OLTL Update Thursday 12/15/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/15/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is on the phone to Blair telling her if she needs anything, she should give him a call. He then gets ready to “tell her something”. But before he can get it out, Jack walks in and angrily demands to know how he could frame Tomas. Todd then hangs up not knowing what to say to Blair.

At the police station, John gets a report that should give more information about finding Tomas and tea asks him if they are getting closer to finding her brother.

Destiny goes to see Matthew and tells him she needs an answer about what he plans to do regarding the fact that she is having a baby that is his. But he does not know how to answer since he just got home.

At Viki’s home, Roxy and Shaun go to find David and she tells him they are going to cancel Fraternity Row unless he helps them. So it’s all on him, Roxy tells him. She needs him to save her soap.

At Angel Square, Nora and Bo enter and remark how great the tree and festivities look. She tells him she got everything she wanted when Matthew woke up. But she later remembers that they have yet to get a tree. He tells her they will get one and when they get home light a few candles and celebrate. She’s worried and feeling guilty however that her son hates her. At that point, they run into Destiny’s parents. Felicia and her husband are happy that Matthew is going to be ok and cordial. And they ask Bo and Nora how he “took the news”.

Matthew tells Destiny hat he will be there for the birth or whatever she needs, realizing that they are both responsible for this. But she remarks, he does not appear to be happy about it. He responds by admitting that he is not.

David attempts to tell Roxy and Shaun that he is a “star” and sees the actors on Fraternity Row as “the little people”. But she tells him that if he was on the show, it could double the ratings. She tells him she knows they will not cancel the show with a movie star like him on it. The ratings will sky rocket. But he tells them he’s not about to be on the show. They demand to know why.

While Blair is alone in angel square after Todd has first offered to “be there for her”, then has gotten ready to tell her “something” only to hang up, she demands that he gets back to tell her what he was going to tell her.

When Jack barges into Todd’s office, Todd tells his son he realizes that Jack cared for Victor but he needs to realize that he is Jack’s real father. And if Jack does not believe what he’s written about Tomas, Jack may ask his mother.

Right then, Blair runs into Starr confirming that she and Todd are getting close and she believes what she’s “found out” about Tomas.

Jack tells his dad there is no proof that Tomas killed Victor when he’s not even there. But Todd affirms that veering written in the article is true and Jack may call his mom if he does not believe Todd.

Tea tells John that they have to find Tomas and it should be easy when they’ve taken Blair’s computer from which Tomas contacted her via webcam. But he tells her that it appears that Todd has destroyed the evidence. And now their only hope is to get Claude Calmar to talk and confess what he knows.

When Matthew admits to Destiny that he’s “not happy” that they are going to be parents, he apologizes for how that sounded. He does tell her however, that if he’d only been there, the two of them could have figured things out. But now it’s too late.

At Angel Square, Felicia Evans reminds Nora that it was her fault that Destiny felt pressured to have the baby. And she asks her now that things have changed and Matthew is back, is she still as willing to help Felicia’s daughter have this child?

David tells Roxy he does not do soap operas. Shaun asks her why not. Movie stars do soap operas. But he tells them it’s beneath him. He gets ready to go out the door when Shaun corners him and demands to know what is really going on.

Blair tells Starr she’s not about to torture herself with “coulda, woulda, shoulda”. So they need to forget all about it and get some hot chocolate. Yet, Starr demands her mother tells her what might be going on that she is not sharing. Blair then admits to her daughter that before she decided to move forward with Tomas, she considered Starr’s father. Recently Todd has been very supportive. But she remembers she declared that she’s not about to get involved with another man who might be in jail soon. Yet, knowing that that is “no longer the case” with Todd, Star again asks her mom if she might have changed her mind about Todd.

Todd tells Jack he realizes he’s made a lot of mistakes but he is still jack’s father. Jack tells him only Victor is his father. Todd can take the paper and take Victor’s name but he cannot take Jack nor take over “Jack’s paper”. In response to that, Todd reminds Jack that he happens to know that Jack tried to burn down the paper.

John calls Claude Calmar to find out what he may know about Tomas. But before they can talk, Tea walks in and furiously tells them that because of them, her brother is dead. Hearing that, Calmar admits he’s shocked and protests that “they” promised to keep Tomas alive. IN response to that, John asks Calmar just who is “they”.

Shaun tells David that Roxy’s right that he’s very selfish not to want to help them and reminds David that he had fans helping him when he was desperate enough to do a hemorrhoid commercial. Roxy asks him what he has against fraternity row, remembering that he is ok with other soaps. He replies that he believes Fraternity Row ruined his life.

Matthew tells Destiny that they still have choices like adoption. She tells him this is a baby and she can’t just do that. He asks her if the two of them are going to swap taking care of it during their college classes. It’s not realistic for them to be parents. She protests that their parents have promised to help them out. He asks her if she’s supposed to trust that remembering that Greg abandoned her and hid from her that he was her father for 17 years.

When Destiny’s parents talk to Bo and Nora about the baby, Felicia indicates that the baby will “come to visit” Bo and Nora and will live in their home instead.

