OLTL Update Tuesday 1/10/12

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/10/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Starr reads the Sun which reads RIP Cole Thornhart.

Natalie and John wheel Clint into Vikiís hospital room. Viki says she is ready to leave.

Tea gives her condolences to Blair over Cole.

Danni comes to give Starr her condolences for Cole; however Starr tells Danni that Cole is alive.

Jessica holds a copy of the Banner which has an obituary for Ford. She tells Ryder that Ford is never coming home.

Viki explains that she tried to call Jessica when she found out about Ford. John explains that every prisoner has been rounded up except Allison. John wants to know what she had to say.

Jessica has a flashback to when Ford died. Jessica tells Ryder that she has to keep telling herself that Ford is gone until she believes it.

James and Nate discuss Fordís death. Nate starts to cry and explains that he wished he knew about Ford and James earlier. The two discuss the good things about Ford. James tells Nate that he loved Ford.

Danni explains to Starr that Cole is dead even if she wants to believe otherwise. Starr explains that this is not true. Todd tells Starr that she can tell Danni but not to tell anyone else about Cole he then leaves.

Blair and Tea discuss Todd. Blair wants to know what Teaís problem with Todd is lately. Blair then tells Tea that Todd and her are getting closer but she has not given Todd and answer. Tea wants to know about Tomas.

Starr explains that Cole was going to have to go back to prison because he was doing so well. Danni wants to know why Starr cares so much for Cole if she is with James.

James and Nate discuss Starr.

Clint tells John about Allison and why she was there. John and Natalie both leave. Viki and Clint discuss the fact that they both know about Jessica and Natalie being related and not telling anyone.

Natalie and John talk about seeing each other later.

Jessica continues to talk about Ford.

Blair tells Tea that Tomas murdered Victor and she does not want to be with him. Tea tells Blair she canít keep something to herself anymore and that she is going to tell Blair. Blair wants to know. Todd shows up and Blair asks him to leave. Tea explains that she wants to apologize to Todd.

Clint and Viki try to figure out what they should do with the information Allison had shared with them. Clint thinks he knows who can help them prove the information.

Danni wants to know what happened with Cole. Danni wants to know what Todd did about Cole. Starr explains that Todd decided to help out.

Blair and Todd discuss why Tea would apologize.

Tea and John talk about Todd and what had happened. John explains that he is closes to arresting Todd.

Jessica and Natalie talk about Ford.

Vimal comes to see Clint and explains that he canít help Viki and Clint if it involves the DNA of anybody. Clint explains it does.

James tells Nate that Starr told Cole she still loves him.

Starr in a flashback tells Cole that he is going to be with his parents again but he will have to pretend to be dead. Cole wants to know about if he will ever see Starr or Hope again.

Danni wants to know if Starr actually thinks she will see Cole again.

Tea wants to know when Todd will be arrested. John explains soon and shows Tea Toddís phone.

Jessica and Natalie talk about why Allison would show up at the house and Jessica knows she would have to be there for a reason.

Clint gives Vimal a check for a lot of money for all he has done for him. Vimal agrees to get the DNA information.

Jessica tells Natalie she is going to go see Viki and Clint. Jessica tells Natalie the only thing she can do to help her is to be with the man she loves.

John explains he has all of Toddís recent calls and he can use them in court.

Starr explains that she does not know for sure she will see Cole again but she hopes one day she will. Danni wants to know where Cole is now. Starr tells Danni that she does not know. Danni wants to know where all this leave he and James.

James and Nate continue to discuss Starr.

Starr says she does not know but that James needs her right now so Starr and Danni go to see James and Nate.

Viki and Clint both agree that they would love to erase Mitch from Jessicaís life. Jessica then walks in and wonders what he would love. Clint explains that he would like some way to make him happy. Jessica says she is ok and at least Mitch is now dead and that Clint is the only grandfather Ryder will ever know.

Starr asks James what is wrong. James tells Starr it is over.

Blair tells Todd she canít find the phone however a nurse comes in with it.

John walks into his apartment to find Natalie.

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