OLTL Update Thursday 1/5/12

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/5/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Troy MacIver tells Nora he wants to take her somewhere and they will spend the rest of their lives together. She looks at him horrified.

Viki and Clint tell Mitch Laurence there is no way they are going to “give” him Jessica. But Jessica tells her parents she will do what Mitch wants so that he releases Natalie.

Mitch takes Natalie to an abandoned church where he tells her that his daughter will soon be with him. She tells him that Jessica is not his daughter and will not do what he wants. He then pulls out a gun and tells her Jessica will if she wants her sister to live.

James knows that Starr has a “secret” while she’s in the other room with Cole. And James finds Sam to ask him if he might know something about Cole. Cole kisses Starr and declares she is the love of his life.

Lindsay is at Bo’s house and tells him she can drive him to Llantano Mountain where Troy has taken Nora. Bo tells Lindsay she is not getting involved in this. She protests that she knows how to talk to Troy and motivate him. She will navigate. Bo however is untrusting of Lindsay having any intent to help Nora.

A flashback shows Lindsay kidnapping Nora and ready to inject her with a lethal dose of something.

Nora remembers that very needle when she sees Troy ready to inject her. She tells him she knows that Lindsay is in on this with him. He tells her that she must know that he is (or was) a doctor and she must trust him with the needle and know that he wants to help her and not hurt her.

Sam admits to James that he did in fact see Cole and believes that Starr might be hiding his big sister. In the other room, Cole tells Starr that he will always love her. He can’t go back to prison. He has to be with her and run off with her. He knows she loves him too. But right then, James enters and comes face to face with Cole.

While Sam is alone in the living room watching television, it appears “someone” is in the house. We hear a news report of a jail breakout. They identify all of the people who have escaped including Hannah O’Connor who tried to kill Starr, James and Hope because she was in love with Cole. Right then, Hannah walks in the door to see Sam and smiles at him.

John promises Clint and Viki that he will find Natalie and get her back. Clint confronts him and demands to know if John really cares about his and Viki’s daughter enough to risk whatever it takes to get her back. He tells her he is and goes out the door to find Natalie.

At the place where Mitch has taken her, Natalie tells him that he must know that after he kidnapped Jessica, drugged her and tried to rape her, Jessica came back believing she was 17 years old. He then tells Natalie that he had the misguided belief that he would have another heir. But, he looks at Natalie and tells her that the profit has now given him what he is meant to have. And the mother of his child is right before him. She’s tied up and unable to fend him off.

When Hannah enters the house to see Sam, she wants to be friendly with him and engage him in playing with his toys. But having just seen the news report and found out that she tried to hurt Starr, he tells her he won’t share his toys with her. She then firmly “clarifies” to him that she did not hurt Starr. Starr hurt her first. Sam then knows his sister in in danger so he yells to her. But Hannah covers his mouth. She then tells him that she promises she will leave him alone and be a nice person if he tells her where to find Starr and Cole.

James tells Starr that he knew she was lying to him when he asked if she was hiding Cole. She needs to know that she will be in serious legal trouble and might get a prison sentence after she’s already gone to jail for helping her dad break out of jail. But she protests to James that she does not regret what she did. He then demands to know if she still loves Cole.

Robert Ford goes to find Viki and Clint and tells them he’s heard that Mitch Laurence is on the loose so he needs to make sure that Jessica is alright. They are not certain what to tell him except that Jessica is not there. He demands to know if Mitch took her. Viki replies no. Mitch took Natalie.

Natalie tells Mitch if he so much as breathes in her direction, he will regret it and she jumps up to kick him. He laughs and tells her he loves her feistiness.

Troy tells Nora he wants her to relax and make herself comfortable. He has to do this or else she will never let go of Bo. She asks him what happened to the man she used to know him to be who was so good to her. Bo and Lindsay are outside the door of the cabin and he tells her he has a pretty good idea of how both she and Troy want to hurt Nora.

