OLTL Update Tuesday 12/20/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/20/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John is with Téa in the hospital after she’s been told that she and the baby are ok but they still need her to stay. She tells John what she really wants to know is what is happening with the investigation.

While in Paris, TX, Shane is still determined to get Jack to confess that he killed Gigi. He calls Neela and asks if she’s been able to tape record Jack. But she tells him she's not really sure she wants to go through with it. Jack has been good to her, she tells him. Shane tells her he knows that Jack thinks she’s hot and wants her to like him but that’s all there is.

While John is with Téa in the hospital, he tells her she needs to de-stress. She tells him that it’s almost Christmas and she does not want to keep him from his son or from Natalie. But he is also “avoiding”.

Natalie tells Clint that she hopes she can reconcile with Jessica and informs her dad that her sister gave her some advice about John. She said that Natalie needs to admit to John how she feels. And that is what she intends to do.

At the Bon Jour Café, Noelle is ready for the bake off. Mo stands beside her and they talk about how they hid their feelings for a longtime before they got married. Mo informs her that Charlie has also talked to him about the same thing he told Viki regarding how Viki should not hide her feelings for Clint. Viki tells them that they are not there to talk about her. They are there to talk about the pie bake off.

Rex is on the phone to Aubrey telling her he is looking forward to having her spend Christmas with him and Shane.

On the phone, Shane tells Neela that to be able to expose Jack would be the best Christmas present he could have. She tells him she’d like to help him but has her doubts.

At The Sun office, Todd tells Jack that when they work together for the family business, they can bond as father and son. But Jack tells Todd that he is being blackmailed. And this is not Todd’s business. This is his dad’s business. He tells Todd that he’s stolen everything from Victor. Todd still wants to convince Jack that Tomas Delgado killed Victor. But Jack is not about to trust Todd.

Cutter is with Gigi/Stacy ready to go back to Llanview. But she tells him she needs to go back to the Bon Jour one more time. She somehow knows there is a “reason”. And sure enough, Rex and Shane walk into the restaurant and Mo, Noelle and Viki all remark that these guys are their good luck charms.

At The Sun, Jack tells Todd that he only sees victor as his father and that will never change. Todd tells Jack that he’s covered for him regarding the fire just like Victor did regarding Gigi. Hearing that, Jack angrily tells Todd that he has to “live” with that and doesn’t need to have anybody making him feel guilty. Right then, Neela enters and introduces herself to Todd. She asks Jack if he wants to have lunch with her. Jack responds that she will have to ask “scrooge here” who is holding him prisoner. Todd tells Jack it’s fine with him if Jack wants to take a break and have lunch with this lovely girl. Alone with Jack, Neela asks why he’d be working with Todd after all the terrible things he’s said about “scar face”

Téa is urging John not to give up on Natalie while Natalie is talking to her dad about the same thing. Natalie then realizes she cannot keep texting. She is going to go and talk to John in person. Téa tells a discouraged John that even if Natalie told him they are through only days ago, he needs to know that women have been known to change their minds and she does not want him to give up on Gigi.

At the Bon Jour pie bake off, Noelle tells Shane that she knows that his mama is watching over her and she feels “close” to Gigi. And right then, another “psychic” walks in the door to talk to Rex. It's a professor who looks just like Delphina ready to sample Noelle's pie (the Gigi Morasco Special) And it appears "he" is also ready to tell Rex something he needs to know.

And right when Cutter and Gigi are ready to go off together, his credit card gets declined so they have no choice except to stay in Paris, TX.

As John wheels Téa out of the hospital, she tells him he needs to know that Natalie is reaching out to him. But he tells her he does not see it that way. He clarifies to her that he already reached out to Natalie and she shot him down. He has to accept the fact that she is done with him. But, in the meantime, he has work to do which involves finding Téa’s brother.

Jack tells Neela that “scar face” has the mistaken idea that if they work together, they can bond as father and son. But she seems to understand that that is not going to happen. She acts friendly to Jack and introduces him to some foreign food. He smiles at her and indicates that he’s grateful to have met her.

Rex notices a man who looks just like Delphina who introduces himself as a professor who is going to sample Noelle’s pie. Never having met Delphina before, Noelle, Mo and Viki introduce themselves to him and tell him that Noelle’s new creation is the Gigi Morasco special. He asks where Gigi Morasco is. Viki clarifies that Gigi is “no longer with us”. The “professor” tells them that he wants to sample the pie and it somehow creates some sort of “psychic phenomenon” about Gigi’s presence. And right then, we see Gigi/Stacy (who looks just like Gigi and may be her) looking in through the window as if she knows that she somehow belongs there.

