OLTL Update Wednesday 12/14/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/14/11


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Juanita

Todd at the Sun talks to himself about Blair and Tomas. Starr walks in.

Dani walks up to Tea and Blair angry about finding out about Tomas.

John in his office has Natalie come in and tells her that he has had Blair’s computer checked out and plans to catch Victor’s killer.

Roxy, Nigel, Shaun, and Destiny all in Viki’s living room watch Fraternity Row. Roxy tells the group how much she loves the show and how much they need to save it. Destiny tells the group she got signatures at school and that Mathew is coming home today. Shaun wonders why she would be there instead of with Mathew then.

Bo and Nora walk Mathew to the apartment making sure he is ok. They walk in on David who has set up a loud and bright party for him.

Roxy explains that Destiny is with them because she is watching their soap. Shaun tells Destiny that she should be with Mathew.

David wonders about Mathew’s hair. Nora worries about his condition again. David talks about his movie and is shocked that he had not heard, David then shows a tattoo of a chipmunk to them.

Destiny tells the group Mathew was shocked that when he found out he was pregnant. The group then talks about a story from Fraternity Row.

Todd and Starr talk about the issue of Tomas. Starr tells Todd that he is finally clear. Todd is shocked that she would say such a thing.

Dani does not think this could be true but Blair confirms that it is true by talking about their conversation. Tea has a flashback to talking to John about Tomas being the killer. Tea then tells Dani and Blair that Tomas did not kill Victor.

John explains that Tomas did call Blair. Natalie does not think this could be true. John then asks if Natalie wants to hear what he has to say about Liam and their relationship.

Blair points out the facts to why Tomas did what he did. Dani does not believe this and asks if Tea believes. Tea decides to say that it is the truth.

Todd says he feels awful for everyone. Starr tells Todd about Rick and the lawsuit and she needs Todd’s help and just his.

Natalie decides not to talk about it. John talks about his night with Liam. Natalie wonders if John played jazz music for Liam. John says no but he did play the mix for Natalie’s birth.

Roxy explains that if Natalie knew John was the father all the things that happened would not have kept them apart. Natalie tells the group that she does not think Mathew is very happy about being a father.

Mathew tells David that he starving and craving a hamburger. Bo and Nora go and get lots of take out. Mathew tells David he needs his help on Destiny’s pregnancy.

Dani walks off. Blair and Tea discuss how Todd showed up right before Tea did the night Tomas called. Blair finds this a nice change for Todd and talks about how we have Tea to thank for all of this.

Todd tells Starr not to tell anyone about the lawsuit and that he will take care of it. Starr thanks him and says it is nice to have him back. Todd tells her he has been back for a while. Starr says she is going to go get a Christmas tree. Todd wants to go with her. Starr tells Todd that she does not think this is a good idea for him to do.

Nora tells Bo that she bets Mathew just wanted to get them out of the house because of what Nora did about Destiny.

Mathew explains what happened with Destiny. David asks what happened after this. Mathew explains he never thought this could happen to him in high school David says he cannot change what happened. David explains he got a girl pregnant in high school.

Destiny explains to the group of what happened with Mathew. Nigel explains that Mathew is a Buchanan and things will work out for them in the end. Roxy says they will all stick together through this. Destiny decides to go talk to Mathew. Roxy further explains Natalie and John.

Natalie tells John he has a lot of catching up to do with Liam. John wonders what is wrong between the two of them.

Blair asks Tea what she does not know. Tea explains that Todd has everything and Victor is dead and then tells the two others she is going to leave. Dani wonders what is wrong about this.

David is shocked that Mathew does not remember their conversation on Thanksgiving while he was still in the Coma. Mathew explains that he has no memory of it.

Starr tells Todd to tell Blair the truth about his love for her.

John wants to know why Natalie is keeping thing from him. Tea walks in and wants an update on the case and that it is not ok that everyone thinks Tomas is a killer.

Starr wants to know why Todd did not say something when he had the chance; Starr wonders what happened to Todd.

David tells Mathew that he can be a successful person even with a baby. Mathew wonders what happened to his baby. Mathew wonders about who the father is. Destiny comes in to see Mathew. David finds Destiny enormous. David tries to get Destiny to make David and Dorian god parents. David then leaves to film his movie and to see Viki. Destiny and Mathew talk awkwardly.

Bo and Nora discuss the pregnancy.

Starr wants to know what Todd did to get Blair back. Todd says he survived through Blair. Starr wonders if Todd can be patient and wants Todd and Blair back together so they can all be a family again, she then leaves.

Blair wonders if Tea has always been this moody. Dani says she is just pregnant. They then talk about Tomas and how they keep getting fooled by men.

Tea tries to get Todd arrested. John needs Tea to allow Todd to think he is ok.

Roxy gathers the petitions and Shaun and Roxy try to plan how to get the producers to try to get the show UN canceled. David then is seen walking in and Roxy says his name.

Tea starts to cry, mad about the situation at hand, and John hugs her. Natalie is then seen watching this.

David wants to know if Viki is there. Roxy says that this is fate because she is the answer to saving Fraternity Row.

Destiny asks if Mathew is better. Mathew confirms he is fine. Destiny asks if he is going to be part of their child’s lives.

Bo and Nora agree that Mathew will be fine.

Dani and Blair agree everything is new around them.

Natalie leaves the room and Tea is eager to find out where Tomas is.

Todd talks to himself again about calling up Blair.

Blair tells Dani that she is going to be ok and that she needs to pick a tree out. Dani then leaves to go get something to drink. Todd calls and Blair and he talk about if Blair is ok. Todd then tells Blair there is something he needs to tell her.

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