OLTL Update Thursday 12/22/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Sun Office, Jack indicates to Todd that he has something “heavy” on his mind although he does not say what it is. He then remembers admitting to Neela that he was responsible for Shane’s mom’s death.

Shane calls Neela and asks her if she was able to successfully “get the goods” on Jack by tape recording his confession. She has the tape recorder in her purse and pulls it out but is not certain what to say or do.

At the Bon Jour Café, when Rex comes face to face with the woman who looks just like Gigi but whom he believes is Stacy after she’s stolen Gigi’s face in order to scam him, and he sees Cutter, he tells them he is not falling for their scam. Cutter protests however that this is not Stacy. He needs to know who she really is. Rex then demands to know what he is saying. Cutter replies that the woman standing before him is Gigi Morasco.

When Téa returns home from the hospital with John, Dani knows that they have a big secret. They distract her by talking about Christmas surprises. At that point, Dani informs them that she’s gotten a Christmas gift for Todd. And, hearing that, Téa snaps at her demanding to know why she’d get anything for him.

Neela gets off the phone to Shane while with Jack and Todd at The Sun office and she is “torn” between which boy to have loyalty. Shane urges her to meet him and tells him what she discovered about Jack and informs Aubrey that he has to get her to tape record Jack. He tells her the best Christmas present he could get is to be able to make Jack Manning pay for what he did. Aubrey then tells Shane she hopes he’s successful with that but warns him that Neela may not go through with it if she feels some sort of loyalty to Jack. And right then, Jack privately tells Neela that he felt as though he could trust her by telling her the secret about how Shane’s mom died. He protests that he did not mean to do what was done. It was an accident. And he knows that she is somehow freaked out.

At Bon Jour, when Cutter protests to Rex that he is telling the truth and calls her “Gigi”, Rex punches him and knocks him to the floor for daring to call the no good Stacy by the name of the woman Rex loved. Gigi/Stacy then goes to see if Cutter is alright and acting protective of him. She protests to Rex that she understands that he is angry at Cutter for his intent to pull off a scam. But she’s talked Cutter out of it, they were ready to leave town. And he does not deserve to get arrested. Still believing that she’s Stacy, Rex tells her that Cutter is not only a con artist. He’s a murderer. He killed a man at a strip joint in TX and framed his own sister for the crime.

Rama goes to see Aubrey while she’s waiting for Rex to come home. Aubrey tells Rama that she is really afraid that Rex is clearly not over Gigi.

Rex puts a gag over Cutter’s mouth and tells him that he is not going to fall for Cutter’s scam that Gigi did not die. He saw her body after she was buried in the ground.

Neela tells Jack she has to go. She tells him it’s Christmas Eve. Her brother is expecting her. He tells her he’s worried that maybe she wouldn’t want to be his friend knowing that he killed Shane’s mom. She feels completely torn, wanting to be his friend but also feeling an obligation to help Shane. She tells Jack she has to go.

When Téa snaps at Dani for remarking that she’s bought Todd a Christmas gift and telling her that he is her father, Téa is not able to hear that. Dani wonders why her mother’s sudden anger toward Todd.

Jack tells Todd he does not need him. He has Neela.

Neela meets Shane in Angel Square Park and he asks her if she was able to get anything out of Jack. She does not know how to respond to that.

Rex calls the Paris, TX cops and informs them that Cutter is wanted on a Kentucky murder wrap. While he’s put in hand cuffs, Gigi/Stacy remarks that this is “so much” for being honest. He kept this very crucial secret from her. And the fact that he pinned the crime on his sister is really low. Rex tells her it’s just another lie like his passing her off as Gigi. Cutter protests it’s not a lie. She really is Gigi while the cops take him away. Alone with Rex, Gigi/Stacy tells him she’s really sorry. She has no clue that Cutter did all of this. He looks coldly at her and tell s her he does not know what to say. He remembers a woman who looked just like her who loved him in Llanview.

When Rama goes to see Aubrey, she talks about Neela liking Jack. Knowing what Shane has told her about his plan, Aubrey warns her that she and Neela need to be “careful” about jack. And right then, Rama knows that Aubrey is keeping a secret about something from her.

Shane urges Neela to please tell him that she was able to get Jack to confess to killing Shane’s mom and that she tape recorded him. He tells her he’s gotta get some good news for his dad when he returns. She then admits that Jack did, in fact, confess.

Todd tells Jack he knows that it’s Christmas and Victor is not there and it must be hard for Jack. Jack asks Todd why he cares knowing it’s “not Todd’s problem”. And he tells Todd he apologizes for falsely accusing him of killing his dad. So jack wonders why Todd feels “sorry” for Victor’s death.

Téa cries and tells Dani that Victor “really loved her”. Dani tells her mom she knows and loved him too and doesn’t want to be disloyal to him or to Todd. She knows that Todd is really trying and is her biological father. So is it wrong for her to care about Todd? Before Téa can say anything, John answers and tells her no. They understand.

