OLTL Update Wednesday 12/21/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/21/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi who Rex assumes is Stacy tries to talk to Rex. Rex tells her to leave him alone.

Jack tells Neela that whatever he tells her that she cannot tell anyone outside of this room. Neela agrees to this.

Shane walks into his house and hopes Neela will call him soon he then walks into the living room to find Aubrey and a decorated room. Aubrey wants to know Rex is.

Cutter searches for Gigi at the airport and asks Professor Del Fina if he has seen her.

Rex tells Gigi off assuming she is Stacy telling her she is a terrible person.

Kim and Clint kiss, Viki walks in on them but the two do not notice. Viki closes the door to her living room and David walks in the front door asking if she had seen him on the Blanca show. David asks what is wrong with Viki. Viki wants David to take her away from her house crying.

Cutter shows a picture of Gigi to Professor Del Fina. Del Fina says he did see her.

Rex asks what she did to her voice, he then tells her to just leave because there was no way he would ever be with her.

Jack tells Neela he should be in prison for what he had done. Neela wants to know what he is talking about. Jack tells her that Shane’s mother died because of him.

Shane tells Aubrey that Rex is coming on the next plane out. Aubrey asks if Rex told Shane she was going to be there.

Gigi tries to explain something but Rex interrupts asking what her plan was exactly. Gigi then tells Rex that she is not Stacy.

Shane asks if Aubrey knew about Stacy. Aubrey asks if he had a good time in Texas. Shane explains that like the pie it was sweet and sour to be there again but being there made it feel like Gigi was all right with everything.

Neela asks what happened. Jack explains he picked on Shane until he tried to kill himself, but he continued after. Neela wants to know what all this had to do with. Jack says that he thought that Gigi was Shane when he showed up to the house.

Rex wants to know who Gigi is if she is not Stacy; Gigi explains she has no memories of anything because of the coma and that he has to believe her.

Cutter wants to know where Gigi went. Del Fina explains that someone was getting in the way.

Viki tells David what is going on with Clint in the park.

Clint tells Kim that the woman he wants to spend his life with is Viki. Kim tries to persuade Clint to be with her.

David wants to know what Clint has done to change if he is just living in a life of luxury after what he has done.

Kim explains that this is all familiar to him that is the only reason he continues to stay. Clint says it is not.

David explains that Viki is being used by Clint and that she is lucky to be rid of him.

Gigi explains that only Cutter was the one black mailing Rex. Gigi explains how she ended up in Texas.

Aubrey wants to know what Shane’s present to Rex is and if she can help. Shane explains that he already has someone helping him out with it.

Neela wants to know what Jack did once he found out he had killed Gigi (Stacy). Jack explains his father had fixed everything so that Jack would not take the blame for anything while others suffer. Jack says he thinks Victor died because of what he did.

Aubrey wants to know who Shane is talking about. He explains Neela is pretending to like Jack so that Jack will finally confess.

Jack says he had seen Gigi at the cemetery and wishes she were real.

Rex does not think it is a coincidence that everything has just happened. Gigi tells Rex she is sorry and tries to leave but Rex stops her saying there is no way she is Stacy because she looks and sounds and acts so much like Gigi.

David hugs Viki and tells her that he could have had anyone in the world. David tells Viki that she could have had him and unzips his shirt telling her “Merry Christmas, baby”.

Kim starts to cry and Clint gives her a handkerchief. Clint tells her he is sorry and he will miss her. Kim tells Clint he knows how to find him and that she needs to find Cutter and Stacy now.

Gigi tells Rex he is not trying to hurt him. Rex wants to know why she came to his house. Gigi explains that she came looking for memories but found none, and asks before she leaves if she can ask one question about Stacy.

Aubrey thinks that Shane may be asking too much from this girl. Shane wants to know if Aubrey wants Rex to move on. Shane says Neela is going to try to help. Aubrey says Neela has a huge crush on Jack.

Jack says it is his fault. Neela tells him he will have to live with it. Jack tells Neela he knows what it is like to lose a parent and he is a terrible person.

Gigi asks if Stacy was ever in Texas. Rex tells her she was never in Texas.

Kim tries to leave and Clint walks in telling her not to go after them. Kim tells him that she has to go to clear her name. She then asks what if Viki does not take her back.

David shows Viki his tattoo. Viki says it’s really something. David thinks Clint is too stupid to be with Viki and she can find a much better person then Clint.

Jack tells Neela he trusts her with his secret.

Shane wants to know if Neela is telling the truth about being over Jack. Aubrey explains that she does not know. Aubrey has jack put the blue ribbon on the tree.

Gigi wants to know if Rex is positive that Stacy has never been there. Rex tells her that she is a stocker and to stay away from his family. Cutter walks and throws Rex to the ground.

Viki tells David to put his coat back on so he does not get sick. Viki starts to cry again. David tells Viki he got Dorian a poster for Christmas. Viki tells him she would rather not have the same gift as Dorian.

Kim leaves and tells Clint not to lose her number.

Shane tells Aubrey the tree looks great and that he did not think they would have a tree without Gigi.

Jack tells Neela he is sorry for what he had done before. Jack tells Neela he is going to go wash his face. Shane calls Neela while she holds the tape.

Aubrey looks at a stocking that belonged to Gigi.

Gigi tells Cutter to let go of Rex and that they will be gone from Rex’s life. Cutter tells both of them he has something he has to say.

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