OLTL Update Thursday 1/12/12

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/12/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Viki yells for Clint to come watch TV with her. Clint asks what the rush is if Fraternity Row is not even on yet. Viki says because there is something they will want to see. The Blanca Show is shown and she is doing a tribute to Fraternity Row.

Nora and Mathew take Bo up the stairs as they all prepare for whatever crazy thing David has planned for them on the other end of the door. They open it to find David crying at a desk and a newspaper falls down saying, Fraternity Don’t Go.

Blanca explains that people all over the world prepare to say goodbye.

Roxy and the other Fraternity Row fans say the chant for the show. Shawn then asks where Rex. Gigi and Shane are and if they are going to watch Fraternity Row with them.

Gigi, Rex. And Shane are all shown in Viki’s living room saying they have to tell them something.

Todd discusses on the phone why he thinks that everyone is catching on to what he has done. They agree to move Tomas from where he is being moved.

Starr tells the family inside that she is moving to Los Angela’s.

Natalie and John talk about making plans later and kiss.

David says his career is over thanks to Fraternity Row. Bo, Nora, and Mathew all disagree with this.

Shawn is shocked that they are leaving, Nigel then sits Roxy down and explains. First they watch Fraternity Row then they say goodbye to Roxy.

Clint explains to Rex and Gigi that they can stay with the rest of the family in London. Viki tells Rex he probably won’t make it to the airport because of Natalie.

John answers his phone, and someone tells him that Todd has been bugged and they got a hit on it.

Starr officially says she is leaving. Blair asks about school. Starr explains she can always go back to school. Sam asks if she still loves him. She explains of course she does. The whole family agrees she should go except Todd who says “You will move to Los Angeles over my dead body.”

Blanca interviews the creator of Fraternity Row, Agnes Dixon. Agnes explains that she will miss the show so much because the characters went through so many pivotal and wonderful stories.

Tomas wants to know where he is going but no one will tell him.

Todd says he has missed so much of Starr’s life. Starr explains that she will miss all of them and she is no longer a baby. Blair agrees and hugs her. Todd disagrees and says Starr will always be his baby.

Viki is shocked and cannot get over the fact Gigi and Rex are leaving. Clint asks Shane a favor to keep an eye on Rex. Shane agrees. Rex turns down money from Clint. Clint asks if it would be strange if they hugged. Rex says yes but they do anyway.

Vivian shows up at the house and Shawn lets her stay. Vimal and Rama tell Destiny that she looks beautiful and is glowing.

Bo tells David that he needs to get happy again and explains that when he was on Fraternity Row he was constantly criticized by the critics however now his era on the show is considered the golden years of the show. Mathew tries to go back to DC but Nora refuses and tells him that it is time to take care of Destiny and grow up. Bo tells them that they will talk later because the show will start soon.

Clint still looks for Vimal to call for the DNA test. Jessica walks in and asks what they were talking about. Clint makes up an excuse that the show will make up some kind of a last minute DNA scandal on the final episode.

At the farewell party everyone is told to turn off all phones so nothing can interrupt the final episode. Roxy walks in and asks if Rex will show up. Rex, Gigi, and Shane all walk in and are ready to watch the show and Rex asks if Roxy is now happy. Roxy explains the only thing that will make her happy is if Rex stays in Llanview. Rex says no but wants to spend the afternoon with her.

Blanca interviews Viki as the mother of Megan. Viki explains that she is just so happy to have people ask. She explains how people would start watching the show and discusses real events of Llanview intertwined with the show. During this the people of Llanview watch and cry and smile and look around. Viki says the people of the soap have become there friends and family.

Baker is hit over the head by John and Tomas is seen by John.

The viewing party all look at the TV when the show ends in shock. Roxy explains that Lorain turned out to be a man. Rex explains the characters all ended up getting what they wanted. Rex asks for Roxy’s blessing to move. Shawn and Vivian talk about happy endings and how Shawn should have accepted Vivian and does not need to marry her as long as they stay together.

Bo and Nora go to the party to say good bye to Rex. Mathew stays at the house with David.

Vimal gets the results from the DNA lab and explains the party is over.

Jessica and Natalie want to know why Clint is crying. Clint says he is not crying. Clint says that he is sad over the show but that his family’s story is just beginning and is happy he is with the woman he has always loved and both his beautiful daughters.

Todd explains that he wants Starr to stay, Starr tells him to just keep being her dad. Todd explains he will be calling a lot. Tea says under her breath that only the amount Statesville will allow.

Roxy gives her blessing. Gigi and Rex thank them. Natalie storms in and starts crying and asks what she will do without each other. Rex says she will miss Natalie and Roxy. Bo and Nora walk in and say they will also miss them. Bo explains Rex better be careful and that Llanview will not be the same without them and that he better be good to his family.

The families of Llanview all say goodbye to one another as the people who leave. Starr leaves with Hope. Rex, Gigi, and Shane leave as each family watches.

Vimal gives the DNA test to Clint. Vimal then leaves. Viki and Clint both have an answer and they want to know.

Todd tells Blair that he sent everyone home and that he is leaving. Blair asks him to stay. Todd goes to sit next Blair. The two talk about Starr leaving. Todd explains that he knows it is Starr’s time to leave. Blair and Todd both start to cry. Blair explains that she now knows that Todd is the man for him. Blair explains nothing is holding her back from him.

Tea comes to John’s apartment where she finds Tomas and hugs him.

Blair explains that if Todd wants her he can have her. The two kiss.

Bo and Nora stair at a picture of Asa and ask Nigel where it came from. Nigel explains that Rex put it up. Bo says that the house feels empty.

Mathew gets mad at David because he says he thinks he is scared. David tells Mathew that he needs to get it together and do what he has to do. David says he does not want to be around Mathew.

Destiny's water breaks and they go to the hospital.

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