OLTL Update Tuesday 12/13/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/13/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki gets into her uniform at the Bon Jour café and is ready to wait on a customer. To her surprise and shock, she sees her ex-husband Charlie. She asks what he’s doing there. He tells her that maybe a better question would be to ask what she’s doing there and dressed like that.

At Angel Square, Jessica and Robert Ford are shopping for a Christmas tree with baby Ryder. He tells her he knows all about Christmas trees form when he used to hide from his dad. And maybe if he finds one that's perfect for her and the baby, he might be able to score points with her dad.

Back at the house, Kimberly tells Clint that she suspects that Stacy will be coming to Llanview looking for Rex dressed like Gigi. Hearing hat, Clint tells her they must stop her> But she tells him it’s too late.

Cutter is right then, with Gigi/Stacy ready to plot another plan.

Rex is on the phone to Bo while in the Paris, TX motel not far away and with Shane. Right then, Gigi/Stacy goes out into the hallway to get herself and Cutter a soda. And she notices Rex and Shane. She stares at them.

Aubrey and Rama are shopping for a Christmas tree and she talks about finding the perfect one for the Minuteman. Rama asks her if she has any plan for the holidays knowing that there’s not much going on a The Minuteman. She’s not with Cutter anymore. And she hasn’t been in contact with her family in years. Aubrey informs Rama that she does, in fact, have plans to be with Rex.

Shaun and Vivian are not far away when he’s campaigning to keep Fraternity Row on the air. He gets her to sign the petition. He reminds her that hopefully the fans will be able to save the show especially after Clint Buchanan turned them down.

Clint asks Kimberly just what she knows about the situation involving Stacy. She admits that she is not entirely certain since Cutter framed her for murder and she’s been stuck in prison. He asks her if she can promise to him that she did not commit murder. She tells him of course she would not do that and she did not write the “Dear John” letter to him. She tells him that she wants him back.

When Charlie notices that Viki is his waitress, he tells her he’s sorry and could move to another section> She tells him it’s ok. But they realize they have not heard from each other. He tells her he just wanted to come by and show Noelle some support for the pie bake off, for the old days and for Gigi. They both cannot believe that she is gone and have to remember her. She admits that that is the reason she is there. She explains to him that the diner was short staffed so she jumped in to help them.

Rex and Shane are ready to go to the diner to be there for Noelle. Gigi/Stacy is stunned when she sees them together and right then, she has a memory of herself and Shane, telling her son that he will always be her hero. Cutter asks her what is going on.

Clint asks Kimberly if he heard her correctly that she still wants to be with him. She tells him of course. If it were not for David and Cutter, she would have never left. He admits to her that he does not know. Many things have changed since they’ve been apart. He tells her he still “cares about her” but things have changed. She asks what he means. There is no David or Cutter so what or who else could be standing in their way.

At the Bon Jour, Viki asks Charlie how he’s been. He tells her he’s stayed sober and has been doing some building contracting and has recently gotten a deal with the state and has accomplished what he has wanted. He rebuilt the diner and then “started” to rebuild his life. She smiles and tells him he has a lot to be proud of. He tells her that he is truly sorry for the way things turned out between them and hopes she is ok. She tells him she’s “doing ok”. Natalie and Jessica are learning to tolerate each other and she has to wonderful grandsons. He tells her he’s glad and admits that when he saw her in that uniform, he considered that maybe she was running away from her life again.

Robert Ford tells Jessica that he remembers his father throwing him out in the snow and telling him he could not come back until he gets the cheapest tree they had. She tells him she’s really sorry knowing he must not have had many happy Christmas’s as a child. He tells her it was not all bad. He developed the best negotiating skills for buying a Christmas tree and will make sure that his son has the best one they can find. She smiles and they are happy to be together.

Vivian tells Shaun that she is not about to visit her family for Christmas. She knows that there will be drama. But she wants to spend it with is family. She selects a big tree that he remarks cannot fit through the door. She tells him that is why they have delivery service. He tells her if he cannot get her the ring, he will make up for it by bringing her the tree she wants.

Aubrey tells Rama that she is planning ahead to spend time with Rex and be happy. Rama tells her that she’s concerned maybe she is setting herself up by having feelings for Rex that he may not return. But Aubrey happily tells her friend that that may not be true. Rex voluntarily kissed her and invited her to spend Christmas with him.

Rex is with Shane in the motel room ready to order some food and be ok with Gigi not being there. Maybe they can move on.

In the other room, Gigi tells Cutter she remembers being in this very motel with Shane about 2 years ago when he was about a foot shorter. He tells her that maybe her mind is just playing tricks on her. She tells him that maybe she really is Gigi after all.

Vivian runs into Jessica and they talk about baby Ryder and the tree. And right then, they notice their men fighting over a tree and behaving like children. Shaun tells Vivian he apologizes and may have been cranky since his favorite soap opera is being cancelled. He asks Robert if he can sign a petition. Robert tells Shaun that he’s tried that in the past and has been turned down. Jessica tells him she's not much a fan of that show and prefers other soap operas. But he gets them both to sign. Alone with Robert, Jessica tells him that she used to be hooked on the show for a long time since her Uncle Bo was on the show.

