OLTL Update Friday 12/16/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/16/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam Manning is watching television when his mom comes in to remind him that she does not want him watching “grown up shows”. And she needs his help in getting a Christmas tree inside the house.

Jessica notices Natalie putting their mom’s ornaments on the tree. Natalie asks her sister if she wants to help. Jessica awkwardly replies that she does not want to “intrude” and remarks that she assumes that Natalie will be spending the time with John. But Natalie tells her sister that John is no longer a part of her life. Hearing that, Jessica appears surprised.

When Destiny and Matthew get into an argument and she goes out the door, Bo, Nora and her parents ask Matthew what happened. He replies that he may have upset Destiny. Nora asks her son what he means. He replies that he suggested that Destiny give the baby up for adoption. Hearing that, Nora is shocked.

Destiny then goes to join Shaun and Roxy at the station to help them with the campaign in keeping Fraternity Row on the air. But Shaun can sense that his sister is not entirely ok and asks her what is wrong. She replies Matthew and tells him that maybe she needs to just go home. But he urges her to stay there and help them. They go behind the scenes of the Blanca Morales show. They notice Blanca introducing David Vickers Buchanan. The crowd cheers when David comes on stage. Roxy tells Shaun and destiny that she will hopefully get David to save Fraternity Row. And if he does not come through, he will be the one who needs saving. We then see Blanca kissing him when he joins her talk show and asking what his Senator wife would think of that. He replies that Dorian could say that they are “even” when it appeared she cheated on him. He tells her that Dorian is getting kind of a big head and he’s there to be appreciated by his fans. He mentions that he comes back to Llanview to read The Sun.

Sam greets Todd and tells him he knows that Jack was wrong and that Todd did not kill his dad. Todd happily tells Sam it’s good to see him and Blair is happy to see that Todd and the little guy are bonding well.

Jack is not far away remembering his dad (Todd) telling him that he needs Jack’s help working for him on The Sun and to give him a chance to be Jack’s father and when Jack asks what if he does not comply and Todd responds if he does not, then Todd will expose Jack as a little arsonist.

Tea is alone when she has a labor pain and John goes with her to the emergency room.

Matthew tells his parents that even if Destiny is ready to have a baby and give up school, friends and a social life that’s fine. But he is not ready to do that.

On Blanca’s talk show, David talks only about himself and seems to have no interest in helping his friends with Fraternity Row. Behind the scenes, Destiny informs Shaun that Matthew told her that he does not want to help her raise their baby. When it seems David is distracted talking to Blanca and not helping with Fraternity Row, Roxy comes up on stage and demands that he does something for Fraternity Row.

Matthew then tells his parents that when Nora pressured Destiny into having the baby, he wasn’t there and had no say in the matter. He was in a coma. Then he suddenly wakes up to find out that he is going to have a baby and he knew nothing about it. Although Nora tells her son that they can raise the baby so that neither he nor Destiny has to give up their future, he tells her that won’t work. It will only give Destiny more justification to believe he’s a jerk.

Roxy goes on the Blanca show, unexpected and tells her that she and her friends are an organization that is protesting to keep her favorite soap on the air.

Matthew tells his parents that he thinks he has the right to enjoy the first few days of his life after what has happened to him without having to think about being a teenage father.

On the Blanca show, after Roxy protests that David is a traitor who does not care about Fraternity Row, Destiny goes behind her telling the audience that she is going to be a teenage mother. Her baby’s father just woke up from a coma and has instantly decided that he does not care about her or their baby and is nowhere near around.

Blair has Todd and Sam help her with the tree. Starr finds her dad and tells him that he needs to give her mom with some space. He tells her that he just wants to spend Christmas with his family and he’s not going to give up on Jack. She tells him he needs to realize that Jack is not coming around. But he reminds his daughter that Jack and all others need to realize that he did not kill Victor. Tomas did.

When John accompanies Tea to the emergency room and he tells her that he will leave her alone with the doctors, she urges him not to go.

When Natalie informs Jessica that she is not about to consider getting back with John, Jessica tells her sister she is being very foolish to hang onto her pride and not forgive John. But Natalie informs her sister that John has had many opportunities to get her back and has not seemed to make any effort. He has not forgiven her for wrong doings. SO she’s not going to be naïve and foolish and fail to see things the way they really are. She has learned her lesson and is not going to make the same mistake again.

Todd rounds up Starr, Jack, Sam and Blair and reminds them that nobody except jack has a problem with his being there.

