OLTL Update Wednesday 1/4/12

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/4/12


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

John asks Destiny’s grandfather who works at Statesville if he is sure the body they found is Mitch Laurence’s. It is revealed not to be but a prison guard wearing Mitch’s prison uniform.

Mitch tells Natalie that he can finally get revenge on Stacy by killing Clint who has her heart. Natalie tells Mitch she will do anything so that Clint lives.

Bo rushes into his house to find that Nora is not there.

Troy leads Nora to a cabin in the forest. Troy explains they are so far out in the forest that no one will find them and they can live there forever.

Clint who is found on the floor by John informs John that Mitch has Natalie. Viki walks into the room when the power comes back on in the house. She finds out that Mitch is back.

At the church Mitch is dressed in some type of a robe and is yelling to the world while Natalie watches from a pew all tied up.

Sam opens the door for James who wants to know where Starr is.

Cole wants to talk to Starr about something.

Bo commands the police to talk to find Nora. He then here’s a tap on the window. He goes over to investigate to find Lindsey is there.

Starr tells Cole to wait as she must go check on Hope.

Sam tells James he does not know where Starr is. Starr comes in and Sam goes and hides on the stairs. James informs that the prisoners have escaped from Statesville and asks if she has had any contact with Cole.

Lindsey walks into Bo’s living room covered in a blanket. Lindsey tells Bo that Troy is on the loose and she has a bad feeling. Bo asks if Lindsey is in on this.

Troy tries to make Nora comfortable and asks if Nora will give him another chance. Nora says yes and Troy asks if she is just saying it.

Mitch calls someone.

A nurse tries to get Clint’s blood test done and has to take him out of the room in order for him to calm down. Viki receives a call assuming it is from Natalie but Mitch is the one who is on the other end. Mitch informs Viki that Natalie is fine. Natalie is put on the phone to talk to John. Mitch holds a gun to Natalie.

Lindsey swears that she did not have anything to do with Troy and she is just trying to help.

Nora says she is not lying. Troy informs that he knows Nora has said some sort of signal to Bo.

Sam finds Cole outside and holds him with a toy gun.

James and Starr argue over Cole. The police show up and question Starr. Starr lies and tells them she has not seen him the police investigate.

Sam gets Cole to go to jail. But Cole tells him not to tell anyone he is there. Sam says John made him a deputy so he has to arrest him.

Mitch tells Viki she can’t trace the call because he had it so they can’t. Viki wants to know what she has to do to get Natalie back. Mitch informs Viki he will only give back Natalie for Jessica.

Viki explains to Mitch he is nuts if he thinks he will get Jessica. Mitch tells her she has one hour to get Jessica. Viki refuses however Mitch informs that without Jessica Natalie will die.

Cole tries to get Sam to agree to his plan.

The police find nothing on the property however they continue to search. James wonders if Starr is hiding Cole.

The police open the door and yell freeze into the pool house.

Lindsey tries to get Bo to believe her.

Nora explains to Troy that she respects him and cherished the memories they had together. Nora then tells him that she loves Bo and they can’t be together. Troy thinks they can still be together. Nora explains she finds it thoughtful but it will not change and she loves Bo. Troy says she is wrong and will prove it.

Clint explains that no one will get Jessica. Jessica overhears and tells the group that she will do it if Natalie goes free. Jessica tells the family to call Mitch and tell him she is coming. Viki and Clint refuse to let her go. Jessica says it is her decision.

Mitch takes the cloth off of Natalie. Natalie explains that Mitch is not a good person and will do anything to get what he wants.

The police find Sam to come back to the main house because it is not safe.

Sam comes in with the police who inform her that not telling them will get her arrested.

Lindsey explains why Troy wants to kidnap Nora and how it happened. Bo asks what book Troy had checked out at the library. Lindsey says it was a technician manual.

Troy explains that it is paradise here for them while he looks through a crawl space he then finds a bag and says he has everything he needs.

Natalie and Mitch discuss what his plans are. Mitch’s says he will be able to reopen his church.

Viki tells Jessica she cannot go and do it or she will die. Jessica explains that she has to so Natalie does not die.

James tells Starr he has to leave. James tells Starr before he leaves that if Cole calls to tell the police. Sam tells Starr that he knows about Cole. Starr tells him not to tell anyone and goes and checks on Cole.

Lindsey explains that Troy thinks that Nora, Mathew and him will all be a family again.

Nora wants to know what Troy has in the bag.

Mitch asks why Jessica would not forgive him. Natalie explains that the only way he will get forgiveness is if he turns himself in. Natalie asks what will happen when the time runs out. Mitch says he will call John.

Bo says he thinks he knows where Troy has taken Nora.

Nora tells Troy that it will never happen between the two of them. Troy holds a needle and explains there is something that could make Nora forget Bo.

Jessica says she needs to do this and no one can stop her. John says no. Jessica tells them that they have no choice. Mitch calls and wants to know if he gets Jessica.

Starr walks in to see if Cole is ok. Starr explains he has to go back to jail. Cole says that he still loves Starr.

James walks back in and asks Sam where Starr is. Sam explains it is a secret.

Cole tells Starr that he really does love Starr and never stopped the two of them kiss.

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