When Troy gets ready to inject Nora, she tells him it’s too risky. But he tells her he knows the right dose to give her so she forgets what he wants her to forget. But she asks what if he gives her too much and she doesn’t remember him. He tells her that won’t happen. Outside the cabin, Bo and Lindsay are wondering how they can get inside.

James tells Starr that if she helps Cole, she’s going to end up in jail, Hope will grow up without any parents. Cole then realizes he’s right and admits this is a mistake.

Robert Ford tells Viki and Clint he knows they are not telling him something he needs to know. She then admits that Jessica agreed to do what Mitch wanted so he would release Natalie. Robert then demands to know how they could let that psycho anywhere near Jessica. Clint protests that he won’t let him hurt Jessica. But Robert rushes out the door to find her.

Hannah tells Sam he better tell her where Starr and Cole are. But he is able to escape without doing what she wants.

Right when Troy is ready to inject Nora and she’s helpless to defend herself, Lindsay enters the cabin and tells him he better stop.

Hannah picks up Sam and is ready to carry him out when Todd walks in the door and tells her she better put Sam down.

When Mitch is ready to force himself upon Natalie, John walks into the church and pulls a gun on him.

Clint is then on the phone to John leaving him a message that he needs to know that Robert Ford is getting involved in this because of John’s failure to keep Mitch away from their daughters so he better do something about it. We then see a news report about Allison Perkins escaping from Statesville. Right then, Allison appears in their living room, remarks that she hates the picture they have of her. It does not do her justice. And she pulls a gun on Viki and Clint.

Hannah pulls the gun on Todd and Sam and he asks her what she wants. She tells him if he “gives” her Cole and Starr, he can have the kid back/

Cole tells Starr that James was right. He could get her into serious trouble. He needs to disappear and find his mom and dad somehow. But she cries afraid that he may not make it and urges him to let her give him money or things he needs. He tells her all he wants is his girls. She hugs him.

When Hannah holds the gun on Todd, he tells her that Sam is just a little guy. He likes airplanes and the Phillies. And he didn’t do anything to her. She holds Sam and tells Todd that’s true. She has nothing against the kid. But if he wants Sam to live, he needs to give her Starr and Cole. Right then, Starr James and Cole appear from outside to see Hannah holding Sam and pulling a gun on Todd.

John and Jessica find Natalie with Mitch Laurence. Mitch holds the gun on them and tells John he can have his girlfriend if Mitch can have his daughter. Jessica tells them she is willing to save Natalie by doing what Mitch wants. But Natalie and John urge her not to.

At Viki’s, Allison Perkins holds the gun on Viki and Clint and talks about how Natalie and Jessica are twins with the same mom but different dads. And they call her “cuckoo”. She knows how Mitch has always wanted his own heir.

Cole tells Starr he knows that he can “motivate” Hannah so he goes into the room and tells her that he is done with Starr. He only came there to see his daughter. But he wants to be with her instead of with Starr. She tells him that would be perfect. He tells her if she just lets Sam go, they can be together.

Lindsay goes into the cabin and tells Nora that Bo has been shot. He’s dead now so she (Nora) can “have” Troy. Nora screams and Lindsay and tells her she’s a sick bitch and she cries believing Bo has been killed until Bo busts through the door and wrestles with Troy. Lindsay then unties Nora. Bo manages to get Troy on the floor. Nora runs to Bo, cries and tells him she thought he was dead. Nora is stunned to see that Lindsay actually accompanied Bo and used her strategies with Troy to get him to release Nora.

Viki asks Allison just what she is telling them about their two daughters.

John and Mitch Laurence struggle while Jessica helps Natalie get free. But they hear a shot fire and they scream.

Troy gets up to his feet to fight Bo.

Cole fights to save Sam from Hannah. Todd, James and Starr all jump in.

The show ends in suspense to find out what happens in the next episode.

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