At Bon Jour, Rex reminds Gigi/Stacy (believing that she’s Stacy) that she had a plan to take Gigi’s face after Gigi was killed. She protests that she does not remember any of this and would give anything to go back to the night in question. Right then, the “professor” appears and tells her perhaps she can. Gigi/Stacy then remembers that this was the same person she saw in the airport which Rex remembers as the judge of the pie contest who gave the Gigi Morasco Special the blue ribbon. The professor then asks her just what point in time she wanted to revisit.

Nate comes by and gives Dani her Christmas gift. She gives him his.

Alone with Téa, John urges her to help find her brother by not revealing her “feelings” about Todd. But she tells him that’s just a bit challenging when her daughter is buying Todd Christmas gifts.

While Jack is at the office with Todd, Neela admits to Shane at Angel Square that Jack admitted that he bullied Shane and Shane tried to kill himself. He tells her that he needs more than that. His mom is dead because of jack. So did he not say anything about that? She tells him no. And his dad will understand. He did the best he could. But Shane tells her that this is all his fault. His mom walked into that trap because of him and died because of him and he’s the one who should have known.

Rama demands that Aubrey tells her what she “knows” bout Jack Manning. Aubrey tells her she just doesn’t believe he’s a good influence on Neela. Rama tells her that she and Vimal keep his sister on a tight leash. Aubrey then notices that Rex has a Christmas stocking that says Gigi and wonders what she should do with it.

At The Bon Jour, the “professor” reveals that his father was the late Delbert Fine Sr. There was a couple that “did not belong” in 1968 and his father was able to get them back to the future. Recalling a similar “blast from the past” that Rex had, not long ago, when he was living in 1968, he asks the professor what he knows. Gigi/Stacy tells the professor she needs to know what happened the night her sister Gigi die. The professor then informs them that he can find a way to “go back in time”. And he finds a television to let them see the time they want to go back to.

Nate opens Dani’s Christmas gift to him and sees it’s a book on acting. He admits that he’s surprised that she wants to encourage him to be an actor after the incident with Rick. She tells him that she wants him to achieve his goals. He tells her he is not going anywhere without her and they admit they’ve missed each other.

John tells Téa that she may do what she wants but he thinks it’s best if she keeps her distance form Todd. She doesn’t want to make him paranoid. He will figure out that she knows he’s lying if she confronts him. She tells him if she wants her brother to be safe and her baby to be safe, she needs to keep her cool. She reminds him that this baby does not have a father because of Todd. But she tells John she will do what he wants her to do knowing that’s what they need to do. He leaves and Dani brings her flowers. She wonders where they came from... Dani opens the card and sees it’s from Todd as a Christmas gift and get well gift for Téa.

Jack gets ready to leave but asks Todd if he has any plans for Christmas. Todd admits he’s not sure and has not been able to celebrate nor remember Christmas since he hasn’t been able to do Christmas for 8 years. Hearing that, Jack then asks Todd if he wants to join him.

In Angel Square Park, Shane cries and tells Neela that his mom is dead and it’s his fault and he doesn’t know what to do now. But she urges him to wait.

Aubrey tells Rama she just wants to stay at Rex’s home until he and Shane come back. She is doubtful that she has a future with Rex but Rama encourages her to know that she will someday find the man of her dreams.

At Bon Jour, Rex concludes to Gigi/Stacy that the professor is a scam artist just like Cutter. But the professor protests that nothing happens randomly. Everything happens for a reason. But she tells Rex that she needs to get some answers. She wants to know exactly how her sister died. The professor then asks just where it took place. Rex replies Llanview, PA. The professor asks the date. Rex replies his wedding date, June 13, 2011. The professor then enters in some “data” and tells them as a scientist he can formulate what is needed. Now they need a screen in order to be able to view all the events as they transpire. Gigi/Stacy then brings out an old television screen and puts it on the table. The professor then tells them he needs to “calibrate” for the time and space differential and variable. They turn on the television. And the professor is ready to give them some answers to their unsolved mystery.

When Dani presents the flowers to her mom that Todd gave her and remarks that that is “really nice of him”, Téa keeps her cool while Dani is in the room. But as soon as she’s gone, Téa vents to John about the nerve of that bastard to kill her husband and then send her flowers. And she throws them across the room.

After inviting Todd to spend Christmas with him and the family, Jack can see that Todd appears a bit uneasy.

When Shane gets up to walk away and give up on getting justice for his mom, Neela urges him to wait. And she pulls out the tape recorder from her purse and admits that she lied about not getting what he wants out of jack.

While Aubrey is alone in Rex’s home, she gets a call from Cutter after he’s been hauled to jail. She asks what the hell he wants. He tells her that he needs her help.

The professor turns on the television to show Gigi before her wedding to Rex telling Roxy that before she gets to the alter, she has “one last errand” to take care of. We then see her alone as Rex and Gigi/Stacy watch intently and she asks what it was that “she” was putting in her purse. Rex then remembers it must be a tape recorder because it was found on her when they attempted to rescue her from the basement. Rex gets to see, for the first time, when Gigi snuck out the door to confront Jack when he attempted to lure Shane to an abandoned her to meet a girl whom Jack passed himself off to Shane as, online.

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