Todd asks jack if it’s true that he’d rather see the whole company burn to the ground than let Todd run it. Jack tells him he’ll never be able to prove it. Todd asks if he really believes that is true.

Blair tells Starr at Angel Square that she knows all too well about Todd’s tendency to fly off the handle. She remembered that the last time she spoke to Tomas, he was in Todd’s office “warning” Todd about Baker. And, she concludes, that she bets that Tomas and Baker worked together to frame Todd for Victor’s murder.

At the station, Calmar protests that Todd assured him that nothing would happen to Tomas but Todd must have lied to him. At that point, realizing that Calmar has in fact been working with Todd, John tells him from now on there will be no more lies and he better tell them what he knows right there and then.

Shaun demands that David tells him how Fraternity Row ruined his life. David tells him that when the writers went on strike he was “forced” to audition for the show. But they would not hire him. They told him he was too old. He went out for the role of Brandon. But they remind him that Brandon was a college student. David reminds her that he is married to a senator so that should not matter. Roxy then admits that not even she could pass for a college student. But David tells them that he has much better paying and higher caliber acting offers than Fraternity Row although he does not tell them the name of the “better” show.

Bo tells Destiny’s parents that with all of the changes, obviously the four of them as well as Matthew and Destiny will all need to sit down and talk and maybe make some changes. Felicia tells them they’d love to see Matthew when he’s ready. Bo then tells them they can come with them to their home and visit.

Back at Bo and Nora’s home, Matthew tells Destiny that he seriously believes that the two of them would be better off if they gave their baby up for adoption. They both need to go to college and have futures. With having been in a coma for months, he’s behind enough with school. But now with a child, he will have a real problem in college. He reminds her he wants to enjoy school, go to parties, meet people. In response to that, she asks if he means that he wants to meet girls. He replies yes.

Blair tells Starr she has put two and two together in her theory that Tomas set Todd up with the gun. She tells her that she got this mistaken idea in her head that Todd was being irrational but he was right. And she mistakenly slept with Tomas. She’s not going to dwell in it and has determined that this is where one needs to learn from their mistakes. Starr then asks her mom if she means that they should all trust Todd.

Todd tells Jack he happens to know that Jack was going to set The Sun office on fire and he knows he could prove it. He believes that maybe Jack should be grateful to him to keep him out of jail which is where Jack would be if his father did not care about him. But he’s willing to do that because that’s what fathers do for their sons even if Jack hates him.

Calmar confesses to John and tea what he knows.

Jack asks Todd what he wants him to say. Todd replies he need not say anything. They are family and they protect each other.

John then asks Calmar just who killed Victor.

Jack is silent for the first time while Todd tells him that he is there to protect his kids. Jack and all of his kids are the most important things in his life and he will do anything for them.

Tea tells John that she needs him to arrest Todd for murdering her husband. Isn’t Calmar’s testimony all the proof they need? But he tells her that they have nothing.

Todd tells Jack that the “terms” of his offer is that Jack is going to come in and work for him every day after school and do the work he needs and accept Todd as his father. Jack asks Todd if that is blackmail. Todd tells him it may be but he’s going to protect his son and offer him a job. Jack then agrees but is still wary of Todd.

Blair declares to Starr that with three strikes; Todd, Eli and Tomas, she is done.

Shaun tells David that even if he doesn’t care about the “fans”, he must care about Destiny. She is a fan. David first agrees but then tells them no. He has to meet Blanca Morales and wants to make himself the center of attention.

Destiny and Matthew get into a big argument where he reminds her that they didn’t even have an official “dating” relationship so it’s not practical to expect him to be a father to her baby. She tells him that if she’s not wanted, she is getting out of there. She will never speak to him or call him again and he better not call her. He yells back and tells her fine. He’s done with her. And right then, Bo and Nora, Felicia and her husband walk in the door to see the “happy parents” of their grandchild.

Shaun and Roxy realize that they may have to give up on Fraternity Row since David won’t help them. But she is not going to give up and reminds him that there have been so many storylines that did not cause the show to get cancelled. He asks her what they are supposed to do. She asks if the Blanca show is live. He replies yes. She then rushes out the door telling him she has an idea.

After Matthew and Destiny have both left the room in their argument and declaration to never speak again, Nora and Felicia realize that the two of them have to act like adults and end up laughing.

Starr and Blair realize that the tree they selected is a bit large. She tells her mom she realizes she’s been hurt a lot by Todd and Tomas and Eli and others. But she need not be afraid to fall in love again. She tells her mom she does not blame her for swearing off guys for a while but not forever. She knows Blair will find the right one someday. Alone Blair wonders just who “the one” is.

Jack tells Todd that if he’s forced to work with him, he’s a prisoner. Todd reminds him that he could be in Statesville. Although Jack protests that he’s a minor, Todd tells him he’s pretty certain that Jack would be tried as an adult.

Tea has labor pains while in John’s office and falls over. She’s afraid the baby is coming now.

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