OLTL Update Friday 12/23/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/23/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jack meets Todd at Angel Square and asks if the only reason he has a stack of presents to give everyone at Blair’s is because Jack invited him. Todd tells jack that even if he had not been invited, he would have come anyway.

Starr is with her mom encouraging her to enjoy Christmas. But Blair is depressed and discouraged about her future and love life.

Tea tells John she doubts she’ll be able to enjoy Christmas while Todd is able to get away with what he did. But she encourages him to get out of there and spend Christmas with Natalie and Liam.

Natalie is with her mom who furiously tells her that she considered getting back with Clint. But the moment she came back from Paris, TX, she caught him kissing Kim. Natalie tells her mom she hopes she threw that skank out on her butt. Viki tells her daughter no. She wasn’t able to. They did not know that she saw them. But she should have trusted her instinct to know that given a chance, Clint would choose Kim over her.

In the other room, Clint informs Jessica that out of nowhere, Kim showed up and said she wanted to get back with him. Jessica asks her dad if he wants to get back with Kim. He tells her no. He only wants her mother. But ever since Viki has gotten back from Texas, he cannot get her to even look at him.

Jack walks with Todd into Blair’s home. Todd remarks that he can see his son might have a new girlfriend after having met Neela.

After Shane protests to Neela about how his mom is dead because of Jack yet Jack gets away with it, she finally admits she lied when she told him that Jack did not confess. And she gives him the tape recorder where Jack confessed to everything about how Gigi died.

The professor “Del Fina” shows Rex and Gigi/Stacy a video of when Gigi left the house to secretly catch jack and his friends in their scheme to lure her son to lock him in a basement. But we see a “body double” of Gigi who remarks that Gigi thinks she’s going to marry Rex. But Gigi will not be the bride. Instead “she” will. Rex asks if this is “for real”. The “professor” tells him that his device is not a lie. It’s going to unravel the mystery of what really happened the night when Rex and Gigi were going to get married.

Clint and Jessica have eggnog and he tells her that he and Viki got into a big argument after he kissed Viki and subsequently told her that a “reason why” he’s “available” was because he got a rejection letter from Kim. He tells her that Viki has the mistaken idea that she would be his second choice. Jessica asks her dad if that’s true. He tells her absolutely not. Jessica then adamantly tells her dad that he must fix that right now and set her mom straight that he loves only her. While outside the room, Natalie tells her mom that she doesn’t understand why her dad can’t see how obvious it is that Kim just wants his money.

Todd tells Blair that it’s nice that she and Jack have let him stay even though he’s brought all these nicely wrapped presents. But, he tells her, if she wants him to leave he will. Right then, both Blair and Starr look at Todd with the clear indication that they want him there.

Neela hesitates to hand over the tape recording to Shane. But he tells her that Jack has been lying and covering up what he did and needs to pay.

At the Bon Jour in Paris, TX, Rex and Gigi/Stacy observe Stacy (looking exactly like Gigi) getting ready to put her dastardly plan into motion. Believing that she is Stacy and that is “herself”, she concludes that what she intended to do that night was really mean. A skeptical Rex asks if she really has no memory of doing just that.

Shane plays Neela’s tape recording of Jack telling her that Shane’s mom died because of him. He and his friend were going to lock Shane in the basement after believing he’d come to meet a girl he met online. But that’s all he did, he tells her. He swears. And he guesses that Shane’s mom saw the invite and went in his place so that they no idea it was her. It was dark. There was loud music. It was raining and she was wearing his rain jacket so they thought it was Shane. So they locked her down there and unknown to him there was a generator that was leaking carbon monoxide. And he swears to God he did not know about the leaking generator. He did not mean for her to die. But she did because of him.

We then see that very event as it happened while Rex and Gigi/Stacy view from the television screen. Gigi struggles to get out so she can marry Rex. And right when she’s passing out from the leak, Rex remembers that that is just how he found her. But right then, for the first time, he learns as he sees Stacy enter the basement where her sister is lying unconscious.

