OLTL Update Monday 12/19/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/19/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Roxy and David enter the empty set of Fraternity Row after being told that it’s too late to save her favorite show, she passes out. And right then, we see her as a famous character on the show with David playing her husband. She is Lorraine King. David is Derwood. Yet she only remembers being Roxy and talking to David. Right then, she notices the “faithful servants” on the show. And they are played by Viki and Clint. Noticing them as Viki and Clint, she smirks as they are waiting on her. Viki and Clint however only know themselves as Lorraine’s servants and not as Viki and Clint. David only knows himself as her husband. Right then, Todd comes in playing another character, Lorraine’s deadbeat half-brother. He only remembers being this character also. David tells his “wife” that he is now back after her brother tried unsuccessfully to kill him. Right then, Blair and Téa play Murphy and Macy the crime fighting duo but only remember being those characters. They realize that this man (played by Todd) is not the real dash Dunning. They conclude that this guy is a fake until he protests to Lorraine that he is her baby brother and she must realize that he is who he says he is. Roxy then pulls herself away from the crowd and asks what is going on. She asks if she really is Lorraine King the rich woman with the hot husband and faithful servants. And this is Fraternity Row. The greatest show of all time. And she is the star.

We then show Roxy who is on the show. The characters from OLTL only know the roles they play on Fraternity Row. The two detectives reveal that the “real” Dash Dunning has been kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location. Roxy, as Lorraine suggests that her “brother” gets a DNA test to prove who he really is. David as Lorraine’s husband calls Viki and Clint, as the foreign servants and invites them to celebrate. David talks to his “wife” about their son Brandon. She remembers that their son has many problems that are all his fault.

Not far away, John plays Brandon and Natalie is his college girlfriend. Rick Powers stands beside Starr, James, Nate and Dani, as members of the college social groups. He knows all about theirs’ and their family’s immoral doings. They show Jessica and Robert Ford as older students who are unfit role models along with “Brandon and Briana” (played by Natalie and John) whom he reveals are brother and sister. Roxy reveals to her husband that although he does not know he is the father of both Brianna and Brandon. Nigel then enters dressed as a woman who used to be “with” Derwood. Roxy approaches “her”. Nigel reveals that “their darling Brianna” is Derwood’s love child.

Rick’s character talks about how Brandon and Brianna are supposed to be role models to the Fraternity but have disgraced the organization with their “incestual” situation. Starr’s character reveals that James had another girl. Jessica’s character accuses Robert Ford’s character of cheating on her although the guys protest that they are not doing that. “Brandon” (played by John) announces there is only one way to find out if he and Brianna are siblings. And that is to do a DNA test.

The two “detective women” (played by Blair and Téa) take “Dash Dunning” (played by Todd) to get a DNA test. They both lust over him. Vimal Patel is the DNA technician who reveals that soon they will all know who the real Dash Dunning is.

When Lorraine finds out that Nigel’s character has known that Brianna and Brandon are brother and sister yet are sleeping together, she is shocked. Her husband knew but allegedly fell down a hill. She tells him he’s betrayed her. But the “maid” (played by Viki) reminds “Lorraine” that she has betrayed Derwood.

Starr’s and Dani’s characters find out that their boyfriends have been sleeping with “Roxanne’s slutty sister” (played by Jessica). Jessica also remembers being “Ruby Bright”. She wonders if her boyfriend is cheating on Ruby with Roxanne. And the three of them conclude the only way to find out if that is happening is with a DNA test. But they realize it will involve having their hair pulled.

“Brandon and Brianna” (played by John and Natalie) go to find out if they are brother and sister. Vimal’s character tells them they need to pull out their hair.

While “Dash Dunning” is ready to get examined, the two “detectives” (Blair and Téa) lust after him but realize they must do their jobs and find out who is hiding the real Dash Dunning.

Shaun is tied to a bed in a hospital. Destiny is dressed in a business suit with a plan next to Shaun’s character.

“Derwood” asks “Lorraine” if it’s true, as “the maid” says that she had an affair when she thought he was dead. They all corner her and she runs out of there. She has Viki, the maid help her get her coat on while “Derwood” stays inside with the male servant (played by Clint).

Robert, James and Nate all take their shirts off and leave one room to enter another, (revealing they may be cheating on their girlfriends)

Starr, Dani and Jessica (actresses who play college girls) go to find out if their boyfriends are cheating on them by doing a DNA test.

Clint’s character angrily demands to know how Viki’s character could risk them both getting fired by Lorraine revealing their secrets. Viki’s character protests that “that woman” is not a good person and expects them to clean her toilets.

Todd plays Dash Dunning wondering if he is the “real” one or not.

Destiny’s character mentions that she was a single teenage mother with no job and had no choice except to join the CIA. She holds Shaun’s character hostage and is ready to kill him until they get into a struggle. Not far away in another room, “Dash Dunning” asks who this evil genius would be. Téa’s character tells him she bets it’s someone form a CIA organization.

“Brianna” (played by Natalie) reflects to “Brandon” (played by John) that if they are committing incest, it’s pretty intense. But they have already fallen for each other. They leave the room in the hospital and run into the other “students”. The two lady detectives enter the hallway with “Dash Dunning”. Vimal then announces to all of them their true DNA lineage and how relates to who has “cheated up” whom. The college girls (Starr, Dani and Jessica) all know that their boyfriends have cheated upon them with “someone”, realizing that “those blond hairs” did not get there by themselves.

Robert, James and Nate are all shirtless and getting ready to sleep with Lorraine.

The “college girls” are all shocked and express it with “Eeeewwwww” to find out that their boyfriends are sleeping with Brandon’s mom.

Viki plays the maid, Matilda who knows the secret of with whom Lorrain has been with behind his back. “Derwood” demands that she tells him.

When the three guys (played by the Ford brothers) are ready to go at it with “Mrs. Beaumont”, Rick’s character walks in and tells them how disgraceful that is.

The two lady detectives still do not know who the “real” Dash Dunning is until Shaun walks in and reveals that he is the “real” Dash Dunning. Todd’s character then confronts him and tells him nice try but he (himself) has a DNA test. Shaun’s character tells him so does he. Lorraine then returns to find out that both men say they are Dash Dunning. The detectives confirm that they are identical twins. Their mutual evil mother concocted a terrible plan. At that point, they are going to arrest Lorraine. And right then, Viki’s character (Gilda/Matilda) reveals that Brianna is her daughter. She informs them that “Gilda” could not handle the stress of pregnancy. So she secretly gave birth to twins and let Matilda falsely believed that Brianna was hers. And it was Lorraine’s (Roxy) fault that “Brianna” (Natalie) did not know her real family until now. The “girls” (played by Jessica, Dani and Starr) enter and reveal that Lorraine has been sleeping with their 3 boyfriends. “Derwood” asks his wife if she’s been cheating on him. She denies it. But the three shirtless “hotties” (played by Robert, James and Nate) arrive. And at that point, Lorraine is ready to be put in handcuffs and arrested.

At that point, Roxy awakens from her dream with David beside her and discovers that she was having a “dream”. David tells her he knows how much that show meant to her but it’s over. He encourages her to go. They walk off the set together. And it appears viewers are going to be saying “good bye” to more than one much loved television drama.

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