Matthew turns on the Blanca Morales show and watches with his parents. And they see As soon as Roxy “exposes” David on the Blanca Morales show and Destiny announces that her baby’s father wants nothing to do with their baby, Blanca immediately jumps on that and asks Destiny just who this no good baby’s father is. Destiny replies that his name is Matthew Buchanan. Right then, Matthew Bo and Nora are panicked to see his name exposed. David explains that since his father, Bo Buchanan used to be the producer of Fraternity Row, it would be nepotism and a conflict of interest for David to get involved in the situation. And she announces that they are calling David’s father, police commissioner, Bo Buchanan right now. Instantly, the phone rings. Matthew picks it up although his father asks him not to answer and gives the phone to his dad to answer to Blanca and the entire television audience.

Jessica reminds Natalie that she needs to stop hiding her feelings for John. But Natalie tells her sister that she’s had many men in her life. John does not have to be the "be all end all" in her life just because he got her pregnant. She has only one sister however. And if there was anything she could take back, regarding all the relationships she’s ruined in her life, it would not be what she did or didn’t do with John. She would take back betraying her sister.

At Blair’s home, Sam welcomes Todd to be a part of his family. But Jack informs his little brother for the first time that Todd was ready to give him up to strangers when he was a baby and tells Todd that Sam might like to know that.

Tea then asks the doctors if her baby will be ok.

On the phone, Blanca asks Bo if his job as former producer of Fraternity Row precludes him from working with his son, David Vickers. Bo then answers that, reminding them that a while back, he won a Daisy award on Fraternity Row. And since that happened so many years ago, he does not think it would cause any conflict. Nora and Matthew stand behind him and listen to Bo speak to Blanca who has Roxy, Shaun and Destiny with her on the set. And they all cheer as Bo officially and publicly authorizes David to be the new spokesman for reinstating Fraternity Row. Yet David indicates that he does not want to do it regardless.

Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that realistically their relationship may not mend overnight. But maybe they should at least make some efforts. They remember their respective childhoods when Jessica lived as Viki’s daughter and Natalie was raised by Roxy. And they realize that this is both of their baby’s first Christmases.

The doctor shows tea the ultrasound and announces that everything is good with her baby. He or she is growing normally and there is no cause for worry. He concludes that all she had were cramps brought on by stress and asks her just what may have stressed her recently.

At Blair’s home, Jack asks Todd and Blair if they do not remember all too well the story of Todd giving him up as an infant. When they do not talk, he tells them both if they don’t want to tell Sam, they can. In response to that, Todd tells his son that maybe instead of getting into this; he should go and put another log on the fire, reminding his son “since he’s so good at starting fires”. Remembering that Todd is holding that over him, Jack does as his dad asks. Alone with Todd, Sam asks what Jack was talking about. Todd then attempts to explain to his son that he wasn’t always a very nice guy and did some bad things in the past.

On the Blanca show, Roxy reveals that David tried and failed to get a part on fraternity Row. The reason they turned him down for the part of a college boy was because he was too old. He does not want to admit that to his fans and argues. She reminds him that he can be done with his acting career if he does not agree to get Fraternity Row back on the air. Shaun reminds him that he might have to rely on their support since not all of his fans think he’s so great, especially after this. Roxy then asks if he wants to be box office poison or have his career saved by helping them. He then agrees to do what they want. Everybody cheers on the set while he declares that he will single-handedly save Fraternity Row and intends to win an award. Blanca then reminds them that she has shared the same building with Fraternity Row for years and their office is right across the hall.

Jessica tells Natalie that she remembers the necklaces that their mom gave the two of them, which Viki and her sister used to wear has reminded her something. She tells her sister that maybe one reason why their relationship had a falling out was because they both trusted each other. So, Jessica tells Natalie, maybe she can salvage her relationship with John by giving him the same chance that she’s given her sister.

Tea tells John that they both know a major source of her stress is this murder investigation and finding Tomas. He tells her that he will do his job but needs her to de-stress and take care of her baby. She agrees to that but tells him that Todd has already taken too much from her. She is not going to let Todd take her baby also.

Blair talks to Todd about her most recent conversation with Tea and with Starr where she “believed” that Tomas has been named as the murderer of Victor and he has been cleared. Todd seems to believe that everything is good.

In a previous and very emotional Christmas, Blair remembers Todd finally declaring that he could be a loving father when they had Starr.

Roxy is ready to motivate David to re-institute all of the characters, scripts and settings of Fraternity Row.

John gets a call from Natalie after she’s talked to Jessica and she asks if maybe he has a minute. He is busy with Tea and does not have time to talk. And at that point, it appears that they might have “missed their chance”.

Blair motivates Todd and the kids to stand together so she can take a Christmas picture.

Destiny asks Shaun if he thinks that Roxy will be able to motivate the producers to save Fraternity Row. He tells her you never know. There is always hope.

When Roxy and David go to find the producer, he tells them it’s too late. She urges him not to do this. And right then, she passes out. And we see her as Lorraine King on the show with David beside her. She marvels that she is “on” Fraternity Row.

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