At Blair’s, right when Todd affirms to her that if she wants him to leave he will and before she can answer, Sam enters and asks if anybody knows where Santa is. Todd then greets him and talks about how Santa sent an email saying he’s running late. He tells the little guy a “story”. Blair then takes Todd aside telling him it’s a “long story” as she realizes he does not know about Sam and “younger nicer” Jack discovering “Santa” coming down the chimney the previous Christmas. But she tells Todd that Sam will want a “repeat performance” this year.

Outside the living room door, Natalie tells her mom that she realizes that her father would not be very wise to think he has much opportunity of seeing Kim when he’s on house arrest. In response to that, Viki tells her daughter that if he thinks he’s going to carry on with his little girlfriend in her home, he’s got another thing coming. She asks if Clint thinks she’s just going to make conversation with him at Christmas dinner as if there’s nothing wrong. In response to that, Natalie tells her she won’t let her do that. Viki asks if she should tell Clint what she saw. Natalie tells her mom yes. Maybe she should confront Clint.

Inside the door when Clint tells Jessica she may try any trick in the book, there’s no hope for getting her mother to speak to him. Viki then enters, wishes her daughter Merry Christmas and asks if Robert Ford will be joining them yet she ignores Clint. He asks her if she intends to keep giving him the silent treatment forever. She then asks Clint if there is “someone else” he’d like to invite for Christmas. Not having a clue what she’s talking about, Clint tells her he’s invited Bo, Nora and Matthew but they have plans. Viki then angrily tells Clint he needs to stop with the pretending he does not know what she’s talking about.

Starr then observes Jack privately on his phone and asks if he has a girl on the brain. She then concludes she bets it’s the girl she saw him with the other day (Neela). He then admits to his sister yes. He was going to call that girl.


Shane plays the tape of Jack confessing to killing Shane’s mom.

The “video” reveals to Rex and Gigi/Stacy that Stacy got plastic surgery to look exactly like Gigi and found her way to the basement where Jack and friends locked Gigi before she could get out. Stacy then notices that since there is a carbon monoxide leak, “this” is going to be even easier than she thought. Gigi/Stacy who believes she’s Stacy yet remembers none of this, cries asking how she could do something like this to her own sister. Rex coldly replies that he does not know but they now have irrefutable proof that she did. While he watches intently to the video to see what the real Stacy did, he tells her save the tears he doesn’t want to hear it. We then see Stacy laughing over her dying sister getting carbon monoxide poisoning and revealing that she is alive, in the flesh and looks just like Gigi. And now she can fool Rex into believing that she is Gigi. She tells Gigi that she wants Rex to never know where she is. And he will have his wedding. Only it will be with her instead of with Gigi. Gigi pleads that Stacy helps her. But Stacy tells her sorry. She’s got a wedding to get to but she first needs this dress that Gigi is wearing. Gigi/Stacy cries and tells Rex she’s going to be sick and cannot watch any more. But he tells her she needs to see what she did to Gigi.

When Viki confronts Clint and tells him he knows damn well what she’s talking about so he might as well stop pretending he doesn’t, he tells her he does not know what she’s talking about. And how would he since she has not said a word to him ever since she got back from Texas. She then spells out to him that when she walked in the door, she noticed him in her home, which she opened up to him because he had nowhere to go except prison. And she saw him and Kim in her living room kissing.

John is ready to leave after bringing back Liam to Natalie. But she asks him not to go.

At the Bon Jour, Rex and Gigi/Stacy intently watch the video that answers their questions once and for all. We see that Stacy, who made herself look exactly like Gigi, managed to get herself into Gigi’s dress. The real Gigi did manage however to prevent her from carrying out her plan by pushing her into the leaking generator so that she was unconscious. And Rex is then able to discover that the woman he rescued out of the basement and whom he tried and failed to save, who actually did die and whose heart was donated to Clint, was not Gigi. That was Stacy. And the real Gigi lived. She’s now alive and well but suffering from amnesia and standing right beside him.

When Shane hears Jack’s taped confession, he pulls out his phone to call the police but Neela urges him not to do that. She tells him he has yet to hear Jack’s remorse for what accidentally happened to Gigi and the fact that he had no idea that the generator was leaking carbon monoxide. But Shane does not listen and calls John McBain at the station.

