OLTL Update Monday 1/9/12

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/9/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

John shoots Mitch and looks at the body. He then walks over to Natalie and kisses her.

Cole and Ford are shown in the hospital. Blair and Todd are shown hugging.

Bo is shown on the ground with Nora and Troy trying to save him.

Clint is shown having a heart attack and passing out next to Viki on the ground.

Megan, Gabrielle, and Luna  are shown in heaven.

Natalie and John continue to kiss. John explains that he only did it because he knew he could shoot him. He walks over to the body and Mitch wakes up and starts tackling John.

The spirit of Cole goes to heaven. Gabrielle takes Bo's spirit. The spirit of Viki goes with Megan and the two hug.

They are then in heaven where Viki compliments Megan. Viki then relies that she has been to heaven before.

Clint is shown in a black room a large light is shown and Stacy (Crystal Hunt) walks into the room demanding she get her heart back.

Starr watches the doctors take care of Cole.

In heaven Cole talks to Luna and discuss Cole's death. Cole asks where he is and Luna explains somewhere between heaven and hell.

Gabrielle explains to Bo that what happened to her could not be stopped. Bo remembers what happened to him. Gabrielle explains that she is here to guide him.

Clint asks why Stacy does not look like Gigi. Stacy explains that people don't get to keep the body's they have on earth. Clint assumes he is in heaven. Stacy says they are in hell.

Megan tells Viki that the girls are ok. However Jessica is having some trouble.

A nurse explains that Jessica and James need to wait outside the hospital room. A person in a dark cloak takes Ford's spirit with him.

Natalie shoots Mitch.

Ford wakes up in hell to find his father.

Natalie says she is glad she is the one who pulled the trigger for Jared. She goes off to call Jessica to make sure she is ok.

Ford assumes he is dreaming. It's explained he is stuck there. Ford finds out he is in hell.

Jessica and Natalie talk on the phone. Natalie tells Jessica that she shot Mitch and he is dead. Jessica asks Natalie to go check on Viki and Clint.

Stacy explains that she is surprised Clint did not end up in hell earlier.

Gabrielle explains to Bo that she was with Mathew on Thanksgiving however it was not his time so he went back but it is Bo's time.

Troy explains to Nora that Bo can't be saved anymore.

Gabrielle explains that it is not the end but the beginning for the two of them.

Stacy talks about how Clint is a horrible person and Stacy is to help him.

Natalie finds Viki and Clint passed out on the floor.

Nora tries to get Troy to continue to save Bo. Troy explains that it wont happen and leaves.

Gabrielle tries to convince to Bo that they can be together again. Bo says he is married to Nora. Gabrielle explains when the time comes for Nora to die they can have a little competition. Bo hears Nora crying.

John calls the hospital for Viki and Clint.

Stacy tries to get Clint to go to hell with her. Clint refuses until he helps Viki. Stacy dies not believe Clint is any better. Stacy explains Viki is dead too.

Natalie tells John she can't find a pulse in Viki.

Clint refuses to believe Viki is dead. Stacy explains it is true.

Viki and Clint both remember that Jessica is Clint's father.

Cole does not know what he is going to do if he lives because he broke out of jail. Cole opens the doors to heaven. And back on earth his body starts to fail.

Gabrielle continues to try to get Bo to stay with her. Bo explains that Nora is the love of her life and explains he must get back to her.

Bo wakes up and Nora kisses him.

Eddie explains that it makes sense Ford is down here and the two of them are both rapists.

Starr insists on talking Cole. The doctors give her one minute. Starr talks to him and explains how strong he is and how he will fight for anything and he has to win this fight.

Luna explains to Cole that he can't just die and tells him to listen. Cole hears Starr talking to his body.

James hears Starr talking about how she still and always will love Cole and then walks away.

Ford refuses to admit to being a bad person. And explains that now he has a son and will get a second chance. Ford then throws his father into hell.

Ford somehow ends up in heaven and asks Evangeline for help.

Viki does not want to let go. Megan explains it is hard to just let go of the people they love. Megan explains that they can stay together in heaven if she lets things go.

Stacy explains that Viki is dead. Clint then opens the door. And tells Viki not to go to heaven.

Mitch's spirit is shown and he assumes he is going to heaven instead Stacy and Ford's father show up to take him to hell.

Natalie cries because Viki and Clint are not waking up.

Clint explains that Viki can't go to heaven and needs to stay with Clint. Viki and Clint then wake up.

Jessica talks to Starr about Cole.

Megan, Gabrielle, and Luna discuss the time they had with each of the people. Evangeline explains that she could only save one of the people who came to her. 

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