeffery King and he explains that Viki is expecting her.

At Shelter, Cutter asks his security guard how things are going. He explains that it is going good. Destiny walks up to the door and explains she is on the list. The guard finds her name and lets her in.

Inside Destiny walks in and dances to the music as she walks. Cutter looks around.

The unseen man continues to run.

Todd finds his driver at the airport. The driver asks where Todd would like to go. Todd explains Capricorn. The driver tells him that the name of the club is Shelter now. Todd say ok and "give me shelter". The car goes off.

David reads the article and as he does so he tells the camera man to get a shot of Dorian and continues to read allowed. David explains that he did not understand most of that. Dorian wonders why the camera is there. David says it is for his reality show. Dorian tells him to screw his reality show and tells the camera man to turn off the camera. She then yells something in Italian in a rather rude tone. Dorian screams get out and close the door. Dorian says she needs a blanket. David asks if any of that is true. Dorian tells David that she gave the documents to the right person when she was told too.

Viki is glad to see Jeffery. Viki is proud of the article and explains that they have a lot going for it. Jeffery asks how the online part of it is going to which Viki says she is looking right now. Jeffery is happy and wonders what will happen next. Jeffery would like a reporter position. Viki tells him that she will consider it but that right now they need to work on this story.

Natalie tells the baby sitter that she will be out for a while and that she is indeed going to the club opening.

Mathew will not tell Bo whose drugs they are. Nora tells him they are trying to protect him. Mathew does not care and decides to leave. Jeffery shows up and Mathew tells him they have a change of plans.

Rama compliments Cutter on all that he has done. Cutter says thanks and that things should work out great. Rama asks if he paid the guy off. Cutter tells her not to worry. Rama says that Cutter looks nice tonight and Cutter tells her that she does not look to bad herself. Rama tells him he can be so lame sometimes. Cutter explains that he is all for the future and he toasts to shelter with Rama.

Blair hits on a younger guy and offers to take him into the VIP section. They guy tells her thanks but he is not into cougars.

The masked man is seen near a lake.

Todd's limo drops him off. Todd looks at a letter with the same picture that the tattooed man and gets out of the car.

Jeffery asks how they are going to sleep tonight. Mathew tells them to party now worry later and it all depends on if they get lucky tonight. Mathew spots Destiny and said he did not expect to see her here. Destiny tells Mathew that he does not have to be the babies father but that she is the babies mother and she will do what she wants and can take a night off. She walks off. Jeffery asks who that was. Mathew tells him that was his baby mama.

Cutter enjoys the applause and explains that this is Llanview's hottest sexiest night club and to tell everyone.

Dorian calls a man named Frank to help her out. David and his cinematographer try to capture it. David asks her to say again what she just said in the same anger she had on the phone. Dorian wants to know why the camera man is back. David explains that he is going to go get filmed at Shelter. Dorian almost forgot about that and decides she better go get dressed for it. David tells her that is alright and to just do it on camera for her. Dorian agrees and explains that she is Doctor Dorian Lord the senator of the US and tells Blair good luck and great success. David asks what Dorian did with these files. Dorian explains she gave it to the right people. She also explains that a lower lever person for the CIA and assumes that the Banner got it from their. She figures out Viki is in charge and decides it is up to her to fix this.

Natalie walks into the club and sees a couple kissing and frowns. Dani sits down near Jack and explains that this is pretty awesome. Jack wonders why she looks so bad. Dani asks if Jack knows what today is. Jack does not know. Dani says that it is their fathers birthday. Jack says oh and Dani says it sucks to loose someone. Natalie and Cutter dance together after Cutter flirts with him. Natalie gets close to Cutter but starts to feel weird. Cutter has a situation with Rama and they run off. Dani sees Jeffery and Mathew and is happy to see him. Dani walks over to Mathew wondering where he drugs are. Mathew tells her that Bo has them. Jeffery tells them that she should celebrate because Viki loved his article.

David walks up to the club doing disco moves and everyone laughs at him and the guard refuses to let him in.

Dani hides the moment she sees Téa walk in.

Téa tells Blair that she loves the club. Téa needs a drink and Blair gets her one on her.

The masked man sneaks in.

Todd tries to get into the club but is not let in. He goes past anyways and David sneaks in with him.

The guards inside try to stop him but Blair spots him and tells them to let him go. Blair wants to know why Todd showed up to her club.

Bo and Nora look at each other not sure what to do. They get a knock at the door and find that it is Clint. Clint explains it is great to be out and about. Nora thinks Téa is a great lawyer to get him off. The three agree that the article about Dorian was impressive. Clint explains that the wedding should be in June and he would like Bo to be his best man. Bo says he will. The two hug.

Natalie tells the babysitter thank you and closes the door. Natalie strips down to her bra and underwear keeping her shoes on and sleeps on the couch.

Dorian walks past Dorian and goes straight for Viki. Dorian demands that Viki get her claws off of her back.

Todd asks Jack where Dani is. Dani across the room passes out on the floor. Téa runs over and Todd picks her up running out with everyone else. The masked man is shown as they all leave to be Victor.

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