Gigi/Stacy observes what Stacy did and asks the professor if he can somehow confirm that this is real. Rex looks at her stunned assessing all that has been proven to him and now concludes that he now knows that she is Gigi.

Natalie attempts to communicate to John and clarify something when he gets interrupted by a call from Shane. Shane tells John that he has something very important for the cops about what happened to his mom and needs for John to meet in at Angel Square right away. John then leaves before Natalie can say what she intended to say.

Inside the other room, after Viki tells Clint what she saw between him and Kim, Jessica tells her parents that she will go into the other room to check on Bree. Alone with Clint, Viki tells her ex-husband that she knows what she saw. And she now knows that he lied about putting her first. But as soon as she’s gone, he’s going cavorting with a girl half her age and a tenth her intellect. In response to that, Clint demands that she shuts up and explains that after she left, Kim showed up clear out of the blue and informed him that she did not write the letter. Someone else did. It doesn’t really matter the circumstances because she told him that he had to choose between her and Viki. Hearing that, Viki tells Clint it’s pretty obvious what he chose when she saw him kissing Kim. But Clint tells her that he did not kiss Kim. She kissed him. And then he set Kim straight that they are through and he only loves Viki.

At Angel Square while waiting for John, Neela protests to Shane that Jack was really sorry. But he sets her straight that sorry doesn’t cut it when he committed murder. And he knows the cops will agree. Right then, John enters and Shane informs Jack that this tape has jack confessing to everything he did. Neela is very uncomfortable but agrees to play the tape for John.

At the Bon Jour café, Rex has now seen the light concluding that she is his Gigi, the woman he loves and she’s alive and well and he’s found her. She cries and tells him she wishes she could tell him what he wants but she does not remember anything. He tells her it does not matter. It will all come back to her and he kisses her.

Clint then asks Viki if she understands. He is done with Kim. He only loves her. She then admits to him that she has been running away for a long time and denying her feelings for him. She discovered that when she went to Texas. Charlie as well as many others have told her that and she now realizes they are right.

Blair, Starr, Jack and Sam all go to join Dani and Tea for Christmas. Jack says a prayer for his deceased father Victor. They all tell him they miss him and he’s there in spirit and in their hearts. Blair tells tea that they are there for her and Dani and her new baby. Right then, Sam remembers that Jack wanted him to believe there was no Santa last year. But Jack tells his little brother he knows there is a Santa. In the other room, Dani asks Starr what is “up” with Jack. He’s so unlike himself being nice to Todd and letting Sam believe in Santa. Starr tells Dani she thinks it might be because jack has a girlfriend.

After Shane and Neela play the tape for John, he concludes to Shane that he is happy to inform him that he believes he can now give Shane and his dad the justice they deserve.

Rex kisses Gigi in Paris, TX. And right then, all of her memories of him and of Shane up to when she first ran into Rex at this very place a few years ago, all come back to her. She tells him she remembers her life, him and Shane and everything.

Shane is really happy and encouraged and tells Neela he doesn’t know how he can ever thank her. This is the best Christmas present he could ever have. He invites her to stay and see them light the tree. But she is not as happy as he is and tells him maybe some other time.

Todd finds a way to make Sam’s Christmas complete by dressing up as Santa Claus.

Natalie and Jessica listen outside the door curious to find out what their parents may have said or done or discovered. They notice that it’s very quiet and they open the door to see Viki and Clint kissing. Viki then asks her daughters to join them. They both run to hug and congratulate Viki and Clint.

Dani then discovers a letter from Victor that he wrote to her mom.

Todd is with Blair, Starr, Sam and Jack. And he’s enjoying Christmas. Just then, Jack calls and leaves a voice mail message to Neela telling her how much he appreciates having her as a friend and being able to confess what he did and he feels so much better now that it’s gotten it out. But before he can even finish his message, John comes to the house and tells everyone he knows this may not be a good time, but he has to place Jack under arrest.

Neela is alone at Angel Square Park crying.

Not far away, Shane leaves a message for his dad telling him that he has the best surprise for him when he gets back and urges him to hurry home.

Rex and Gigi are kissing and reuniting at the Bon Jour café in Paris, TX.

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