OLTL Update Wednesday 1/11/12

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/11/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

James tells Starr that they are over and are broken up.

Nora talks on the phone with Rex over them visiting Bo in the hospital. Mathew then walks in to say he loves Bo.

Rex and Gigi talk about how they are happy to be married, Roxy walks in and tells them they have things to do.

Jack opens the door to find Neela.

John walks in on Natalie and is shocked to find her along with Liam. Natalie explains that Jessica told her to come and listen to what John has been trying to tell her. John agrees it is time they had the talk and that nothing will stop them.

Shawn comes to see Destiny after a doctor appointment.

Nora is excited to see Mathew. Mathew makes sure Bo is ok. Mathew blames himself for what happened to Bo.

Starr feels shocked over James breaking up with her and feels that they should be together. James explains that he knows Starr still loves Cole.

Jack asks Neela why she came to see him. Neela explains that she was worried he got hurt in the shooting. Neela explains she is there to apologies.

Roxy explains that she is having a party for Fraternity Row tomorrow and needs Rex and Gigi to help plan the party and everyone will dress as their favorite character.

John tells Natalie he is happy Liam is healthy and happy. Natalie explains that she had overheard John tell Roxy that he does not love her and that she was mad because John did not tell Natalie the truth.

Destiny explains that she will have to raise the baby on her own she then asks for money from Shawn so she can buy some flowers for Bo and Nora.

Neela wants to know what will happen to Jack. Jack explains that he will be charged for unlawful imprisonment. Jack then checks Neela’s purse and tells her to leave. Neela explains that she only gave Shane the tape because she was afraid he was going to kill he was going to kill himself.

Shane shows a letter to Gigi, Rex, and Roxy and says he does not get it and thinks something weird is going on.

James wants Starr to just tell the truth to him. James tells Starr that he knows that Cole is the only one she loves.

Natalie says she lied to John because she was willing to get married with all the lies the two shared. She explains she did not trust John enough to tell the truth. Natalie wants to know if John can forgive her.

Nora explains to Mathew that he had nothing to do with her getting kidnapped. Bo agrees that it is not his fault. Destiny then walks in with flowers and sees Mathew.

Shawn and Vivian fight over the ring that Vivian was given on Christmas. Shawn thinks it is over.

Neela decides not to tell Jack and starts to leave. Jack stops her. Neela explains that she thinks Jack is her true love.

Shane gets a letter for a drawing school in England and would have to leave right away. Shane tells them that he never even applied for the school. Gigi tells Shane it was because she did.

James says he just wants to be over it and deal with it now. James tells Starr that Cole always came first to Starr. Starr tells James that she will miss him a lot.

John tells Natalie that he made a mistake and that he sees someone he does not even recognize. John asks can Natalie forgive him.

Gigi tells the story about how she got him in the school. Shane feels he does not believe they need to leave Llanview anymore. Rex disagrees.

Mathew tells Destiny his parents needed him. Destiny gets mad at him and gives Bo the flowers. Bo asks if Destiny needs anything. Destiny says she is fine and starts to leave. Mathew stops her.

Starr tells James if he ever needs anything to call her. Starr then leaves and cry’s outside the door.

Natalie says she still wants John and the two kiss.

Shawn explains to Vivian that he assumed if he found a women like Vivian he would marry her. Vivian explains she still does not want marriage. Shawn kisses her and tells her he will miss her. Vivian tells him the same once he leaves.

Destiny asks if Mathew has changed his view on the baby.

Rex explains that it is a dream come true to have all this happen. Shane agrees but does not want to leave Gigi. Gigi says that does not have to.

Rick tells Starr that he is so sorry after what happened and it is a goldmine. Rick tells Starr it is time to move on to bigger and better things because he has news that will rock her world.

Natalie and John start to take off there cloths and make their way to Johns bed and continue to kiss as they lie on it.

Mathew explains that Destiny is his best friend and does not want the baby because he is not ready. Destiny explains that every other person in their lives has stepped up unlike him. Destiny then storms out. Bo and Nora look at Mathew.

Gigi explains that she was just looking to run away from the problem but Shane has grown up and that Rex and Gigi are coming with Shane. Roxy gives a sad look.

Rick explains everything is going well and Starr needs to make a decision right away about what she wants to do.

Natalie and John lie in bed naked and discuss their future. They both agree they are going to do this together. John then tells Natalie he loves her. Natalie tells John the same back and they kiss. 

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