Aubrey talks to Rama about the pie baking contest that Rex went to in Paris, TX. She tells him that it’s his way of saying good bye to Gigi. And hopefully after he’s back, it will enable him to move on.

In the motel room, Gigi/Stacy tells Cutter that she overheard Rex and Viki talking about how they both knew Gigi. She remembers all about this place and the job as a waitress and where veering was kept. There are too many coincidences. And she tells him she needs to find Kim in order to get some answers.

Right then, Kim tells Clint that if he’s been alone for a long time and so has she, maybe the two of them should go out “clubbing”.

At the Bon Jour café, Charlie tells Viki that she can confide in him about what has been going on. She tells him that she let Clint stay in her home when he got into trouble and the only alternative was for him to go to prison.

Meanwhile, Clint tells Kim about how he and Viki had been over for a long time. But then one thing lead to another.

Viki tells Charlie the same story about her and Clint.

Clint tells Kim that Viki had this idea that she was merely a consolation prize for Kim.

Viki tells Charlie that she had the mistaken idea that Clint wanted to get back with her but then got a “rude awakening” regarding this Kimberly whom Clint was seeing. Charlie then tells Viki he can see that there is still a question that she has not answered which is whether she’s still in love with Clint.

In the motel room, Rex wants to watch an old Christmas movie that Shane doesn’t want to see and remarks that kid don’t appreciate the classics. But Shane tells his dad that movies about people with no families remind them of how pathetic they are. Rex then affirms to his son that they will not be alone this Christmas. Aubrey will be with him.

At Angel Square, Rama and Aubrey admit that they wonder if Kimberly will find her way back to Llanview.

Kim tells Clint she bets the only reason he kissed his ex-wife is because he mistakenly believed that she was gone.

Charlie tells Viki that he does not believe that her “problem” was Clint. He knows that he made a stupid choice to see her as a consolation prize for Echo. But that’s not what Clint is doing. And he suspects that maybe Clint is right that she is there, at least in part, in order to run away.

After Cutter informs Gigi that Kim killed a guy, she reminds him that Stacy was a low life to be friends with her. And although he wants her to believe she was Stacy and not Gigi, she is having too many memories and visions of being Gigi and she passes out. He urges her to wake up. Right then, she remembers Kim by her bedside while at the hospital. And that convinces her that she really is Stacy. He’s not the only one who believes that. When she heard Rex and Shane talking, they remarked how great Gigi was. She cries telling him that she held onto this hope that she was this great amazing woman who was deserving of their love. But no. she was a lunatic who stole her sister’s life.

In the other room, Shane asks Rex if Aubrey does not have a family to spend Christmas with. Rex tells his son no. Shane asks if that is the only reason he’s invited Aubrey to spend Christmas with them.

At Angel Square, Rama tells Aubrey she’s not afraid of a confrontation with Kim nor with Stacy.

Kim tells Clint that he has to make a decision. He cannot have both her and Viki. She asks him which one of them he wants more.

At the diner, Charlie tells Viki he did not mean to offend her but he would like her to consider that maybe she’s running away. She must know that Clint gave Kimberly the brush off and Viki needs to know that Kim is out of Clint’s life.

Kim then tells Clint if he cannot make a decision, he has to try harder. She kisses him and tells him she already knows who she wants.

Shane tells his dad he wants to get to bed although it’s not even late. He tells his dad that he wants to get to the diner early to see if Noelle needs any help. He wants to do that for his mom. He then asks his dad if Aubrey makes him happy. Rex replies yes. Shane tells him good because that’s all he wants for his dad.

When Aubrey is talking to Rama at Angel Square she gets a call from Rex. He informs her that he and Shane have just arrived at the motel. She tells him that she wants to warn him that when he returns, she will have Christmas festivities waiting for him. He tells her he can’t wait and is looking forward to seeing her soon.

Gigi/Stacy is with Cutter ready to go to sleep on the bed beside him. He tells her he wants her to know that he is a good person. He knows. He’s met a lot of creeps in his life. And no matter what her name is, he knows what is in her heart. And it’s pretty amazing. He gets up to leave. But she asks him not to go and asks him if he could hold her. He snuggles beside her.

At Angel Square, Shaun wants to get home before it gets too cold. She tells him he needs to know that his mother wants them to tie the knot and she wants to make his mom happy that they are together even if they never get married. Alone, Shaun replies that’s what she thinks and pulls out the ring he has already bought to propose to her.

Rama notices Kimberly and is ready to fight her. Aubrey warns her that maybe this is not the time or place with all the witnesses. But Rama is ready to fight Kimberly.

Charlie sits at a table with Viki and reminds her that she needs to make a decision. So what is it going to be? Is she going to stop running away from happiness? Or is she going to have it with Clint.

Right then, when Clint is alone in the house, he hears Jessica and Robert Ford in the other room talking happily. He enters the room and tells them they found a really great tree even if Robert has a different method. Jessica then reminds her dad that he could never make up his mind.

When Rex is lying in his bed alone, he is unable to sleep knowing that something is “not right.

In the other room, Gigi/Stacy is lying in Cutter’s arms. Cutter is sleeping and content. But her eyes are open and she is incomplete just like Rex is.

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