At The Bon Jour, the “professor” announces the decision that the winner of the Paris, TX bake off is the Gigi Morasco special. Everybody cheers and Noelle thanks the “professor”. While Gigi Stacy is outside the window unseen, Shane and Rex are somehow in a “good place” and Shane tells his dad this is the first time he’s been happy in a long time although he cannot understand why. Right then, Cutter finds Gigi/Stacy and tells her she “cannot” go inside there. She asks why not. He tells her he knows that she feels connected to this place and these people. But it’s just not the right time. Inside, Viki concludes to the “professor” that she thinks she knows where Rex knows this person from. She remembers Delphina. Mo remarks that he’s heard that everybody’s got a “double somewhere”. Outside the door, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter, that if she’s Stacy, (which he wants her to believe although he knows otherwise), she somehow needs to be close to her “sister”.

Kim goes to see Clint and admits to him that she is alone and may need his help.

Jack has lunch with Neela and admits he like Indian food and likes being with her. He asks if she has Christmas plans. She talks about how things are different in India but knows her brother and sister in law will have a tree. He asks her if she misses her parents or her home. She tells him somewhat but she’s glad she there and is with him.

Todd finds Téa in the hospital and asks if she and the baby are ok. She angrily tells him as if he gives a damn about her or Victor’s baby. Right then, John reminds her that the doctor said “no stress”. But she is furious with Todd and indicating that she knows something that John does not want Todd to know that she knows. He urges her to stay calm for the baby. Alone with Todd, she tells him that John was right. She’s grieving her husband and her brother and is sorry she lashed out at him.

Neela tells Jack that she feels like she can be herself when she’s with him. He tells her he feels the same way when he’s with her. When he’s with other people, he has to be a bad ass and put on an act. She knows that he set the fire and bullied Shane. But when he’s with her, everything is ok. She then urges him to know that he will not “get caught”. But she can see he has something on his mind and urges him to talk. He then tells her it’s not just about “getting caught”. It’s about living with what he’s done and the people he’s hurt.

At the hospital with Viki and Shane, Rex knows that something is incomplete. They then find out that the flight has been double booked and somebody has to stay behind. Viki wants it to be herself but Noelle and Mo tell her that it looks like she’s avoiding being with Clint. Rex then affirms that he needs to stay and asks Viki to take Shane back to Llanview without him. Alone with Viki, Noelle urges her to know that Clint is there for her and she should not even consider that this “Kimberly” is a factor. Viki tells Noelle she realizes that Kimberly is “gone”. Little does she know however.

Cutter and Gigi are not far away at the airport and something is also preventing her from leaving. Gigi/Stacy then sits beside the “professor” and remarks that “he” looks very familiar. The professor asks her where she’s headed. She tells him it doesn’t really matter. And the only reason she’s now in Paris, TX is because she randomly spun a globe. But the “professor” tells her that nothing is random. Everything happens for a reason. And the professor tells her she must never “give up”.

At the hospital, Téa acts gracious to Todd. John then tells her that she did the right thing although it makes her ill. It's a small price to pay to be able to get justice for Todd. She then thanks him for being such a good friend. Right then, Natalie appears. Yet John tells her whatever it is, it “has to wait”.

Jack tells Neela that it’s too late to go back and make it right. He cannot just forget. He’s already tried. And for the first time, he reveals to her that she does not “know the whole story”. And if she did, she would not like him anymore. She urges him not to believe that. He tells her he wishes he could tell her. He wishes he could tell someone. He’s been carrying this around for too long. She tells him maybe there’s something she can “do”. He then asks her if he tells her the truth, can he trust her.

Clint tells Kimberly that this is complicated. But she tells him it’s simple he either wants to be with her or he does not. He tells her he does care about her and is sorry that Cutter’s letter kept them apart. But while she’s been gone, he and Viki have grown closer. It may have saved his life. They now realize that they have a bond, a life together and children. She tells him she understands how people can have feelings for two people. But, she tells him, he can’t have them both and has to choose. Assuming that Viki is gone for good and unavailable to him, Clint kisses her. And right then, Viki walks in the door to see it.

Cutter is ready to board a flight for Vegas. But Gigi/Stacy comes face to face with Rex when she walks into the Bon Jour café.

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