OLTL Update Tuesday 1/3/12

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/3/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nora opens her door in the dark, after the blackout. And she sees Troy MacIver. He smiles and tells her he’s missed her. But she knows he’s been in prison in murder and demands to know how he got out.

When John and Bo go to the Statesville, the guard informs them that there has been a prison break. And they find out that Mitch Laurence has escaped.

Mitch enters the house to see Natalie.  She screams and he covers her mouth.

Starr opens the door to see Cole. It appears he’s escaped also. He tells her he has some important “business”.  She then urges her baby’s daddy to get inside because it’s freezing.

Outside in the yard, Todd and Blair are kissing. She still suspects nothing. He urges her to go inside and encourages her to stop “beating herself up" over Tomas. But it appears she is “not ok” about something.

Cole informs Starr that he noticed all the cells locked and all the inmates were beating on the guards. He assures her that he is ok but he headed for the exit and when he got outside, it felt so good. So he kept going and all he could think of is that he needs to get back to his family. He had to see Hope and her.

Troy asks Nora what she thinks he got out of prison for. It was good behavior. He tells her he thinks that 2012 will be his year. He can feel it and asks her if she can also. He hugs her but knows that she does not trust him when he sees her pick up the phone. He then pulls out he gun, telling her he “hoped he would not have to use this but he has no choice”. And he demands she puts down the phone.

The cops mistakenly believe that Mitch Laurence is in custody and in the infirmary. But Mitch has obviously made someone else look like him so that they are unaware that he’s on the loose.

Nora puts down her phone and tells Troy she does not understand this. She was so proud of him when he said he got out on good behavior. Did he lie to her? He tells her he had to. She asks how he got out of prison. He tells her here was a blackout and he had to. She asks him if he is not aware that he will have to go back. He will get caught. And what he’s doing will only make things worse. He tells her that he had to get out. He could not help himself. He knew it was the only hope he had to be with her again. He moves toward her to kiss her.

The cops and guards at the jail tell Bo and John that they are not mourning the loss of Mitch Laurence and his death will make the world much better.  John and Bo observe and wonder if the person lying on the bed with his face covered in bandages really is Mitch Laurence.

When Mitch grabs Natalie and attempts to kidnap her, she fights him and they get into a struggle.

Cole tells Starr that he has to see his infant daughter. He wants to get back with her and be a family. But she urges him to go back to prison. Escaping will only make things worse. But he tells her that he will not go anywhere until he sees Hope.

Todd tells Blair that all of the mistakes they have made in the past are over. This is their new year. She tells him that it’s not that simple. But he tells her that when he first found his way back to Llanview, he was stalking her. He watched her from behind the bushes. He had not seen her in 8 years. And does she know how difficult it was not to run to her or touch her or tell her how he longed to see her. They belong together. He tells her she knows that they belong together.  They both know it’s not Tomas. Tomas is not what’s keeping them from being together. So what is it that’s preventing her from being with him? She replies to Todd that it’s him (it’s Todd).

Bo and John ask the guard if he knows just who escaped after they assaulted Mitch. He tells them he’s not entirely certain but will get an update. He leaves and when Bo is alone with John he asks him what he “thinks” about Mitch Laurence. They both stare at the person with the bandage covering his face and wonder if it’s really Mitch Laurence.

Mitch tells Natalie that he’s going to take her with him unless she enables him to find his daughter Jessica. She tells him the only way that will happen is if he kills her. He tells her “ask and you shall receive” and he attempts to drag her upstairs.

Cole tells Starr that all he wants is 5 minutes to see his daughter. He wishes he could go back in time and undo what he did to get put in prison for life. She hesitates to let him go upstairs. But right then, Hope appears and runs to her daddy. He holds her and tells her he’s missed her more than she will ever know.

Todd asks Blair what he has done. She tells Todd it’s not just him. They have both been through so many things with marriages and divorces.  Sometimes she loved him so much she could not even see straight. Then he would go and do something and screw it up. It would be something so terrible most people don’t even want to think about it. He’d hide it and then the truth would come back and destroy the two of them. She gave him her heart and her trust so many times only to have it stomped on. And she tells him she cannot do that anymore. But he tells her he feels like it’s different this time. He believes he’s different. He feels like he’s changed. She asks how many times he’s said that to her. He tells her it’s different this time. He made so many promises to himself while in that hell hole for 8 years. And he swears he will live up to them and he cries. She asks him how he can promise that he won’t betray her again. He admits there’s really no way he can do that.

In the other room Starr closes the door while Cole holds Hope. She tells him he’s had his chance to see Hope. Now he needs to turn himself in to the police station. But he tells her he is not going back.

The prison warden tells John and Bo that he’s not really certain what happened but it looks like the prison inmates might have caused the blackout. And he will see if the power is coming back. They realize that they cannot see the face of the person whom the warden has identified as Mitch Laurence. The warden then informs them that they have not yet found out the situation with the women’s side of the prison. But he did find out that Cole Thornhart has escaped.

Todd tells Blair he realizes that nobody can make a promise like she’s asking him to make and asks her if she can promise that she will never again hurt his feelings. She admits she cannot. He then tells her that he can promise that he will always love her and be there for her and for their children. She does not say anything.

The prison warden informs Bo and John that he’s found out that Troy MacIver is missing.

Troy tells Nora that he belongs with her and she belongs with him. She tells him she’s flattered but in case he has not heard the news, she had married Bo. He tells her he knows she’s only married Bo because she could not have him. She tells him that is not the case and he will have to go back to prison. He tells her that this calls for some wine. She reminds him the last time they shared wine together, he tried to poison her.  But he protests to her that she cannot accuse him of that. It was not him. It was his brother, Colin and he has always loved him.

When Mitch Laurence attempts to take Natalie upstairs, Clint comes down the stairs and demands that he lets go of Clint’s daughter. Mitch tells Clint he will do that when Clint lets him take his own daughter (Mitch’s “daughter”, Jessica). Clint tells Mitch that Mitch will burn in hell before he gets to do that. Mitch then pulls out his gun on Clint.

Blair admits to Todd that she wants to love him. She wants to throw away every little bit of doubt and just jump in.  But she can’t right now. She may not be able to do it tonight. But she promises him she will someday. He smiles and tells her that is enough. She tells him they have so much to look forward to. He asks her what about tonight. She tells him right now he has to go and holds the door open for him.

Cole informs Starr that eh got a letter at Statesville from his dad. He just found out that his dad is alive. His mom got back with him. He knows his mom has done some bad things but she has found her way back to the man she loves and they are happy together. So he believes that he can get back with her. And he can’t go anywhere until he finds his parents. She asks him if he realizes that the present situation that allows him to see their little girl once a week may not be enough for him. But she knows he’d rather have that then never see her again. And that is what will happen if he does not turn himself back into prison. He tells her she must know that if he does that, he will be locked away so he urges her to please hide him. From the other room, James calls to Starr.

When Bo learns that Troy MacIver has escaped, he recalls that Troy probably did that in order to find Nora because he’s obsessed about her. He calls her. She answers and Bo informs her there’s been a breakout and Troy is missing. Has she seen him? She replies no. But Bo knows better and tells her if Troy is there, she needs to tell him she loves him. She then tells Bo she loves him. And right then the phone goes dead while Bo knows he needs to go and find Nora before it’s too late. Troy knows that Nora must have tipped Bo off so he tells her they have to go somewhere where they can be together.

Blair and Todd find Starr in the other room and know they have heard a man’s voice and know that somebody else was in there with her. Cole hides and she asks her parents if they could do her a favor and take Hope up to bed with her.  But when Todd picks up Hope, she says “Daddy”. Starr seems to know that they will find out that Cole is in the room.

While Mitch holds Natalie at gunpoint, he reminds Clint that Jessica is his daughter and not Clint’s. Clint tells Mitch he could care less about any paternity test. All of these kids are his and he will not let Mitch hurt any one of them. They then get into a struggle when Clint attempts to get the gun out of Mitch’s hands.

When Blair and Todd notice Hope saying daddy, Starr explains that her daughter may have awoken after having a dream about her daddy. Todd then remarks that maybe the little one should have a plastic frog. And he leaves with Blair and they take Hope up the stairs without any suspicion. As soon as they’re gone, Cole comes out of hiding and tells Starr how grateful he is that she did not give him up.

In an attempt to get Troy to trust her, Nora tells him that they are alone. Bo is busy working. Matthew is with his brother in DC. So they have time alone. She pours them both some wine. But he’s suspicious and tells him she remembers her not wanting to have any wine with him. She tells him that was before she knew that they’d have time alone to talk. She asks him how he would know that she’s the same person he fell in love with all those years.  He tells her that he knows. She suggests they talk over some food. She suggests going to their favorite restaurant. So she tells him they should order in. And while they wait, they can talk and make plans about them and celebrate.

Starr finds a place for Cole to hide so that he can escape before the cops catch him but urges him to return the next morning. Before she gets up to leave, Cole asks her to wait.

In the other room, Todd reminisces with Blair about when Starr was younger and he called her Shorty and she loved reptiles. He asks her how much more time she needs to commit to him. She smiles and tells him he will have to go somewhere because he cannot sleep there tonight. He agrees and is confident that they have a romantic future together. Alone in the house, Blair’s expression reveals she may have her doubts.

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